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Top Google Cloud Interview Questions and Answers

Google Cloud Platform (GCP), is well-known for asking the most difficult questions in interviews. This industry is highly sought after, so job interviews can be extremely challenging. Before you go to your interview, make sure to read the following Google Cloud Platform interview questions:

1. What is cloud computing?

Let’s begin with the most fundamental question. Cloud computing refers to the computational power that is always on the cloud. It relies on the Internet for delivery. This technology allows for global delivery and is not restricted by geographic restrictions.

2. What is cloud?

Cloud can be describe as a combination network, storage, interface and hardware that offer cloud computing as a service. The cloud service provider manages the cloud and IT assets for the company offering cloud services.

3. What are the key features of cloud services

Cloud computing and cloud service have many features, including the ability to access and manage commercial software from any location in the world.

  1. All software management can be centralize to one central web service.
  2. Software upgrade downloads can be eliminate by centralizing and automating software updating

4. What is Google Cloud Platform?

Google Cloud Platform, or GCP, is a cloud platform developed by Google. It provides access to Google’s cloud services and systems. It offers a variety of cloud computing services, including storage, network, migration, and database.

5. What are the benefits of cloud computing?

Cloud computing has many benefits. We will be discussing some of the key benefits of cloud computing. The cloud will allow you to store and back up your data at any time. It has powerful server capabilities that improve productivity, cost-effectiveness, and time savings. You can also get up and running in a matter of minutes. You can learn GCP today by joining Google Cloud Training course online.

6. Mention platforms that are used for large-scale cloud computing?

Amazon Web Services, Azure and Google Cloud Platform are some of the platforms used for large-scale cloud computing.

7. What are the various deployment models in cloud computing?

There are three types of cloud computing deployment models: public, private, and hybrid.

8. What can users gain from utility computing?

Utility computing is a service that allows you to pay as you go and on-demand. The provider will manage the computing services, and you can select which services you want to access. All services are available in the cloud.

9. How can you make sure data is safe when you transfer it?

You should ensure that data transmission is secure by checking the encryption key use and ensuring there are no data leaks.

10. Describe the security aspects that the cloud offers?

Here are some of the most important security features that the cloud provides:

  • Control of accessIt gives control to users, who can restrict access to other users entering the cloud ecosystem
  • Management of identityThis authorizes the application services
  • Authorization and authenticationThis security feature allows only authorized and authenticated users to access applications and data.

11. What is the role of system integrators in Cloud Computing

Complex cloud architectures can have multiple components. The strategy of the system integrator in cloud is responsible for designing and integrating various components to create a hybrid cloud or private cloud network.

13. What are the main benefits of Google Cloud Platform?

Google Cloud Platform is becoming more popular among cloud professionals and users alike for their advantages over other platforms:

  • GCP offers competitive pricing
  • Google Cloud servers allow access to information from any location
  • GCP offers a better overall performance and service than other cloud hosting services
  • Google Cloud offers fast and efficient security and server updates
  • Google Cloud Platform’s security is exceptional. 

14. What does cloud computing do to provide on-demand functionality for users?

Cloud computing is a technology that provides functionality to its users at any time and from anywhere. It has succeeded with the most recent advancements and the easy availability of apps like Google Cloud.

15. What are the various layers in the cloud architecture?

These are the layers that make up the cloud architecture:
Physical layerThese are the physical servers, network and other aspects.

  • Infrastructure layer:This layer also includes storage and virtualized layers.
  • Platform layer: This covers the operating system, apps and other aspects.
  • Application layer: This is the layer with which the end-user interacts directly.

16. What libraries and tools are available for cloud storage on GCP

JSON API, XML API are the basic level of cloud storage on Google Cloud Platform. Google Cloud Platform also offers the following APIs to interact with cloud storage:

  • Google Cloud Platform ConsoleBasic operations on objects and buckets
  • Cloud Storage Client LibrariesThis program supports programming in various languages
  • GustilCommand-line toolProvides a CLI to the cloud storage

17. What does “EUCALYPTUS” mean in cloud computing context?

“EUCALYPTUS” is an acronym for “Elastic Utility Computing Architecture to Link Your Programs to Useful Systems”. It is an open-source cloud computing infrastructure used for the deployment of cloud clusters. You can create hybrid, public, and private cloud platforms using the EUCALYPTUS. It is possible to have your own cloud data center and use its functionality within your company.

18. Google Compute Engine: What’s it all about?

Google Cloud Engine is the core component of the Google Cloud Platform. It’s an IaaS service that offers flexible Windows and Linux-based virtual machines that can be managed and hosted on the Google infrastructure. The virtual machines can be run on local, reliable storage options and KVM.

Google Cloud Engine includes a REST-based API for configuration and control. It can integrate with other GCP technologies such as Google Cloud Storage, Google App Engine and Google BigQuery. These technologies increase its computational power, allowing for more complex and advanced applications.

19. What are the various methods of authentication for Google Compute Engine API API?

You can use different authentication methods to authenticate Google Compute Engine API. These are:

  • Through the client library
  • Use OAuth 2.0
  • Use an access token directly

20. Why do you need the virtualization platform to implement cloud?

Virtualization allows you to create virtual versions storage, operating system, applications, networks, etc. You can augment your infrastructure by using virtualization if you choose the right one. On existing servers, you can run multiple operating systems and apps.

21. What are some of the popular open-source cloud computing platforms?

Below are the list of open-source cloud computing platforms.

  • OpenStack
  • Cloud Foundry
  • Docker
  • Apache Mesos
  • KVM

22. Explain what are the different modes of software as a service (SaaS)?

Below are the two software that can be helpful as a service:

  • Multi-tenancy single: This type of SaaS allows you to have your own resources and you don’t share them with anyone
  • Fine grain multi-tenancy

24. Mention what is the difference between elasticity and scalability in cloud computing?


Elasticity allows you to add or subtract virtual machines based on your needs. This helps reduce wastage and costs.


25. How do you create one?


This is one the most frequent Google Cloud interview questions. These are special accounts that are related to a project. These accounts are used to authorize Google Cloud Computing Engine to perform for the user.

The Compute Engine automatically creates it when a new instance starts. It also specifies when an instance is created the scope of that service account.

26. What are projects in the context of Google Cloud?


Google Compute projects are the containers that organize all resources. They are the containers that organize all of Google Compute’s resources. Different owners and users may be involved in different projects.


27. Imagine that you accidentally deleted your instance. Is it possible to get it back? If so, how do you go about retrieving it?


On the basis of deep understanding of Google’s cloud platform, it may seem simple but the answer is no. It is possible to retrieve an instance that has been stopped by restarting it.


28. What are the benefits of BigQuery to data warehouse professionals?


One can use Google BigQuery to store all data within an organization. It organizes data tables into datasets.

BigQuery is a data warehouse practitioner’s best friend.

  • BigQuery assigns storage and query resources based on usage and requirement. It doesn’t require resource provisioning before use.
  • It can store data using different formats to ensure efficient storage management. Google’s distributed format system, proprietary format and proprietary columnar formats, as well as the query access pattern, are all examples.
  • It allows users to undo any changes made and return to the previous state without requesting backup recovery.

29. What do you know about Google Cloud SDK?


Google Cloud SDK (Software Development Kit), is a collection of tools that can be used to manage applications and resources hosted on the Google Cloud Platform. It includes the gcloud and gsutil tools as well as the bqcommand-line tools. It requires Python 2.7.x. Additional requirements may be required for certain tools.

30. What are the Google Cloud APIs?


Google Cloud APIs allow programmatic interfaces to be added to Google Cloud-based apps.

Accessing Google Cloud APIs

Access to Google Cloud APIs is possible by a variety of programming languages. You can access mobile apps via Firebase SDKs, or third-party clients. Google Cloud Platform Console Web UI and Google SDK command-line tools can be used to access Google Cloud APIs.

All of this information will be available in our blog on GCP interview questions and answers. If you found them useful, please let us know by leaving a comment.

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