Top Features Of Advanced Prestashop Marketplace With Mobile App

Every eCommerce business owner wants to grow it in its target market. Expanding the target market is not a great deal but in order to do that, the store admin must have to follow the technical advancement and strategies according to the market. Adding Prestashop Marketplace with a mobile app extension is also a great step and gives enormous growth to the eCommerce business. Furthermore, the Advanced Prestashop Marketplace provides a Marketplace extension for your store that allows multiple sellers to get registered in the web module and start selling their products. The module also allows the store admin to feature their products on the eCommerce mobile app and include their policies and more.

Prestashop Marketplace Mobile App-

The Prestashop Multivendor Mobile App module also offers the store admin to have an easy track record of the seller’s activity. It is a full-fledged marketplace, In which the store admin can also perform all the customization options with ease. The eCommerce merchant can approve/ disapprove the seller registration, category, and product request by accessing the module backend.

Prestashop eCommerce Mobile App-

The Prestashop Mobile App offers a separate seller tab to the vendors to manage their products more effectively. The module allows the customers to have a look at the seller’s list and find out their listed products. The customer can also give reviews to the seller and particular product. The other online visitors can also view the seller’s review and rating given by other users in the mobile app. The seller’s return and shipping policies will also be shown to the customers in the eCommerce mobile app.

Prestashop eCommerce Marketplace Features

Hassle-free Installation

The Multi-vendor Marketplace for Prestashop provides an easy installation benefit to the store admin. The eCommerce merchant can also install and configure the module with just a few mouse tweaks. The store owner can perform these operations easily without the need for any coding and technical language.

Easy Seller List Management

The seller can get registered into the Prestashop Marketplace by accessing the web marketplace. The eCommerce store merchant can also approve or reject the seller account request from the admin panel. The seller can only send the registration request for limited times and that can also be set by the store owner by the module backend.

Admin Commission

The Prestashop Marketplace allows the store admin to charge the commission by the seller. The commission can also be set in the percentage and fixed amount for the particular seller. The eCommerce merchant can also filter the commission in the form of order and category.

Product Management

The Prestashop Multi-Vendor Marketplace also allows the eCommerce merchant to manage and track all the products added by the vendor. The seller has to send the product approval request to the store admin before starting to sell the product.

Seller Category

The store admin can assign the categories to the vendor in order to add the product and items. The Prestashop eCommerce Marketplace also allows the seller to only add products to the assigned category. The seller can also send the category request apart from the assigned one to add more products. The seller can only start adding the product into the assigned category after getting it approved by the eCommerce merchant.

Seller Orders

The Prestashop eCommerce Marketplace allows the store admin to track the seller orders received by using the extension backend. There are also two different tabs available for the seller orders and admin order in the module backend to have easy track and control over the seller’s activity.

Multi-lingual And Shipping Support

It offers support to multiple languages and shipping methods. The sellers can also add product details, seller profiles, shop policies, and emails in multiple languages in the Multi-vendor Marketplace for Prestashop. It also allows the vendors to add multiple shipping methods by accessing the seller dashboard. The seller can utilize these features after getting them approved by the eCommerce merchant.

Payout request

The seller can send the payout request to the store admin from the seller dashboard. The Marketplace for Prestashop also gives the authority to the store admin to accept and reject the payout request of the seller by accessing the module backend.

Seller Reviews

The Prestashop eCommerce Marketplace allows the customers to give feedback to the seller according to their services, shipping, behavior, and much more. The customer can also put their views across for the particular product and item. The store admin can accept and reject the reviews from the extension backend.

Customizable Email templates

The store owner can design or create multiple email templates in Prestashop Marketplace. The eCommerce merchant can customize email templates as per his convenience, occasion, and requirement.

GDPR Compliances

The Prestashop Multi vendor Marketplace is GDPR compliant. The store owner can view the GDPR requests sent by the sellers from the extension backend. The shopping app also gives the option to the sellers to easily download their personal data in CSV format.

Close Shop Request

The Prestashop eCommerce Marketplace allows the sellers to send the close shop request to the store admin from the seller dashboard. If the eCommerce merchant approves the close shop request, then the vendor will no longer be available at the Marketplace.

Seller transaction

The Multi-vendor Marketplace for Prestashop allows the store admin to track the total transaction history, seller earnings, and admin commission from the module backend.

Features of Prestashop Mobile App Builder

White Label Apps-

The effective branding technique is one of the most popular ways to establish brand identity. The Prestashop Mobile App Builder allows the store admin to do branding with the name of the eCommerce store. The eCommerce merchant can also include multiple things such as app name, app logo, Splash Screen, banner, images, UI, and much more in the mobile app.

Customize Home Screen-

The Prestashop Mobile App Maker consists of multiple options that allow the store admin to customize the home screen layout. The store owner can create, add or modify the layout and select the right one according to the occasion. The store admin can add attractive colors and fonts, banners, images, and much more to amplify the user experience.

Easy Registration & Login-

It’s important to remove the time-consuming sign-up process from the eCommerce mobile app. To keep the registration form easy and short, the store admin can enable social and email sign-up/sign-in options in Prestashop Mobile App Creator. Customers can log in to the shopping app using their Facebook/Google accounts and save their details for future visits. The store admin can also include a Fingerprint and OTP (Phone Number) option.

Multiple payment methods for fast checkout-

Customers’ shopping experiences can be increased by improving the checkout option in the PrestaShop Mobile App. The store admin can integrate one-click checkout and various payment and shipping options into the shopping app. If the desired method of payment is not available in the Android and iOS app, customers can abandon the cart. With PrestaShop Mobile App Maker, the store admin can include all the eCommerce website payment and shipping options in the eCommerce mobile app.

Multilingual and RTL Support –

It may be difficult to target customers from different regions, but the Prestashop Mobile App Maker offers multilingual support as well as RTL writing style in the mobile app. The store admin can include all the website eCommerce languages in the shopping app.

Real-time synchronization-

It is a time-saving feature that accelerates the synchronization process. Real-time synchronization establishes a secure and reliable connection between the eCommerce website and Android and iOS apps. Any changes you make in the Prestashop Mobile App Builder will be reflected automatically in the mobile apps.

Sending Push Notifications

The push notification feature of the Prestashop eCommerce Mobile App serves as a marketing tool for your business. Push notifications keep customers informed about new products and services. The store admin can notify customers about new products, back in stock, flash sales, offers/discounts, updates, and more in the eCommerce mobile app.

Offline Access-

Offline access is an excellent way to increase the sales of shopping apps. The users can access the Mobile App for Prestashop even if the customers don’t have access to the internet or any signal interruptions.

Conclusion –

The Advanced Prestashop Marketplace not only gives benefit to the store admin but also to the sellers and customers. After adding the marketplace to the eCommerce store, the store admin can utilize its several benefits. The eCommerce merchant can add multiple categories, products and allows multiple sellers to get registered using the web marketplace and start selling their product. To know more send us an email at

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