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Top best Free Games Online on PC in 2022

Top 10 Free Games Online on PC in 2022

Nowadays, Free Games Online are becoming more and more popular among young people. One of the most plausible reasons for this phenomenon is that they can be played anywhere as long as a computer is connected to the network. If you want to have time to relieve stress after tiring working hours, Free Games Online will be the place for you to experience a lot of adventure games, brain games and lots of interesting games. Here are the top 10 games worth playing by gamers in 2022. All are very easy to play, so pick up your mouse and enjoy it.


This is an Indie game developed and published by YDKR, in which the player controls with a mouse click.In this game, players will choose a hero character that best suits your playing style. Then by collecting cards, upgrading them and slaying monsters, you will get a gold chest inside with lots of weapon items to help you defeat more monsters.

In addition to destroying monsters, the game has a lot of side quests to help you earn more gold coins to equip the character.

DPS IDLE is also known as click game or webtoys (Source: Internet)

2. MakerKing

You will transform into a king or queen on different levels. You’ll have to learn how to use strings to build intricate puzzles, learn advanced techniques with a flying saucer or speed through levels with a magic carpet. There is also a leaderboard for gamers to compete with each other.

This is a free multiplayer game online, so don’t hesitate to explore those levels with your friends in your spare time!

Game with simple graphics suitable for all players

3. Coloring Game 4

This is a great stress reliever game after stressful working hours. The player will create an animation for the pixel by filling in the given picture. This is the final installment of the Coloring Game series to be released in 2021. Fans of this game will enjoy improved functions and loads of new visuals.

This game is extremely simple and easy to play, receiving a lot of positive reviews from users. You just need to color the picture according to the numbers attached in the picture. The game offers a lot of different themes such as animals, nature, and 20 pictures are free.

Especially, Coloring Game 4 also supports Vietnamese, so those who do not know or are not good at English can still play it easily.

The themes are varied and cute

4. Apopia: Prologue

APOPIA is a humorous adventure with dark mysteries, developed and published by Quillo Games. Your task is to help a girl named Mai find her way home. On the way home, make friends with talking animals and unravel the mystery of Mai’s identity from her dark and hazy memories.

When you transform into Mai, you’ll explore a beautiful fantasy world, getting to know fun characters like cats, moles, and rabbits. Each character in the game has their own personality and interesting story behind them.

On your way home, collect and solve puzzles to level up and defeat monsters. Players must also defeat dark bosses, and most importantly, uncover the truth about your own family and identity.

Appia: Prologue is an adventure game for those who like thrills 

5. Doggone Hungry

This is an Indie game published by SCAD Games Studio. The game has received 97% positive user reviews on Free Games Online. In this game, you will experience turning into a dog. Your favorite toy, the Quackerjack, is always stolen, and the super dog’s logic dictates that you have to get fat to save it!

The dog has to rescue his pet duck by gaining weight. Food can be found in two ways: scavenging or from humans. Work hard to find food because it’s everywhere. However you need to avoid eating in front of your employer on level 1, or being seen by lifeguards on level 2.

In addition, you can attract and play mini games with people to get food from them. There are several different types of minigames to keep you going. Eat a lot and become big to rescue Quackerjack.

Those who love this loyal animal must definitely play Doggone Hungry! 


No account required, no phone number, no Facebook, all players need is to download or play online using a computer browser. Enter the character name for your snake and then go to play (Play).

The first impression of this game is the color. The color of the light spots (the character’s food) and the color of the “characters” themselves in motion make those who are still thinking that Slither IO have the appearance of a classic snake game.

First, to start the game you hover to control, choose the “go” direction for the snake. Next, you need to try to eat as many light spots on the screen to “big” and longer. Eat more bright spots, the higher the score, the larger the snake’s size, the longer it is. You need to be careful not to hit other snakes and not hit the wall.


Snake with eye-catching colors attracts many players

7. Smash karts

Smash Karts is a multiplayer 3D kart fighting game.Your duty is to drive the go – karts and have to blow up the other karts to win. Keep playing to upgrade and unlock new characters and prizes.

Face off against other players in the arena in 3 minutes of kart-smashing chaos. The game has several maps to explore. Drive through the rings in search of surprise boxes where you’ll find weapons of all kinds to take out your enemies.

Those who love speed must definitely try this game

8. 1v1.LOL

It is a fun action game that combines the gameplay of a third-person shooter and a construction game. In it, your task is to eliminate the opponent and become the last survivor. To do so, you’ll need to build platforms while defeating enemies. You can show your construction skills and become the last man standing on the battlefield. If you enjoy playing battle royale games, then you will love this intense title.

The game has received a lot of reviews from gamers in recent times

9. Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash belongs to the music game genre, challenging the player’s high concentration and accurate reflexes. Fly and jump in your style to overcome obstacles in a dizzyingly moving space with the ultimate electronic music.

Geometry Dash uses a simple 1-point gameplay. The player taps anywhere on the touchscreen or the left mouse button / key / or up arrow if playing on a computer and can be pressed and held for continuous interaction. This game has 3 modes with increasing difficulty: Click Start, Nock Em, Power Trip with very cool and exciting soundtracks. Saving in the game is constantly changing. The player must adapt quickly, focus on real observations like reflexes, skills also overcome obstacles in front.

As an extremely difficult game, Geometry Dash SubZero will probably cause you to die more than 100 times before passing the levels. So the game is only for those who are really against the ring.

The game with 2D graphics with space of continuous movement and speeding up over time

10. Friday Night Funkin

Friday Night Funkin is one of the hottest games at the moment, and for that reason every day new gamers come to the site to download and try it out.

Friday Night Funkin’ has 2 modes for you to choose from: Story Mode and Free Play Mode. Basically, both have similar gameplay but the free play mode removes the requirement for sequence, allowing the player to choose any favorite song.

Friday Night Funkin’ asks players to dance and rap their way to win Girlfriend’s hearts. People will have to rap and sing their way in Daddy Dearest if they want to convince Girlfriend to join them in a romantic duet on the dance floor.

Friday Night Funkin’ run time is pretty short. Even the story combo mode lasts only 1 hour. You can just press the keys carefully and quickly to get there. You can also play over and over again to extend the experience of Friday Night Funkin.

Friday Night Funkin’ is about a guy who wants to impress his girlfriend on a date


So you know 10 new and hottest free PC online games on Free Games Online today. Follow me for more exciting news updates and don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments here!

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