The Ultimate Guide To Online Video Capture Tools In 2022

Online video content has emerged as the most popular organizational asset over the last few years. Thus, companies are looking for the best online video capture tools to manage and utilize video content effectively.

However, choosing the most suitable platform can be challenging for any business. Having said that, any decent online video platform like Vidmonials that allows screen recording without going through the draining routine of installing software is a great luxury to have.

What Is An Online Video Capture Platform?

An online video platform allows users to upload, transcode, store, and play videos. Users often submit video content to a hosting service using the company’s website, mobile or desktop app, or APIs.

Online video platforms serve many purposes, including education, communication, and entertainment. Ideally, you want your online video platform to simplify the video capture, control, and display processes. This is why Vidmonials is regarded as the best online video platform as it can play both pre-recorded and live-streamed content.

How Does An Online Video Platform Work?

Organizations often demand features in addition to video security. Vidmonials video hosting service satisfies all essential criteria for such businesses. Vidmonials’ online video platform is distinguished by the six-step method outlined below for video hosting, DRM-based video encryption, and streaming.

Upload: The registered customer uploads the video content by various methods, including desktop, DropBox, FTP, directly from the server and now from a URL. It is compatible with all commonly-used video formats.

Protected Streaming: The videos are optimized for numerous bitrates, allowing users on networks of varying quality to watch them effortlessly.

Storage of Encrypted Content: The videos are safely stored, assuring total security using our proprietary server-side video encryption technology.

DRM Encrypted Video Transfer: At this point, the encrypted content must be delivered to the ultimate viewer interface, which might be an app or a web browser. The whole stream is encrypted using a covert non-public key exchange mechanism. Additionally, this encrypted content is not sent directly from the video file. A unique URL is formed to improve the quality of the video further, and the content is sent in chunks.

Licensing & Authentication: Vidmonials generates dynamic video URLs that are only accessible through bespoke video embed codes, allowing for the licensing duration for each video stream. This disables URL-based sharing.

Decryption and Playback: Finally, the encrypted stream content is decrypted using a dynamic key within the player. Our DRM essential transfer mechanism is fundamentally different from the public key transfer protocol. A private key exchange between the website and our API ensures that hackers cannot decipher our broadcasts, making our video encryption impenetrable.

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Reasons To Choose An Online Video Platform?

Reasons To Choose An Online Video Platform

While you may be questioning why you need an Online Video Capture Platform and not host videos independently, this section will explain why you should choose an online video platform such as Vidmonials for your company.

  • Highest Security

A secure online video platform is often secured by DRMs (Google Widevine DRM & Apple FairPlay DRM), which protects the safety of both the content and the users. It ensures that your content is not accessed or duplicated unlawfully. At the same time, users’ personal information is protected from unauthorized access.

  • Multi-device platforms

The majority of online video services enable video viewing on various devices. For instance, a user may access your content through smartphones, smart TVs, computers, and tablets, among other devices. In this manner, you may increase the number of views and watchers for your content by allowing consumers to watch movies across multiple devices rather than relying on a single machine.

  • Integrates with your existing Apps & Services

Vidmonials enable you to link your business’s numerous services and platforms effortlessly. Additionally, this allows an organization to benefit from more robust automation and smoother operations. As a result, most companies are transitioning to API-based processes for online video integration these days.

  • High-quality playback

Online video platforms include high-quality video players that may play video content in high definition or standard definition, depending on the viewer’s bandwidth. Additionally, this enables viewers to stream content effortlessly, eliminating the need to rely on an external media player, as they would have done in the past.

  • Audience insights

With Vidmonials, you can learn even more about your visitors. You may discover their watching behaviors and analytics, such as what they watch and when, where they drop off, what device they use, and how long they remain on the platform.

These are the fundamentals of the precious metric that enables you to identify gaps, tailor content to audience interests, segment and target audiences based on various criteria, and maintain audience engagement.

  • Content Accessibility

This benefits both parties equally – content providers or platform operators and viewers.

  • No Geographical boundaries

Online video platforms support several devices, but viewers also have access to not geographically restricted content. You get access to broader networks and establish a thriving audience base.

Must-Haves For An Online Video Platform (OVP)? 

At present, there are plenty of Online Video Hosting platforms and choosing the best option can be an overwhelming task for a layman. Thus, to make your life easier, we have enlisted a few of the features you should consider while evaluating an OVP.

Strategic Direction 

Arguably the most underrated feature of an online video platform is the strategic direction of a platform vendor. However, if you are a small business, it should not concern you as much.


The only drawback that these online video platforms come with is that they are open to cyberattacks. Business stakeholders must consider the security of the online video platform as the most crucial factor while evaluating an online video platform.

In terms of security, the following are the most critical areas of any video hosting platform,

  • How and where is data stored?
  • How is data handled within the application?


Online Video Platforms ensure data privacy, accessibility, and security by complying with several local compliances. Mega businesses only consider hosting a video platform that covers compliance needs at two levels:

  • Data storage and processing: Data storage and processing must be done compliantly. Companies must choose video platforms that help them stay compliant.
  • Within the platform: If you believe that compliance on the storage level is enough, you are wrong! Businesses need to evaluate their solutions within the platform to ensure they have the required features that cover their compliance needs.


It is no surprise that video marketing is on the rise, and companies are facing a considerable surge in video content storage. This brings a new challenge to the table: finding the most suitable online video hosting platform that deals with such an extensive repository of data. Fortunately, Vidmonials comes with a powerful search to cater to these needs.


The days of massive, well-funded broadcasters controlling the means of production, distribution, and creative video are over. Today, with the proliferation of online video capture tools, anybody can harness the power of video storytelling and sharing.

A secure video hosting platform is an efficient method to engage with viewers and stay on top of the latest OTT innovations. However, with all these benefits, one must be aware of the drawbacks of choosing inappropriate online video platforms.

Thus it becomes ever so important to choose the best online video platform in Vidmonials that adds a sense of excitement to your videos.

If you’re a business stakeholder and plan to add videos to your website, use Vidmonials.

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