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It is important to engage the target audience frequently with you, and to achieve this, offering content to the audience which treats their eye and attracts them back to your website is a good indication for your brand value.  If you wish to gather an online digital presence, then you must put in thought to attract your audience with the add subtitles to video marketing software, ruling 2021.

With a continuous change of trends in the digital media, images and pictures have predominantly interchanged for videos as it is stated that users retain 95% of a video message for a longer duration. The Best Digital Marketing Service Provider Companies transform themselves now and then to ensure that they stay updated with the current trends. Social media platforms such as YouTube and Instagram favor videos over images, thus forming the latest trends for all the Best  Digital Marketing Company Bangalore. There are a plethora of video marketing applications that can assist the Top Digital Marketing Service Provider Companies. This article is a good reference for all Digital Marketers to include the most easy-to-use and famous video marketing apps. Pick up one of the following video editor tools and start creating your content. Let us introduce you to the most favorite ones:


Video shopbeing the most trending video editor tool,  is compatible for all who wish to work in the field of video marketingIt is free and comprises advanced functions to enhance your video to another levelVideo shop is compatible with AndroidIoSand Windows devices.

Using Video shop offers the following features:

·    Trimming with different fonts in clips
·    Removal and addition of  sounds to the background
·    The quality of your videos is improved using the latest Instagram Videos
·    Creation of slowmotion videos
·    Recycling images within a video frame
·    Titles and subtitles additions in the video
·    Rewind option to play clips in the video


If you want to feel the experience of a studioby just sitting at homethen Movavi Clips is your video editor toolThis tool assists you throughout the entire process of content creation with all its existing valuable tipsfrom the very start of your video creation process.

Movavi Clips are great at drafting all fantastic You tube VideosInstagram Studioswith a userfriendly interface.

Movavi Clips will make you a video star as you can create all your content using this tool by merging various video clipsThis video editing tool is compatible with IoSWindowsand Android devices.

Benefits of using Movavi Clips:

·    Easy trimming with precise cutting
·    Userfriendly interface
·    Slideshow option for videos
·    Swipe gesture to remove unwanted clips
·    Free music track options
·    Speed length option for videos
·    Export in HD Quality
·    Adds titles and subtitles
·    Duplication of segments
·    Themed images and pictures
·    Smooth Transitions

  • Kin master Editor:

This tool is the best friend for content creators who wish to get easily edited videos. It is a free video software marketing tool whose functionality and ease in usage, makes it one of the top video marketing tools. This video software editor is compatible with IoS and Android devices. 

Uncover its following features:

  • Premium options are available for free
  • Multiple options for audio and video layers 
  • Edits and report in 4k
  • Audio as well as Video Editing features 
  • Adds titles along with the text as well 


  • iMovie Editor:

iMovie is the most famous and widely used video editing tool, for all Apple users. This tool allows you to edit videos across your devices, which enables a smooth workflow. After your video has been finalized on iMovie, you can export your video and share it either directly to your digital media platforms or export it to various other apps such as i Cloud, messages, and more. 

Apple keeps on upgrading this exceptional and brilliantly easy-to-use app. 

What new does iMovie offer?

  • Allows Trimming and Merging of different clips
  • Room to add transitions and music in the clips
  • Green screen effects are also available 
  • Transfers work on all Apple devices
  • Free to use with all the included features
  • Adds titles and subtitles 

We Video Editor:

We Video is one of the most effective tools which allows the content creators to cover all the features which are required to create 4k videos. There is easy-to-access cloud storage, enabling you to start your projects on your laptops and finish them on your tablets or mobile devices. However, with premium plans, you can have access to free video clips, music, and images. We Video is easily available on IoS, Android, and Windows Devices. 

Pros of this app:

  • This tool is simple and user friendly
  • Green screen effect availability
  • Multi-device cloud storage options
  • Text and Motion Effects
  • Transition Effects 


  • QUIK Editor:

Quik is one of the most famous and supportive video marketing editor tools, which gives you an option to edit and merge the clips from your pictures library. After the video has been finalized, you can share it across various devices. This video editing tool allows you to draft all your work up to 7 days unfinished. Quik is easily compatible with Android and IoS devices. 

What does it offer?

  • Rotates and merges your video clips as well as images
  • Video formatting in three different types
  • Free to use 
  • Addition of filters, text as well as graphic elements
  • Saves videos in HD Quality


  • CLIPS Editor:

Clips is a full feature video marketing software tool that is eligible for all Apple users and is supported by apple. Clips allow the content creators to edit their videos and allows them to create a new one with animated features as well as elements. 

Clips is a good video marketing tool:

  • Allows the option for live titles and animations
  • Background with emojis and animations
  • 360-degree backdrops through selfie scenes
  • Face recognition 



An android-based application, which comprises all features you need in one place together. It allows you to create slow-motion videos, you will have full control over its drag and drop feature, and also you can alter the clips however you want to. Power Director is compatible with Android as well as Windows. 

What are its Pros?

  • Cropping, editing, trimming the tools 
  • Multiple time track
  • Export in resolution 720p for free
  • FX Editing
  • Editable green and blue back screen 



If you are looking for one of the Go pro video marketing editor tools, then Splice comprises all the video marketing tools and options to create a video that is worth the time and effort. One of the features of Slice is its eligibility for endless music tracks along with the sound effects which can be added for free in the video clips. Splice is free for IoS devices. 

How Splice makes your Video unique:

  • Animation Addition
  • Speed Control
  • Trimming, cropping,
  • Transition effects
  • Easy and user friendly to use
  • A large database for music 


  • PicPlayPost EDITOR:

This video marketing editing tool is easy to use and allows the creators to add 356 images, photos, clips to a single movie and also export it as an HD quality video in 1080p. The greatest feature of this application is its option to use the How-To series which helps you in your content creation. 

Why is this app the best?

  • Full control over the video
  • Free to use the basics
  • Slideshow production feature
  • Essential video marketing tools are comprised together in one place
  • MP4 audio 
  • Branded Logo
  • Custom made watermarks 
  • 9:16 frame ratio for Instagram stories


The Best Digital Marketing Company Chandigarh use these video editor tools to create great content. With all the encompassing features, each of these mentioned applications will help you to create videos that will be worth the watch and effort. 

This article is a good reference to bookmark, whenever you feel the need to choose between your most fit Video Marketing software tools. 

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