TOP 8 NGO Myths Debunked

Changing your occupation is a huge choice, altering fields is a larger concern. Prior to taking the jump, most would search the net about the business and speak to individuals from the industry.

Being one of the best NGO Ahmedabad, We can surely say that NGO industry is not any different. From ‘simple schedule’ into ‘hiring of average intelligence’ that the NGO industry faces a variety of prejudice.

Below are the few NGO myths and facts which will change your entire view for this industry.

Myth # 1: The business does not attract decent talent.

Truth : There’s a preconceived belief that individuals with an outstanding resume and levels in some of the greatest universities would not elect for work in the social sector. That isn’t correct! Like at a corporate company, individuals working within an NGO have to provide outcomes and because the results have direct effect on human lives, just the very best from the area take the job.

Myth # 2: Individuals work in the industry just for passion.

Truth : it’s correct that individuals that are enthusiastic about social causes connect the industry but it is not the sole element. Compensation is equally significant. In the previous ten decades, linking the industry has become more of a calculated career move instead of simply being driven by fire.

The business, on the other hand, deals with the very complex issue of behavioral change. By way of instance, a woman child not attending school has been connected to insufficient infrastructure and potential unwillingness of parents to deliver the child to school.

Myth # 3: NGO’s are just for charity

Truth : Donation is a significant facet of NGO work but donating money does not address a problem unless you’re able to get the root cause and employ suitable procedures to deliver permanent change. Another anecdote is by a neighborhood experiencing the perils of alcohol misuse and associated economic issues like poverty. As an intervention it had been believed that enabling the women financially might help, however, the final analysis revealed that besides the present problems, domestic abuse is now a concern. If that’s the case the remedy had to be altered because guys would use physical force to make money from the girls of the home to purchase alcohol.

This clearly shows that the job takes a profound comprehension of human behavior and is much greater than simply charity.

Myth # 4: NGOs don’t spend bulk of the Total Amount of contribution received on societal causes

Truth : Donors frequently whine that NGOs pocket money than they spend on societal causes. In fact, better part of the sum is spent on welfare activities because the overhead cost of NGOs are reduced.

But, NGOs will need to pay wages for their employees to make sure decent work. It’s not possible for NGOs to invest 100 percent of this contribution received. Because most NGOs are non-profit entities, a proportion of the contribution goes into sustaining the business enterprise and hiring professionals that will deliver benefits.

Myth # 5: It is a simple life.

Truth : there are lots of cases of crossovers in the corporate sector who change to the development industry believing the workload will not be as coupled along with the timings suitable. Unfortunately that is not correct. Yes, there might not be monetary goals from the social sector but there are effect goals. Hence that the workload exactly the like that at a corporate company, or even more.

The staff on-the-ground would work for over 12-hours daily under acute circumstances simply to make sure that food supply, sanitation, medical care, and other essential needs of those affected are fulfilled.

Myth # 6: Donors simply give money and allow an NGO fret about effect.

Truth : ” There has been a time when NGOs needed to be worried about bringing to a gap in people’s own life, but today the donors are more conscious and wish to find benefits. They’d rather donate in components, in accordance with the effect, in contrast to the whole amount in 1 go. They desire see results before they donate. Now, outcome brings funding and donation is now performance-based.

Myth # 7: Social business means fieldwork

Truth : The picture that most men and women envision when they hear’social business’ is obviously a individual working on the area in a poverty or disaster-stricken location. Yes, NGOs have folks working on the floor. However, not everybody does this. You will find an equal amount of folks who are employed in the direction as there’s a good deal of strategy, preparation, deliberation, and back-office support which goes in.

Myth # 8: NGOs do not desire too much of employees and may make-do using volunteers.

Truth : Astonishingly the NGO sector offers employment to a high amount of individuals and leads to indirect and direct taxation. Volunteers just work part-time and according to convenience, nevertheless companies require full-time professionals for many divisions — fundraising, management, fund, program management, and communication — to guarantee quality and amount of work.

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