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The best yoga mats: tips to get your purchase right.

Doing yoga requires few things but the mat is essential. Not just anyone and it has to be non-slip.

The best yoga mats: tips to get your purchase right.

Yoga has become, over the years, a fashionable practice and more and more people are exercising it. For everyone who practices it, it is essential to have a good mat, essential for comfort since many of the exercises are on the floor. This piece is basically a thin mattress on which we sit or lie down to perform yoga exercises. One of the most interesting proposals on the market is the yoga mat model. Another option to consider is the To plus non-slip yoga mat.

There are many varieties of yoga mats: non-slip, made of natural rubber, ecological, professional, wide, travel, fine, for children, padded, microfiber, fabric, with shoulder strap, made of ecological material, with marking system, made of cork, crease resistant, hypoallergenic, multifunctional, foldable and much more …
The best, our choice:

It is one of the best options to do yoga. This mat is made of TPE material, it is not toxic to the environment, it is non-slip, resistant and has a lot of elasticity. In addition, it is waterproof and very easy to wash. Ricardo has this mat and says that “the quality is noticeable as soon as you open the package: the mat holder cover is very good and well-thought-out with the grid so that it airs without any problem at all times. The signage on the upper face is very interesting for those who start in this very special world. The two different shades make it very pleasing to the eye. The touch is good and the lower face has the right characteristics so that it does not slip when the different positions are made. Very good buy”. Another client, Carmen, assures that “I am starting to do yoga and the truth is that this mat is great because it has lines to guide you in the positions of the hands and legs, it makes it easier for you to do them. On the other side of the mat it is a basic color without lines that also suits me to use that side to do sit-ups at home for example ”.

The yoga mat has laser etched lines for marking yoga positions. The material of the mat is of higher quality if possible than NBR and PVC in terms of density, durability and rebound.

This mat has an unbeatable, non-slip texture that makes it ideal for yoga practice. It has a double-layer structure guaranteeing optimal grip, excellent cushioning and a double-sided non-slip texture. Ismael, client, thinks that it is “a good mat, quite long and made of good material. As it is rough, it has a lot of friction with the ground and nothing slips. It is quite comfortable to be on it. Good purchase and good price compared to what is on the market ”. Esther Bailón, for her part, says that “it is super comfortable, very soft and absorbs very well the irregularities of the ground, and it is large enough not to touch the ground as long as you are not taller than 2 meters, therefore it is ideal for my yoga sessions ”.
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The To plus Non-slip Yoga Mat is free from latex, PVC, toxic and harmful chemicals. It offers the most comfortable experience for yogis of all levels thanks to the cushioning and protective power for their joints and knees.

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