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Top 4 Remote Control Cars in Pakistan

1) Remote control climber off-road car

Among the best remote control cars for kids monster truck is a shinning star. A monster truck toy vehicles are unique style trucks are made with a very massive synthetic wheel and with large suspensions. Use monster truck cars in a competition for entertainment of children. The monster truck remote control toy is manufactured from plastic and is appropriate for children aged 5 to 9 years old. The monster truck is very famous worldwide, especially among children. Its giant body sizes and tires make its special for children.


Children normally play like freestyle stunt driving competitions with monster truck toys. In freestyle, each driver puts on performances which consist of stunts, such as obstacle jumps, back flips, wheelies, and many more. This monster climbing truck toy can go forward, backward, turn left, and right. The first monster truck ever made is a normal collector truck modified with a bigger suspension and larger tires. Today, monster trucks now have custom-built tubular chassis, and have 4 built-in suspensions to provide as much as 4 feet of space.

A modern monster truck normally now has fiberglass bodies that are designed for easy removal when damaged. Usually the normal monster truck comes with a crushing feature for grown ups. It has an ability to crush any  smaller cars under its massive tires.  The monster truck toys have many protection features, several of which are required just to run in the small arenas that the trucks are normally frequent. The normal monster trucks which are normally used by adults come with 3 switches, one within the driver’s reach in the truck and another at the rear of the truck so that all electrical power can be shut off when the truck is a rollover.


The monster truck toys can help the kids in developing their fine motor skills. When a child grows, a monster truck will help them spark imaginative play as they push it around in the play area. It is a great source of entertainment for young ones as they can play with their friends. Children can have a racing competition in a muddy track with friends. The more monster trucks children have, more fun they can have, especially when their friends come over to play!

2) Remote control distortion car 360-degree rotation

Another special remote control cars in our list is a distortion car. It is a specific vehicle toy for kids which is normally seen in TV shows. The distortion car has a beautiful and unique design. The body is straight and twisted of this master piece. Its beautiful body shape attracts children’s attention. Distortion cars are best for kids whose ages are 5 to 9 years. It is especially made for children and is made from high quality plastic materials. This four wheeler provides amazing enjoyment to kids because of its features.


The remote control distortion car is equipped with a watch remote control.  With the gravity sensor of the watch control all functions of this car. The remote control distortion car has a key display function, which can automatically display all the functions of the car. The remote controlled distortion vehicle has a very fast gyro, and has colorful light, and music. It has the features of climbing, twisting, moving forward and backward, walking sideways, and walking right, 360° rotation, night lights, music, and drifting. Kids love those cars that has many functions and can run in any environment.

 Benefits for kids

Remote control distortion cars are a little expensive, but they give an opportunity to learn about mechanical functions and understand “what makes it work.” A distortion car plays an important role in awareness skills, which results in increased dexterity. Playing with this remote control cars provides an opportunity for fun while playing with other kids.

3) Rock Crawler Die Cast Metal Car with Remote Control

For rocky terrain near mountains this remote car is the best available option for kids. Rock Crawler die-cast metal car toy is an off-road driving special vehicle for kids. Playing with rock crawling cars is an absolutely amazing thing to do for children. Every child wishes to experience playing outside with this Rock Crawler metal car. Kids can play with this car on highways, rock, mountain, and snowfields with the help of remote controls.


It has an effective engine and smooth rubber tires; this is appropriate for any type of terrain. This remote control vehicle can turn in all directions and climb rocky surfaces. This car has a great shock absorber feature, which can control cars difficulty falls. Its unique design and super strong structure, helps to roll over and drive easily. Rock crawler keep driving and climb easily even if encounter obstacles. It provides you with the realistic racing, fun, and off-road game experience. It has the features of climbing, twisting, moving forward & backward, and drifting. Furthermore, it is a cool & elegant climbing car toy.


Rock Crawler die-cast metal car gives an opportunity for children and parents to spend some time outdoors. This Rock Crawler car is special for rock climbing. So kids can especially play with it in outdoor areas. Outdoor play time is very crucial to the formative experiences of a child. In fact, playing outdoors improves the physical and mental health of a child. And they learn to become more self-aware and responsible at a younger age. Research states that the numbers of children who play outdoors are reducing in number, because there’s too much technology that has occupied the mind of every one. But nothing can beat outdoor activities, especially when you’re taking your Rock Crawler die-cast metal car through the terrain and playing with it.

4) Smart Remote Control Racing Car with Headlights

Smart remote control racing car is an excellent toy for kids. It is a racing car and children would love to play with it. These racing cars come in many different colors. Their eye-catching color looks luxurious and makes a car more beautiful. Smart Remote Control Racing Car has amazing rims. It’s beautiful body shape and design is more attractive. This stunning looking car is made with quality plastic.  Kids can have a blast racing with their friends to see whose car and racing skills are better.


Smart remote control racing car headlights glow brightly in the dark, illuminating the surroundings. Your child can easily play with it on racing tracks or on flat surfaces. It is a high speed racing car. Smart Remote Control Racing Car has features to go forward and backward, turn left and Right. This car is the fastest among all the toy cars as its name suggest. Its powerful headlights will illuminates its surrounding areas.

Benefits for kids

Playing with racing cars, children can learn about velocity, gravity, distance, weight, and much more. Children can learn more by playing with racing cars rather than watching the races. The Toy Racing Cars provide the perfect opportunity for children to experiment with their racing cars by opening their mechanical system. It gives them plenty of fun either with or without friends. These cars can kill boredom in no time. Playing with a racing car helps to improve the eyesight of a kid. Another crucial feature of playing with it is the development of motor skills.

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