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Top 10 Things to Know Before Working for Uber

Uber is known as one of the best-selling hot cakes in the ridesharing economy. For good reasons, the upstart company Uber has made waves in just about every city where it has launched its services. For those who don’t know, Uber connects commuters with nearby cab drivers through an Uber app in over 150 cities worldwide. It has made so many lives easier by booking a cab in just a few seconds. The rider need does not have to worry about carrying currency notes in their wallet. Uber Driver is one of the best job to working with Uber. 

Your car has gone for a wash, need to rush for grocery shopping? Want to go to an important meeting in half an hour? Don’t feel like driving 50 miles to reach a destination? This is where booking a taxi with Uber comes into play. The ridesharing company is making not just the riders’ lives easier but is making the Uber drivers’ lives also fulfilling, as the company is in continuous need of drivers to join their company. This ridesharing company is one of the largest growing companies in the world. 

To give you a fact check, Uber has launched in almost 58 countries and the number of Uber drivers in the company doubles every six months. Here are 10 things you didn’t know about Uber and working for Uber.

  1. The Uber Driver car cannot be more than 10 years old

Many of us assume that Uber is free for all and anybody can become an Uber driver. But the reality is Uber is pretty stringent when it comes to cars and the car’s model. The car which an Uber driver will be riding should not be more than 10 years old and should have 4 doors. 

If you book an Uber and 2 door taxi comes to pick you up, it’s a strict no-no. After booking a taxi with Uber, a rider should ensure that he is not hopping in a 2 seater wagon. If the driver does not qualify the car requirements, the Uber driver can rent a car with Uber as per his requirements. After successfully selecting a car, the driver just needs to wait for few days for the welcome kit to arrive, which carries the brand emblem to be stuck on the car.

  1. Driving around strangers and meeting new people is fun and rewarding

Driving for Uber can be a fun and rewarding experience for an extrovert who likes to meet new people every day. Driving jobs like Uber is not only an interesting side hustle but also an Uber driver can make this experience rewarding if they know tips to drive during peak hours.

If you are someone who is an introvert and does not like to meet various passengers during your work hours, then Uber job might not be a good fit for you. 

  1. Uber doesn’t let you lose money driving back home at day end — the driver can get paid for it

An Uber driver makes 60 miles in the whole day and decides to end his day and drive 60 miles back home. Instead of returning empty-handed back home, a driver can choose to change a different route where he can get potential Uber riders. That will be a bonus added back to the Uber driver’s account.

  1. Keeping your car clean is the key

Hopping in a messy car is gross. Getting in a car that looks like it recently took a group of preschoolers home from McDonald’s would be a huge disappointment. It is the primary duty of the driver to keep his car clean and ensure that the car has no foul smell. The secret to Uber driver’s 5-star rating is a clean and hygienic car. 

Keeping your car clean might not be a huge downside to the company, but it is an important time investment for keeping a five-star rating. Believe it or not but keeping the car clean is one of the ways to make your car into a money machine as well. You might land up getting a tip from the rider as well.

  1. Uber driver needs to know the local area

It is always a good practice for drivers to know their area well. Being a helpful driver, Uber drivers can offer insights and advice to riders on where the best place for having a pizza is, the best new fashion boutique, etc. It not only shows how well the driver knows the area but gives him a good rating from the rider as well. The rider can tip the Uber driver as well if the former finds the driver friendly and helpful.

  1. Drivers for Uber need to keep a spare tire or flat kit handy

As a hardworking Uber driver, a flat tire can ruin your day during your shift. Keeping a spare tire or a flat tire kit in the car will help you quickly repair your tire while you’re on the job. These kits can be found at most auto stores, or an Uber driver can also order them online.

  1. Install a hands-free cell phone mount in your Uber car

Instead of keeping your hands engaged in holding a cellphone, keeping your hands on the wheel is the best practice in driving jobs. Since Uber drivers smartphone navigation system to know the pickup and drop location, he needs to mount his smartphone to see it at all times. 

The Uber rider feels at ease when they see your phone mounted safely and your hands are on the wheel. 

  1. Install a Dash Camera

One of the most important safety tips before working for Uber or any other ridesharing company, a driver must install a dash camera in his car to avoid any felony. The Uber driver can use the footage to defend himself if a passenger wrongly accuses the driver of doing something wrong and inappropriate.

Get one with a wide-angle lens, so the dash camera views the front and back seat areas.

  1. The driver needs to be in tune with peak hours

If you are thinking about being an Uber driver job, you should also know how to earn the maximum in your Uber career. As a driver, you’ll want to know when peak hours occur. This helps a driver for Uber work his schedule around these peak hours and make room for personal life or a second job.

  • Lastly, Airport taxi lines are generally not worth waiting in

Many ridesharing drivers believe that airport is where they can make the maximum amount since there is surge always. But it is not true. Most international or domestic airports have a dedicated waiting area for Uber drivers that the Uber app directs them to. In technical terms, it’s called “the queue.” The driver can see how many people are waiting before their arrival. Upon entering the airport, the Uber app automatically adds the Uber driver into this first-come, first-served queue and tells him his line position. 


So, after reading all the things you need to know before driving for Uber, let’s do a quick Yes or No questionnaire. 

Does Uber give you flexible working hours? Yes. Driving for Uber will make you a lot of money? Yes. Is there a better option than Uber in the gig economy? Probably No.

So stop your search here and apply now for Uber jobs and make a difference in this amazing side hustle experience. 

For more informative articles keep visiting The Post City.

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