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Advantage Of Apartments For Rent In Skycourts Towers

Advantage Of Apartments For Rent In Skycourts Towers

Apartments for Rent in Skycourts Towers in Real estate is a valuable asset for every personality. But in life, deplorable conditions can happen when in a moment, all the several meaningful and beneficial for us can be damaged and crushed. Heat is one of the most challenging crises for the life and wellness of people and their businesses. A fire can create a short circuit, overheating of house items, and other conditions.

In association with the current events at the beginning of August 2021, the point of registering your home against fires has become very relevant Apartments for Rent in Skycourts Towers. The republic has compulsory insurance against natural disasters caused by earthquakes. But it only covers the damage that was caused by the seismic impact. Therefore, you should take insurance with private insurance companies to protect your property against other hazards, including fire. We will talk about them today.

The residential complex was built in an ecologically clean area. Residents of the complex will appreciate the picturesque surroundings among forest parks and various internal and external infrastructure. This is a place where people live comfortably, have fun, and rest.


Apartments for Rent in Skycourts Towers was built in the nature protection zone “Valley of the Setun River,” surrounded by green areas. From the windows of penthouses and apartments on the last floors, picturesque views of State University, Volyn Forest open. The complex is away from busy highways.

Transport accessibility

The favorable location is provided due to the proximity to Kutuzovsky Prospect. The complex attracts convenient entrances to the street. Minsk and Mosfilm. Car owners can go to the Third Transport Ring, from where they can quickly get to the center or any point of the market nearby. Residents of the residential complex can get to the metro station in 3 minutes.

Construction, the structure of the complex

The territory of the Apartments for Rent in Skycourts Towers residential complex is 10 hectares. Within the framework of the project in 2005 at st. Minskaya, 1g, three multi-section buildings of a variable number of stories ( from 14 to 22 floors ) were built, and modern landscape design was implemented. Each entrance has two passenger and two cargo-passenger elevators. In addition, the developer has provided for the following engineering and communications in the house:

  • Individual heating point.
  • Water purification and uninterruptible power supply system.
  • Central air conditioning.
  • Automatic fire alarm with smoke exhaust and fire extinguishing.
  • Internet, major, and satellite TV.


The buildings are built using monolithic brick technology, which guarantees the reliability of the structure and the comfort of living. However, the design is in a modern style. The LCD photo shows that brick of colorful shades and stained-glass glazing were used for facing the facades. In addition, the decoration of the entrance lobbies and halls was carried out according to an entire design project using natural materials.

Apartment options and layouts

The residential complex Apartments for Rent in Skycourts Towers provides 720 apartments (from 2 to 5 rooms). Living space ranges from 40 to 540 m². Ceiling heights range from 3.5 to 5 meters (the latter figure for penthouses). The windows are fitted with 2-chamber double-glazed windows, loggias, and balconies are glazed.

External Infrastructure

Surrounded by the residential complex, State University’s boarding school, school number 37, lyceum number 1586, gymnasium number 1448, kindergarten number 82, English academy. There is a Miratorg supermarket nearby. The medical institutions are polyclinics No. 2, No. 140 and a children’s polyclinic, a treatment and rehabilitation center. Nearby is the Hills sports club, the World Class and Just Fit fitness studios, the Olymp Arena stadium. Nearby there is the Temple of Three Saints, a beauty salon BeFlight, pharmacies, cafes, ATMs, children’s development courses.

Internal infrastructure

A shopping and entertainment center has been built separate from the houses. There is a bath complex (with Turkish baths and saunas), a SPA-salon, a 25-meter swimming pool, a Sky Club fitness club, billiards, a children’s room, a cafe, a car wash, a beauty salon, and a solarium. You can dine in one of the elite restaurants (Bonjour, Kutuzov). Under the buildings, there is 2-level underground parking for up to 1000 cars, on the lower floors of the Apartments for Rent in Skycourts Towers, a dental center, a bank branch, dry cleaning, and the Valentin Ryabov Gallery.

The territory of the residential complex is guarded round the clock. Surveillance cameras are installed in public areas. Entry is carried out strictly through a checkpoint with a barrier. The closed adjoining territory in the residential complex is landscaped with benches, flower beds, and park compositions, including cascades of decorative ponds and a spring. There is a safe sports ground in the courtyard and a children’s play area, walking paths, and bike trails.


The development company Potok8 was previously name Stroymontazh, Mirax Group, and It has been operating since 1994 and was liquidate in 2014. The developer’s portfolio includes the following elite properties:

  • Well, House on Kutuzovsky.
  • Well, House on Leninsky.
  • House on Taganka.
  • Mirax Park.
  • Residential complex Kutuzovskaya Riviera.
  • LCD Corona.


  • Extensive and well thought out infrastructure
  • Spacious parking
  • Convenient location
  • Favorable ecology
  • Convenient layouts
  • Landscaped and closed courtyard
  • 24-hour security


  • High prices in the secondary market

Buy an apartment in Apartments for Rent in Skycourts Towers is for those who prefer to live in the most comfortable conditions and value their precious time. The residential complex is a calm place to walk and relax in the park. It has everything a modern Muscovite needs. Therefore, residents will find absolutely any service on the territory of the residential complex, from dry cleaning to a bank branch.

How to determine the cost of real estate?

The price is determine primarily by the value of the land. So, in the famous district, a hundred square meters of land cost five hundred thousand rubles. That is, you will have to pay at least three million for the plot. Downstream of the Ob, some Properties for rent in Skycourts Towers are more democratic in price, which have appeared relatively recently. Here you can buy land at 200-300 thousand rubles per hundred square meters. In the pine forest, land plots usually cost at least a million rubles on the other side of the river. Roughly the same order of land prices – in the direction of Berdsk. There are many gardening societies in the area. The site here costs from 500 thousand rubles.

The price of suburban real estate is also determine by transport accessibility and the availability of communications: electricity, water supply, and sewerage, heating, gas pipeline, or the possibility of connecting to it. As well as the proximity of forests, reservoirs, the state of the environment in the area. Of course, the site’s landscape is essential, and the cost of buildings on it.

However, in the Apartments for Rent in Skycourts Towers segment, there are no such clear standards for determining the value as in the appraisal system of city apartments. The subjective opinion of the seller more influences the price of a summer house or house than the objective factors of the market. Especially when it comes to a place that the current owner built himself and did not buy a ready-made one, and in some ways, he is probably right – each house and land plot is unique in its way. Therefore, options with frankly inflated prices sometimes appear on sale.





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