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Top 10 Memory Boosting Games to Sharpen Your Brain

30-Second Summary

  • Memory loss can be a result of work pressure, stress, aging, or lack of brain stimulation.
  • Poor memory can impact your quality of life and deteriorate your work performance.
  • It can be the beginning of cognitive disorders like dementia.
  • You must try to improve your memory with brain foods, supplements, and a healthy lifestyle.
  • Puzzles and brain-boosting games are also great ways to boost your memory and cognitive function.
  • Try board games, puzzles, and brain-boosting apps to improve your attention span and memory.
  • Not only will these memory boosting games improve your brain health, but they will also keep you entertained every day.



Everyday stress, work pressure, and lack of brain stimulation can lead to memory loss and declining cognitive abilities. Moreover, a phenomenon called Pandemic Fog is on the rise, where people are becoming forgetful due to the lack of interaction with the outside world.


Memory loss of any form should receive the intervention because it could be an early sign of dementia or other degenerative disorders. Poor memory can affect your performance at work and hamper your daily life. So, you must adopt the right measures to improve your memory.


Apart from top-rated memory pills, there are various brain-boosting activities that can sharpen your memory. These include certain games that will boost your memory while you have fun playing them. Here are some of the best games to try out for improving your memory.


Top 10 Games to Improve Your Memory And Cognitive Power

memory boosting games


  1. Sudoku –Sudoku is a popular number puzzle that encourages critical thinking and concentration. In this game, you need to complete a partially filled grid such that each row, column, and square contains all numbers from 1 to 9. This puzzle is widely available in both physical and digital formats. According to studies, playing Sudoku can improve the memory of aging subjects. Therefore, it can help you boost your memory too.


  1. Scrabble –One of the top tips to boost your brainpower is to play word games like scrabble. Scrabble has been around for decades and is a game night favorite across the globe. In this game, you need to build high-scoring words on the board using the lettered tiles you pull out. It enhances word recognition abilities and can sharpen your memory while keeping you engaged for hours.


  1. Lumosity –Lumosity is an app that provides a range of memory-boosting games that you can enjoy. It offers a variety of challenging games to keep you entertained and engaged every day. Therefore, it can be a great addition to a brain-friendly lifestyle, which can also include physical exercise and the best brain foods to improve memory. Plus, being an app, you can always carry it with you on your phone and exercise your brain on the go!


  1. Crossword Puzzles –Doing crossword puzzles daily is one of the top tips to boost your brainpower. Crossword puzzles hone your verbal abilities and problem-solving skills. Plus, they encourage the recall of words, encouraging better memory. You can find challenging crossword puzzles in your newspaper, or you can install an app for the same. Just half an hour of solving these puzzles daily can boost your brain health significantly.


  1. Jigsaw Puzzles –Studies show jigsaw puzzles can engage your visuospatial cognitive abilities and protect them from degrading. These puzzles stimulate both sides of the brain and require intuition, logical reasoning, and creative thinking. Plus, you can select from a wide range of visual themes for these puzzles to suit your taste. They are an excellent option to boost your cognitive power.


  1. CogniFit Brain Fitness – Cognifit Brain Fitness is an app built with inputs from neuroscientists. It offers a range of challenges to improve your memory and focus. Moreover, the difficulty of the challenges can be fine-tuned as per the user. You can also invite your friends to play against you and make things more fun. This app is a great way to boost your brain health.


  1. Happify –Unlike other memory-boosting tips like solving puzzles and eating the best brain foods, Happify takes things up a notch. Not only does this app provide quizzes, but it also encourages positive thinking with features such as polls and a gratitude journal. The makers want to inculcate positive psychology in the users to improve their cognitive abilities. Hence, this app might be useful for those facing memory loss due to stress.


  1. Chess –Playing chess every day is a great way to keep your brain healthy. Chess offers new challenges to the brain daily and demands longer attention spans. It boosts memory, strategic thinking, and cognitive power and is a great way to bring your brain health back on track.


  1. Sagrada – Sagrada is a challenging board game that requires the strategic placement of dices to create a specific pattern. It boosts brain health by demanding visualization and planning. Plus, it is entertaining, and the whole family can play it together. Therefore, this is an excellent activity that will improve your brainpower.


  1. Azul –Azul is yet another engaging board game that improves strategic thinking. It requires the players to arrange their tiles in clever ways to get the highest score. This multi-player game is perfect for game nights or when you are feeling bored. As a bonus, it will sharpen your cognitive abilities while you are at it!

With the above games you need to have a balanced diet and eat brain boosting foods as well, so that you can sustain with any challenges you can come across with memory.  While, this is not the end, you also need to work on the following activities in parallel so that it can help you improving your memory:

  • Write everything you can do to remember
  • Laugh and meditate so that you feel inner peace and relieved from any stress that can affect your memory
  • Take plenty of sleep as it will help your brain to be calm and relax
  • Buy plants and make them your friends so that you can always feel a positive vibe near you.
  • Always go for a walk and inhale fresh air

Can Brain Supplements Also Improve Memory?

Brain supplements contain ingredients to improve brain cell health and concentration. This, in turn, may help improve your memory with regular use.

Neuriva reviews from consumers state that many users saw an improvement in memory and energy levels after using this supplement. It contains Sharp PS, a fatty substance that strengthens the nerve cell membranes, and coffee fruit extract to sharpen memory and reduce anxiety. This supplement may help you in enhancing your ability to recall.


Your memory can decline because of aging, stress, and various other lifestyle factors. Poor memory and a short attention span can deter you from performing your work and living your life fully. If left untreated, it can be the starting point of dementia or other degenerative cognitive disorders. You must not ignore the early signs of memory loss and try the solutions to boost your memory.

A healthy diet, outdoor activities, and brain-boosting games are effective at improving memory. Moreover, supplements may help improve your cognitive power.

So, even though memory loss is concerning, you can beat it with some lifestyle changes and interesting brain games. If your brain is feeling foggy of late, give these tips a try!

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