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Top 10 Digital Marketing Academy in Kolkata and Overview

According to a recent study, social media is used by almost all internet users, and a big number of them uses it on a regular basis. As a result, social media is an excellent instrument for reaching a wide audience.

SMM (Digital Marketing) is a sort of marketing that involves the use of social media sites and other forms of digital media to promote a product. It entails developing and publishing web content, as well as allowing the marketer to communicate with present and prospective clients.

Modern businesses now have access to one of the most potent marketing tools available, but it is also one of the most difficult to manage.

To be successful at Digital Marketing, you must understand the proper technique and tools to employ.

Because the demand for the best Digital Marketing academy is high, the blog will walk you through the top Digital Marketing courses Kolkata has to offer. To reach a larger audience at a lower cost, businesses and firms are implementing Digital Marketing methods into their marketing plans. If you want to learn marketing, you should join the best. Kolkata offers the following top ten Digital Marketing courses:

Academy Of Digital Marketing

Academy Of Digital Marketing is a well-known digital marketing school that offers academys in the field. They even offer online classes for those interested in learning more about the subject, and many people from all around the world have enrolled. Students may get the most out of our university by studying at home, no matter where they live. They use a unique, agency-style format to give the training. Groups of students are formed, and work is assigned accordingly.

After the module is completed, students are given an assignment to complete, which is then examined and returned. Institute, one of the most influential digital marketers and an Instagram social media star, leads this organisation.

DigiAd Solution Pvt. Ltd. Digital Marketing Services, situated in Chennai, is his company’s founder and CEO.

One of the nicest aspects of completing a Academy Of Digital Marketing online digital marketing academy is that you will gain a lot of practical experience. You’ll be learning from the industry’s best, and Institute will also teach you something. After each module, the trainers hold a question-and-answer session. Students with questions can get answers during this session. Instructors are eager to assist students at all times. Their students will receive full placement aid and internship opportunities.


In Kolkata, MCTA is known for its Digital Marketing academys. Because it is not a technical subject, they welcome everyone with any educational background. College graduates and freshmen, working professionals, freelancers, and entrepreneurs are all represented in a typical MCTA class.

They have marketing professors who are professionals in the field. They also offer SEO, SEM, and a master’s programme in digital marketing in addition to the SMM academys.

The Academy of Freelancers

Freelancers Academy is a well-known Digital Training Institute in Kolkata. In Kolkata, they provide the best Digital Marketing academy. The institute is quickly establishing itself as one of the most sought-after places to master Digital Marketing. It also has Anuvaa, a Digital Marketing Agency that is valuable to students.

Even if you have no prior experience with Digital Marketing, Freelancers will teach you from the ground up with the support of industry professionals, ensuring that you are industry-ready.


Another institute in Kolkata that offers Digital Marketing academys is Ediify. They strive to provide kids with abilities that are valuable in the workplace. Their instructors ensure that the pupils are prepared and capable of being placed in top companies. They have educated almost 6000 pupils. Their graduates work for large firms such as Amazon, Plum Goodness, Unidel, and others.

Pace Career Academy

Pace Career Academy was a forerunner in the field of Digital Marketing academys in Kolkata and even Kolkata.

Their main goal is to train digital marketers who can handle any social media or digital marketing difficulties that come their way and build an efficient digital marketing strategy for any company.

In the last 12 years, the institute has placed over 5,025 pupils and has 23+ branches.

Institute for Professional Digital Marketing Training

Kolkata has the best Digital Marketing academys, according to PDMT. The institute’s mission is to close the gap between industry need and availability of trained resources and workers. Their academy is well-structured, and it provides students with all of the necessary marketing tools and skills. From freshmen to working professionals, the academy is appropriate for practically everyone.

They provide both online and offline training.

MIDM (Kolkata Institute of Digital Marketing) is a non-profit organisation founded by experts in the fields of education, e-commerce, business, and digital marketing. It is one of Kolkata’s best Digital Marketing academys. Their classroom training consists of a trainer to student ratio of one to one and a peer to peer ratio of one to one.  Their goal is to get pupils to think and come up with creative solutions.

The Institute of Digital Marketing

IDM believes that practical implementation should take precedence over theoretical training. As a result of their method, many of their pupils have secured work in businesses. As a result, many opportunities have opened up for students, entrepreneurs, and working professionals.

Institute for Digital Culture

Ms. Priya Agarwal founded the institute with the goal of making a positive impact in the field of digital marketing. Its goal is to provide prospective marketers with the tools and techniques they need to succeed in the field. Every student is hired as a paid intern at their firm. Students must work with Digital Culture during the internship period after completing the academy.

They are aware of the students’ objectives and work with them to attain those objectives through placement aid, freelance projects, and other activities. They provide both online and in-person training.

TBS stands for The Brand Salon, and it is a well-known brand for the institute. They have around 90 faculty members with a combined experience of over ten years.

This is a list of Kolkata’s top ten Digital Marketing academys. Digital Marketing is a practise that will only become more popular as time goes on. New platforms will emerge, as will new strategies. Enroll in a academy right now to solidify your fundamentals, as learning Digital Marketing will benefit anyone from a student to a business owner.

Pace Career Academy

In Kolkata, Pace Career Academy has been a pioneer in Digital Marketing training. Their main purpose is to train digital marketers who can address any Digital Marketing challenges and design an effective digital marketing strategy based on sound planning to reduce acquisition costs and increase ROI.

The institute has placed over 5,025 students and has 23+ branches with 152+ organisations in the last 12 years.

The Digital Marketing Training Institute

SOFTPRO, an IT training institute, owns and operates DMTI. It aims to prepare students for employment by providing them with industry-relevant training. They provide both offline and online training. They provide a variety of digital marketing courses for students to pick from. They’ve taught over 6,723 people and run over 200 batches.

These are Kolkata’s top ten Digital Marketing courses. As previously stated, the demand for Digital Marketing is growing in the marketplace. Regardless matter the size of the company, social media is critical to its success. It’s a good moment to apply for social media course because there’s a demand for them in the market. Before you apply, enrol in one of Kolkata’s Digital Marketing courses and use the skills and information you’ve gained to land a job at a top firm. Enroll and learn marketing to take your business to the next level, even if you already own a business.

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