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Tools for Scheduling Student’s Life

Students have quite a lot to handle with assignments and classes to keep track of. Add their commitments and part-time jobs; the tasks may quickly get out of hand.

Failure to manage all the tasks effectively results in poor performance or delayed submission of assignments. Also, the burden of multiple tasks inspires procrastination, resulting in subpar performances.

Fortunately, the internet brims with productivity apps to help students manage their time effectively. Ranging from help with calculus homework to blocking out distractions, there are many tools to help ease your school life.

Here we will highlight some of the best productivity apps for students in 2021.

  1. Trello

Trello is a great management tool for students managing projects and teams. The app has a simple interface with visual representations of long-term and short-term goals.

The tasks can also be organized into sub-tasks helping you chunk your tasks into manageable portions. Additionally, the app has a web-based interface and thus does not have to be installed into your gadget.

  1. My homework student planner

This tool is handy for tracking due projects, assignments and classes. The app helps you beat the deadline frenzy by providing reminders of when tasks are scheduled.

This tool also syncs to other platforms, ensuring that you get reminders for critical tasks. The premium account provides access to more than sixty themes and is free of ads.

This tool can also be synchronized with, allowing your teacher to upload assignments automatically.

  1. Pomodoro apps

Approaching study as a sprint can prove tedious for your brain. As such, this results in lower productivity as time lapses, resulting in lower retention in your session.

To avoid this, Pomodoro apps help chunk your time into small sessions, ensuring maximum productivity. Some of the best apps also provide distraction blocking capacities to help you focus without interference from other apps.

  1. To-do list apps

Listing due assignments is an excellent approach to help you prepare a schedule. Some of the best to-do list apps have multiple tools to organize your apps and collaboration for practical group work.

These apps also sort tasks by their due dates, helping you prioritize your tasks and stay ahead of your work. Some of the notable apps include Todoist and Asana.

  1. Distraction blocking apps

Maximum focus is complementary to a reasonable schedule for academic success. As such, a distraction blocking app should come in handy to manage social media notifications and games during sessions.

These help you make the most of your study sessions, thus covering more work and saving up time for subsequent tasks.

  1. Study Bunny

Study bunny is an excellent site with all the essential functions of a time planner. The tool helps manage your workload into bits, ensuring more productivity.

It also comes with a to-do list and flashcards to help you develop concepts into more accessible memory representations.

Final take

Time management is essential in your academic success. These tools are some of the unique options to consider to help you stay on track with tasks and assignments.

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