What is Content Curation and How to go about it?

Content curation needs a broad understanding of content first. Content is the soul and the main crux on which a marketer can communicate with the audience. The digital marketing world rides on the power of content. What is content curation and why It is very important for the content to be relevant, meaningful, informative, and educational is what we are going to read in this blog. Saying more with less is the shibboleth for getting the interest of the fast-moving audience. It is imperative that the content strikes a chord with the readers, by fascinating them in a subtle way. It would be a bonus if it is trendy too!

What is a curator?

The curator is a Connoisseur, an expert judge in matters of taste. It’s interesting to know the origin of the word, curate. This word is inspired by museums. Curators are the people in charge of selecting collections of art that appeal to a certain audience and displaying them in accordance. In social media, content curation refers to the idea that you don’t have to write or generate all of the information you share. 

This explains why The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York is one of the world’s great museums. Credit definitely goes to the phenomenal job done by the curator in displaying the best collection of art pieces.

What is content curation?

Content curation is the process of gathering information relevant to a particular topic or area of interest. It is an act of discovering, gathering, and offering digital content material that surrounds a particular subject matter. Finding, arranging, and distributing relevant material with the goal of giving value to your audience is called content curation. 

How to go about content curation?

Have you ever wondered, how content is curated? We read a lot about content curation, there needs to be a perfect way to go about it. Briefly summarize the steps of content curation with the help of this illustration below:

What is content curation and demonstration of content curation workflow
Content Curation Workflow

1. Research and discover content: Based on the section or niche, a content curation researches information available across all the channels. It’s a continuous job as the curator has to constantly be receptive to anything and everything that he/she comes across.

2. Annotate and Enhance:  The natural style which comes into action here is making explanatory notes for self with the perspective of its relevance to the audience it is being curated for. Enhancing it or improvising it by paraphrasing in the tone of language the recipient can grasp easily.

3. Select Network and Publish: The next step is selecting a network, now the network can be either social media or search engines, in most cases both. Selecting the relevant network is crucial to make sure that the content reaches the desired audience.

4. Measure and Analyze Results: Any communication completes when the sender gets feedback that the message is received and understood the way it was intended to be. The metrics widely used for measuring content performance are traffic, sales, engagement, SEO performance, and impressions. Traffic is the lifeline of online content, which leads to conversions. There are many tools for measuring the performance of content like Google Analytics, webmaster,, buffer, etc.  

5. Revise the selection process and sources: It is important to revise the process of selection and revalidate the source of information each time. Making sure that there are no mistakes is important. It may happen that the content succeeds in accomplishing the purpose or falter. 

How to do it perfectly?

Only knowing what is curating content is not enough, it is also important to know how to add your own observation. Your point of view should be obvious at all times. A few essential phrases may bring a lot of value. If you can offer a fresh viewpoint to the table, you’ll be able to establish a reputation as someone who knows what’s going on in your sector. 

1. Choose the Correct Content to Share: this will obviously be based on the target audience for whom the content is made. As discussed above, it needs to be relevant and useful, interesting is a bonus!

2. Invariably Add Your Own Opinions: absorbing the material, putting it together, paraphrasing it, and then adding your own thoughts improves the curated content in several ways.

3. Be social: make sure it doesn’t damage anyone’s feelings, doesn’t break any internet regulations, and respects the etiquette of any forums where it’s posted.

4. Publish Your Content at the Appropriate Time: Being proactive and aware of current trends may go a long way. Publishing the content on a timely basis is important for it to have a proper impact on the audience. It is about assuring the followers that they will not miss out on any important update.

5. How to Put It All Together: The audience can benefit from a flawless understanding of the content that is offered in a very sharp and crisp manner, expressed in the fewest words possible. 

Tools for content curation

Content curation tools are available to assist curators with content curation. Examples include Flipboard, Pocket,, Twitter Lists, Newsletters,, Feedly, and Sniply. Flipboard is a desktop and mobile application that allows you to create mini-magazines containing links to your favorite news stories, blog posts, and websites. Collecting content from many websites and disseminating it in a presentable and contextualized format is critical for successful content curation. facilitates information curation by allowing anybody to save links on the go and turn them into visually appealing, shareable content. Material curation tools are applications that help you identify and share relevant content given that content is the most significant aspect in establishing or breaking any online business, the role of the content curator is always crucial and necessitates constant absorption of new technologies, ideas, and learnings.

It is about handpicking what the audience can relate to or search for. The curator would usually start with knowing the audience for which the content needs to be created. It involves, outlining the topics on the basis of the data provided by the research team on various behavioral aspects of the audience. It’s about assimilating the important information from the internet and cumulating it in one place in simplified terms. It serves the readers tailor-made content and saves their time in net surfing. So, content creation has multifold benefits: to the reader and to the businesses who use this technique. 

It’s incredible how a business can establish itself as a thought leader by sharing other people’s information. It’s like a quid pro quo between the business and the followers. In return for the useful content, you get their trust. The key is finding the right curator or an agency that specializes in offering this service. 


Hope this blog has given you some insights into the area of content creation. To sum it up, finding, arranging, and distributing relevant material with the goal of giving value to your audience is what content curation is all about! For content curation, that final point is particularly crucial. Your audience values well-curated information not only for its content but also for your ideas or opinions about it. Interestingly, the word curator finds its origin in museums but in social media, it refers to the idea of selecting the best content for the readers as discussed in the blog. Finding significant or valuable material for your audience and reframing it in a way that benefits both your company and your audience is what curating content entails.

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