Tips to Sell Your Diamond Rings with Trust

Letting go of any piece of jewelry is tough. What can be worse if you end up being ripped off and get way less money in exchange than what you deserve. Once you’ve made the decision to sell your engagement ring, the question in the mind of every seller is: Where can I sell diamond rings safely for the most money?

For anyone selling jewelry for the first time, research is very important. This article discusses in detail everything a first-time seller needs to know in order to sell diamond rings safely.

1. Jewelry stores that buy engagement rings

Are you a first-time seller with next to no experience of selling diamond rings earlier? The best place to begin is a jewelry store, preferably the one from where you originally purchased your engagement ring.

Many jewelry stores offer to buy back old jewelry and here, you can sell diamond rings comfortably. Local jewelry stores also offer a sense of safety when you know you won’t be cheated. However, you will realise that such jewelry stores offer very little money in exchange. In the rare case that you come across a jeweler who offers a good sum, you can sell your engagement ring with ease.

In case the sum offered is very less, do not accept the deal. You stand to get a much better sum of money and make maximum profit if you go the private route. This means selling your diamond rings to private buyers. In such a scenario, you can set a price for the ring and choose a buyer based on your best interests.

2. Approaching a Pawn shop

You can also approach your local pawn shop if you wish to sell diamond rings instantly. Perhaps the biggest advantage of selling diamond rings to a pawn shop is that you will receive instant payment and are free to walk away once you get the cash.

But the problem lies in the amount you get. Pawn shops do not have in-house experts to properly evaluate and assess your diamond rings. They will simply offer you a price which will minimize their losses. After that, they end up re-selling your diamond ring for a much higher price to companies like Sell Your Jewelry that specialise in purchasing old jewelry. Instead, you can approach such specialist buyers on your own and get the best deals.


3. Having a Face-to-Face Consultation 

First-time sellers are also the most hesitant ones. Many of them are only comfortable working with someone in person. A face-to-face consultation provides a feeling of security and trust. But even in such a case, there are certain things you must keep in mind when you sell diamond rings. Cross-check the buyer and be wary of sketchy characters. Never invite potential buyers to your home. Rather, you should meet them in offices or other public settings where the place is secure.

As a result, the gemologists at Sell Your Jewelry would be a good option for you. With a Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating of A+ and thousands of positive reviews from satisfied customers, you will not be disappointed.


Why should you sell diamond rings at Sell Your Jewelry?


Upon booking an appointment with Sell Your Jewelry, you receive a 100% free consultation with expert gemologists who assess your diamond ring. The complete selling procedure is fully transparent and safe. Their jewelry assessment takes place in Sell Your Jewelry’s Singapore office and the ring is evaluated in your presence.

After a thoroughly professional assessment of your diamond ring, an appropriate price is offered. It is completely up to you to accept the offer. Starting from the consultation, till the moment you receive your payment, the whole process is entirely safe and seamless. Rest assured, when you sell diamond rings with Sell Your Jewelry, you will be receiving the best prices in Singapore.

Sell Your Jewelry is a tried and tested medium of selling all kinds of pre owned jewelry, and they have a spotless record of providing great deals thanks to their vast global network.


Trade-in Option Available

In case you are looking to buy another piece of jewelry after selling your diamond engagement ring, Sell Your Jewelry has something special for you. Under this option you can trade-in your old engagement ring and opt for store credit.

You can access this store credit once you decide on the new jewelry you wish to purchase. The store credit will be deducted from the price of the jewelry and you just need to pay the difference.

The process for a trade-in is the same as that of selling diamond rings. All you need to do is fill out a form and visit our Singapore office for assessment of your diamond engagement ring. Let the gemologist know that you are interested in a trade-in and the rest will be managed by them.

The entire process is 100% safe and hassle-free. Rest assured, when you trade-in or sell diamond rings with Sell Your Jewelry, you receive the best deals in the city.

How to sell diamond rings with Sell Your Jewelry?

Now you sell diamond rings effortlessly with Sell Your Jewelry. Simply fill out a form with your details to book a free appointment.

Next, a gemologist will contact you to schedule the consultation, during which your diamond ring will be evaluated. An appropriate price will be determined and you can walk away with instant money.

Note that there are no hidden charges associated with Sell Your Jewelry and you can sell diamond rings in a 100% safe and hassle-free way.

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