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Tips to Buy Home Furniture from an Online Store

We all know how to convenient it is to buy items from online stores. However, attached to this convenience is the possibility that what you ordered ends up being completely different from what you get. The internet has known this to be so true that there are several memes portraying the expectation of items found online versus the reality of the item received.

Hence, how do you ensure that what you order is what you get when buying home furniture from an online store? Well, with the few tips we will share in this article, you can shop with confidence knowing that what you order fits perfectly in your home. You can visit to check out some furniture ideas that might be perfect for your home.

We will look at certain types of furniture and discuss how you can get the perfect fit for your home. Let’s begin with sofas…


When it comes to getting a sofa from an online store, your first consideration should be the number of persons you want to be seated. If you want 3 persons to sit, then the length of the sofa should be between 84 – 96 inches. The back height of an average sofa is 34 to 38 inches with a 35-inch overall depth.

Apart from the dimensions, other things to consider are the interior of the sofa, the seat depth (go for at least 22 inches). You should also consider what you intend to use the sofa for.

After the above, think of adjustments. If you want a lounging sofa, go for one with a longer size. If your legs are short, then you should pick a sofa that has a much shallower seat. If you want throw pillows, get something that has a deeper seat.

Dining Tables

For most tabletops in a home, they get to be touched and seen quite a lot. Therefore, ensure that you read the information and details of this furniture carefully to determine if you will be okay with how it feels, looks, and the material’s performance.

Numbers are important when it comes to buying a dining table. To get the perfect fit for your home, ensure that a walkway of about 3 feet is left around the table’s perimeter. Therefore, you need to measure out that size in the space where you want to place the table. Whatever space remains becomes the maximum size of table you can order.

For a regular dining table, the height is usually around 30 inches, a counter dining standard height is about 36 inches, and bar tables are usually about 42 inches high.

Regarding the number of chairs you should get, keep in mind that a space of 24 inches must be between each seat. Hence, you will have to measure and determine how many chairs your space can take before making the order. Click here to check out some dining ideas.

Area Rugs

Area rugs look beautiful when kept in the dining area space. Therefore, when making your choice, ensure that you get one that has an additional length of about 24 to 36 inches beyond the dining table or any table it is placed under. This will ensure that when the chairs are pulled out, their legs will remain on the rug.

You don’t need just any type of rug, especially for the dining area. You should avoid rugs with label terms such as low pile or weave. Such rugs aren’t the best for the dining area as a result of their shaggy appearance. Go for a rug that is manufactured from polypropylene.


The first port of call when buying a bed is to look at the assembly guides. Will the headboard be mounted to the bed frame or the wall? To perform the assembly, what are the required tools? It is important you know all these before you make the order.

You should know a few bed terminologies to help you identify what type of bed is being described or put up for sale.

The height of your bed is important and should be considered especially if you have an already existing box spring and mattress. You wouldn’t want a bed that is too high to get in and out of. A perfect height will allow you to see the bed’s headboard once your pillows are layered on.

To help you determine the perfect headboard height, use this simple math equation: The height from your floor to the top of the mattress + your height starting from your waist to the top of your head + 4 inches = the minimum height for the headboard when you read in bed.

Before you click on purchase, you should also find out the store’s shipping policy. Check for extra freight charges and white-glove delivery. We recommend that you always go for the latter as it means it will be delivered and also assembled exactly where you want it.


In the article above, we have shared a few tips that will help you to get the perfect furniture when next you buy one from an online store.

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