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Things to know before buying joggers or sweatpants for women

One of the most popular trending apparels today are the athletic wear such as joggers and sweatpants for women. The people wear them while going for jogging, running, gym, aerobics session, etc. Some people also wear high-end and classy joggers into the office as well, on casual Fridays. 

Before you go and shop these garments, it is essential to know a few things about them. 

Is there any difference between joggers and sweatpants?

If you think that these two are same, then it is not. They differ in the form and function. Though both are comfortable and look great, they are two separate clothing garments worn on different occasions. While joggers are more a fashion-forward garment, sweatpants are more functional. 

What is a jogger?

The jogger is an elasticised pants with cuffed ankles. It usually has front pockets. It has a little loose fit on the hips and becomes slimmer as it goes down the legs. It is usually made in the combination of a cotton or polyester material. A jogging fabric uses around 80% cotton and 20% polyester. You will be easily able to get a good quality fabric in a slightly stretchy material. Jogging fabric is mostly a knitted fabric and is available in many different hues and colours. 

What are sweatpants?

Sweatpants for women are a garment with a drawstring waist. It may be flared or bootcut fit. Sometimes it is made in a Capri leg length too. It is also made in a combination of cotton and polyester material. Sweatpants use a thicker material as compared to the material of joggers. As the name says, the sweatpants intend to encourage sweat while joggers keep the legs breathable while you run. 

Things to take care while buying joggers and sweatpants

Athletic wear became more popular since the time celebrities started to sport it. Since then, it has become a mainstream and a culture to work out only in joggers and sweatpants. It can be tricky to buy both these garments. Here we suggest a few pointers bear in mind while you do athletic wear shopping. 


Try to buy sweatpants that are 100% cotton. Sweatpants intend to provide you comfort during physical exertion, isn’t it? It should be able to soak up the sweat. The garment should allow you to breathe. 100% cotton sweatpants will ensure you remain comfortable at all times.

Consider climate and activity.

There are different styles of sweatpants available with different types of thicknesses of the fabric. Before buying the sweats, you will have to ask yourself which activity you are buying them, and how is the climate? If you are purchasing sweatpants for jogging in the park during winters, then go for dark and heavy sweatpants with a hoodie. These sweatpants for women are ideal for a jog in the park during the fall. You can go for thinner fabric and lighter hues if you want it for a casual walk or a street side walk with your group of friends.

Consider your body type

There have been stunning advancement in the materials of the joggers. The designers now use a variety of fabrics and blends to make perfect clothing. Find a pant that fits seamlessly. You can explore a range of styles for joggers and sweatpants online too. 

Do try to find joggers that provide a structure to your silhouette. It should be able to flatter your curves. If you are buying from a store, do ensure to try them before purchasing. And if you are going to buy the same online, then check the reviews and specifications about the size and fabric. 


It is an excellent idea to wear sweatpants with a lovely matching jacket. Some women also pair up their sweatpants with boots. Both sweatpants and joggers are now the ultimate street style. So, when you buy joggers and sweatpants, you should buy leather jackets and hoodies too to class it up. Since the joggers are available in many different prints and patterns, you must match it with the right accessory to enhance the look.

Sweatpants for women and joggers are no more restricted to be used only as athletic wear or while lounging at home. They are a versatile garment and can help you look stylish too. So, follow these tips and rock on! 

Sweatpants vs Joggers: Which Will You Choose?

Albeit firmly related, there are a couple of contrasts among joggers and workout pants.

The texture’s weight is the fundamental distinction, and you can pick as per the atmosphere you live in (and how you plan to utilize your jeans).

Regardless of whether you’re hitting the asphalt, relaxing at home, or going out for an evening to remember, there’s a capacity for each pair of warm up pants. shop online with and enjoy shopping joggers or sweatpants for women.

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