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Air freight from China to USA – Pack of benefits

Air freight from China to USA – Pack of benefits

Advanced technology, fast communication, and lucrative e-commerce promises are attracting more Americans to air freight. Because it is the only method of international shipping that responds to the fierce competition of businesses. By choosing air freight from China to USA, you can have your cargo within a few days instead of a few weeks with sea freight.

Air freight services from china to USA

Today, the US market is changing at the speed of light. The shortest way to make a profit and stay competitive is to meet customer needs as quickly as possible. On the other hand, the distance between the United States and China is great. If time is of the essence, you can safely trust the airlines and their services. The air cargo industry offers a variety of services based on the weight of the goods, the cost and delivery time, such as:

Standard air freight from china to USA

Air freight is cost-effective for goods 50kg- 150kg. This method is best if you are not in a hurry and can wait a few days. Its time delivery from china to USA  is 8-10 days. They put your goods on the plane along with other goods. Therefore, it stops at one or two airports to switch airplane or unload goods.


It is the cheapest method and is suitable for small shipments such as samples and documents. It delivers the goods to the USA in 1 or 2 weeks.

Express courier

Express service is the fastest and most expensive air freight method from China to USA. Couriers like DHL, TNT, UPS and FedEx have a 3-day delivery time. But the FedEx and UPS are more widely used to transport from China to the United States. Also, customs clearance formalities are much easier and shorter than standard air freight.

Next flight out

It is suitable for those who are constantly shipping and have deadlines in their deliveries. NFO also refer as same day air delivery. You can book capacity on regular daily flights between China and the USA. It has the fastest and expensive. It is often used for temperature and time sensitive products such as body parts and clinical trials.


It has no place in the plans of the airlines. You rent a plane and set departure times and destinations.


The plane has many stops on the way and your transit time will be reduced. It is also the cheapest flight service.

Some major airports in China and USA

Beijing Capital International airport. It is the world’s busiest airport and also the largest Chinese airport.

Guangzhou Baiyun. It is the 3rd busiest international airport in cargo traffic.

Shanghai Hongqiao. It is one of the two Shanghai city international airports.

Chengdu Shuangliu. This international airport is the busiest in the Western China.

New York J.F Kennedy airport.

Los Angeles airport. It is the second busiest airport in USA. The airport also has deep connections to Latin America and Asia.

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta. It is the busiest airport in the world.

Air freight process from China to USA

After the production process is complete, the shipping or freight forwarding companies will pick up your goods and take them to the airport. About 10% of shipments are inspected at Chinese customs when exported. So be sure to prepare the necessary documents. Otherwise, you will be fined and faced with delays. Once you have permission to leave, skilled people with equipment will load your goods into the cabin.

At US Customs, you must send them the documents required for import without defects and in a timely manner. When the goods arrive in the USA, the customs officer inspects them. You must also pay VAT and duties to release the goods. After that your shipping company or freight forwarder does pickup and final delivery for you.

Customs clearance from China to USA

First, research the restrictions and prohibitions on goods entering the United States. For example, certain items are prohibited, like dangerous goods, flammable substances, pharmaceuticals and liquids. Also some restricted products are currency, gold, animal skins, plants and seeds. You should know that each country has its own import and export laws.

Because the US customs are very strict, cargo will be seized if you import prohibited ones or do not have the necessary permits. Adequate knowledge in this area will prevent delays and heavy fines. Be sure to get the HS code of your product so that you can easily calculate your taxes and duties.

Cargo under $800→No duties and customs bond   Under $2500→Has duties/no customs bond

More than $2500→Has duties and customs bond/requires formal entry

The required documents are:

  • AirWay Bill
  • Packing list
  • Commercial Invoice
  • Certificate of Origin
  • HS code

Air freight from China to USA costs

In air freight, the weight of the goods determines your freight rate. To calculate it, you first need to measure the gross weight of the product. Place the goods on the scales, the sum of the weight of the package and the weight of the pallet becomes your gross weight. Then you have to calculate its volume weight with the following formula.


But your final invoice is not limited to these measurements. There are other factors that determine your air freight cost from China to USA, such as:

  • Packaging. Choose lightweight packaging materials that do not affect the weight of the loads.
  • Insurance. Because air transportation is safe and the risk of damage and rubbery is very low.
  • Warehousing. The costs of this section are not high in air freight. Because the goods do not stay at the airport for long clearance and the delays are negligible.
  • Airport fees
  • Fuel surcharges
  • Local charges
  • Pickup and delivery
  • Documents and licenses
  • shipping company
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