Things To Consider When Purchasing Commercial Refrigerators and Freezers

When purchasing commercial refrigerators and freezers, consider several things to ensure you make the best purchase for your business. The following is a list of several factors to think about when shopping for these appliances:


One of the most important factors to consider when purchasing commercial refrigerators or freezers is size. It would help ensure that the appliance would fit comfortably in the space you have designated for it. Be sure to measure the dimensions of the available space and compare them to the dimensions of the appliance you are considering.


Another important factor to consider is the capacity of the appliance. This refers to how much food or drinks the appliance can store at one time. If you are using the refrigerator or freezer for a large volume of product, you need to make sure it can handle that amount.

Type Of Cooling System

The type of cooling system is another thing to consider when purchasing a commercial refrigerator or freezer. There are two types of cooling systems: forced air and direct contact. Forced air cooling systems blow cold air over the products in the fridge or freezer, while direct contact systems have coils on the inside that come into contact with the product, freezing it. Some people prefer forced air systems because cold air spreads more evenly over all products. However, direct contact systems can be better for keeping certain kinds of food such as raw chicken separate from other items.

Temperature Range

The temperature range refers to how cold or hot an appliance can get. It is important to select a commercial refrigerator with sufficient cooling power and freezing capacity and one that will not allow potentially hazardous food to reach harmful temperatures during routine handling and use. Some commercial refrigerators have adjustable settings, so you can customize them to suit specific needs.

Exterior Finish

An important part of the exterior to consider when purchasing commercial refrigerators and freezers is the finish, which refers to the color and type of material used to cover the appliance. Commercial refrigerators are stainless steel, chrome-plated metal, enameled, painted steel, or aluminum surface panels with a steel base frame. The enameled panel provides an easy-to-clean smooth surface that resists corrosion. Stainless steel has a similar appearance but is not considered an easily cleanable surface because it must be wiped down with oil soap before being thoroughly cleaned. An advantage of stainless steel is its durability against dents and dings. The painted steel or aluminum surface panels provide a smooth, easily cleanable surface but dent more easily than stainless steel.

Energy Efficiency

When purchasing commercial refrigerators and freezers from any given company, for example, habco, another important factor is energy efficiency. An efficient unit will cost less money to operate because it uses less electricity or gas to run its compressor and other internal components. Units that exceed the minimum required energy standards are usually more expensive initially. However, they could end up saving you money over time by using fewer utilities and reducing your carbon footprint. One way of determining how much an appliance will impact your energy bill is to check its energy efficiency ratio (EER).

You can find the perfect commercial refrigerator or freezer for your business by considering the above factors.

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