Things To Be Known About Opals Before Buying In Australian Opal Shop

Opals are one of the most beautiful stones that you can own easily. Unlike the other gemstones like sapphires, diamonds the opal is personal and distinctive and it makes a stylish look almost for any outfit. There are a different types of opals available in the market and you will need to consider several factors before buying in Australian Opal Shop. Here are some questions to answer on your questions for help to choose the perfect opal.

Opal base colour

The common base colour of opals is black, boulder, crystal and white. Generally, Black Opal or Black Boulder Opal colour are considering the more valuable gem by people. Because Black Opal is rarer than other opals and the price also higher than Light Opal like white opal. when Light opals have a degree of transparency, then those more desirable and if brilliant colours are present in Crystal Opals, they are most expensive.

Brilliance, diffracted colour in Australian Opal Shop

Brilliance of an Opal’s is very important, also the colour of Opal will determine its value. A good combination of colour and brilliance will create an enormous impact on the value.  Some opals colours are blue, green, blue-green and red. Normally, the more colours in Opal is more valuable. Especially for Black Opal and the colours with red is the most valuable because the red colour is the rarest colour when compared to an orange, yellow, green, blue and violet. However, the dull red colour stone will be less valuable than a stone with a vibrant blue or green colour.

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The pattern of Opals jewellery

Opal is composed of silica spheres which packed together. The three-dimensional grid arrangement of the spheres is a precious Opals, because of the eye-catchy pattern of spheres. This pattern of opal is the only gemstone that has the unique natural ability to diffract light. Dependent on the size of the spheres, the colour visible from the Opal will be decided. There are many fascinating beautiful patterns, large patterns are more valuable than the small pattern. The larger spheres create red and orange colours and the smaller spheres create blue and violet colours.

Shape and size of the opals

Opal can be cut into different shapes and sizes. Some opal shapes are square, rectangular, heart, oval, round, pear, marquise and etc. The cabochon is the most popular way of cutting Opal and its shape is a round dome shape, and it will be more valuable than a similar stone with a flat surface. Sometimes the irregular or asymmetrical shape of finer quality Opals can be made into an exclusive one-of-a-kind piece of jewellery. As like other gemstones, Opals are also measured in Carats.

All the elements are consistent and the larger solid stones will be most valuable. However, you have to be more careful about the size of Black and Boulder Opal because sometimes they may have different backings. The Opal traders usually measure the Opal by the carat, but the actual size in millimetres of the stone is also important too.

Check for Clarity

Just like other gemstones, opal’s clarity can be affected by a number of factors. There can be flaws in the opals that may reduce the overall value of the stone. Look out for minor crack that can be found on the surface of the opal. Also, you can check if there are any sand, rock that can be filled in the opal. If these flaws visible to the naked eye, you should prevent to buying the opal because this impact not only affect the beauty of the stone, but they will also decrease the value as well.

Final lines,

Now you may know some features and information about opals. Now you looking for a best Australian Opal Shop, then Australian Fire Opals are best. Because we are 25 years experienced and we provide you with a quality product as you expect and all type of elegance in opals with affordable price.

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