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Kids and Teens

Things to consider before buying a dollhouse

Ancient Egyptian graves found the oldest known miniature houses furnished with accessories. These wooden miniatures made almost 5,000 years ago, served a religious purpose.

Dollhouses remain popular not just among children but also among many adults in this tech-savvy age where endless new gadgets and toys get made every day. They range from simple cardboard boxes to miniature houses displayed in museums.

There is something about miniature houses that entices us with their excellent furnishings and accessories. It is the perfect toy to pretend play, as it stimulates the imagination of the child and enables him/her to create the perfect dream world.

With so many types of dollhouses on the market, from traditional wooden dollhouses to modern Barbie dream house, it cannot be evident to choose the right one for your child. Following are the things you need to consider when selecting a dollhouse for your child.

  • Right material: The dollhouses are either made from plastic, wood, or cardboard. Traditional wooden dollhouses are mostly made of 9 mm thick MDF board or plywood and are quite popular. These dollhouses remain a favourite among kids, as well as miniature collectors, because of their robustness and durability. Besides, they can turn into a beautiful family heirloom that gets passed on to the next generation. Modern plastic dollhouses, alongside wooden dollhouses, still find popularity among children as they are available in bright and colourful designs. They’re even cheaper than dollhouses made in wood. The hard plastic is sturdy, easy to clean, and beautiful features get easily moulded. You can buy a variety of accessories and furniture at lower prices for these dollhouses, too.
  • Size: Larger dollhouses, also known as play scale dollhouses, is designed to accommodate dolls like Barbies in play. Such dollhouses are made of plastic, but you can find some large wooden ones that can accommodate your existing dolls too. The large dream house is beneficial when there is a group of two or more kids at play, and they can also store the toys for the child.
  • Right style: You need to check the type and styles of the dollhouses on the market when buying a wooden dollhouse. Generally, dollhouses get modeled after common architectural periods. These include Georgia, Tudor, Victorian, Antique, and Edwardian. There are, of course, barbie doll dream house, too.
  • Accessories: Its accessories are also essential, as is the dollhouse. Those include numerous room furniture, including miniature sofa sets, dining tables, chairs, and even small nursery bassinets. Decor items such as mirrors, wall decorations, tiny plants, and miniature rugs give a personal touch to the dollhouse. Kitchen applications such as ovens and refrigerators, outdoor features such as swimming pools and swing sets, and vehicles can be purchased to complete the dollhouse’s look. Also, you can make sure the accessories get either included or readily available.


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