The Wiki Strategy: How to Grow Your Blog to 100k+ Monthly Visitors

A blog is an informational and discussional website, which is generally published on the World Wide Web. It consists of separate dairy-style text entries. To grow your blog from 0-100k+ monthly visitors is a very difficult job. You should have to work so hard to maintain the best strategies to attract people. Your content should be worth reading. You should have to add relevant and interesting information about the particular subject. 

How to grow your blog Audience? 

In order to get more visitors to your blog, you need to maximize your reach. This generally means driving as much targeted traffic to your blog as possible. Here are some strategies to grow your audience faster, they are as under:-

Start networking with other bloggers on the regular basis

Developing strong relationships with other bloggers will help you to understand and able to figure out the ways to help each other.

  • Engage with other bloggers on social networks. 

This strategy can include sharing the content of different people and responding or commenting about their content on their uploads. 

  • Leave helpful comments on others’ blogs. 

This strategy goes best, in the case of personal blogs, where the owner replies or responds to the comments. This helps your profile and your blogs to get noticed which will increase your reach. 

  • Become a part of a growing community at your workplace. 

Social online communities are a great way to connect with other bloggers. There are many forums that you can use to connect with bloggers. 

Contribute to the top blogs at your workplace

If you want to grow the audience to your blogs, contributing guests-posts to the top blogs will be extremely effective. Services like Wikipedia page creation service they follow some specific approaches you need to take and they are as follows:-

  • Identify blogs in your environment, with an engaged Audience

To grow the audience you should have to start contributing blogs with followings and engagements. To get the maximum results social shares and comments are good indicators to look at. 

  • Before pitching to the owner you should have to connect with him 

As we talk about getting to know the blog earlier, likewise you should connect with the owner of the blog to make your pitch successful. This is very essential. 

  • Build an email list using your guests-post 

Guest-blogging will help you to create awareness about yourself and your blogs. But you can build your email list which will help you to get a straightforward liking for your page. 

You should have to create your own tribe on triberr and invite other bloggers

Triberr is a social platform that helps to share each other’s content easily. It serves as a great way in increasing your reach to the network with other bloggers and grow your audience. 

Publish the content, your target audience want to read 

Publishing the content which you think is right and in which your audience has an interest, will help you to grow your readership fast and readers will attract. 

  • Monitor trends and write newsworthy content 

Spotting the new trends and write about them is a great way to get visibility and stay on top. 

  • Monitor important topics

You should have to monitor the most important topics to spot the trend before they happen and get insight into them, you have to discuss with your colleagues what they are writing, and see if they are not writing the same content which you are writing. There are two important tools for this, google alerts and Talkwalker alerts. 

  • Find out the popular content and keywords

Buzzsumo and SEMrush are the two important tools to find the popular content and keywords, which are extremely used by the users to search. 

Encourage social sharing 

Social sharing is one of the main ways to stick to a good audience. Here are some strategies to share the content to get more traffic, they are as follows:-

  • Make it easy to share your content via social media networking. 
  • Limit the number of share buttons. 
  • If you are not getting many shares then you should hide your share count. 
  • You should add image sharing to give a boost to your shares. 
  • Add click to tweet boxes within your contact. 
  • Make promotion part of your blogging process.

How it is possible to keep your audience coming back for more? 

Here are some steps to increase the growth of your blog’s audience, and ensure they keep coming back. 

Tidy up your blog’s user experience

The main goal of a blogger is to simplify the experience of the readers. Here are some of the tips for how to make your Audience attract to your page.

  • You should know for whom your blog is and how it will help them 

There is a great page Your About Page for this. You can use this page to create an attractive headline for your home page and descriptive for the accounts on your social media. 

  • Trim down the navigation menu items

You should keep your main navigation simple and focused. There are always other pages that need to be visible somewhere. I keep those as my printing in a specific number of feet, in lengths, and in heights. 

  • Remove unnecessary/ disarranged words

The things which are messing up your article and which can give a bad impact on the readers like images, ads, etc. Remove all the unwanted things which don’t have any purpose. 

Encourage your audience to subscribe to your email list 

Building an email list is one of the most important and the best thing you can do to make people come back to your blog. Here are some useful tips:-

  • Use an email provider instead of a free delivery service 

Using an email provider helps you to send out emails to your subscribers whenever you wish to, and by doing this you will have much more control over how emails look. 

  • In the exchange of email, you should have offer something for free 

The help you can do for your audience is when they face any problem then your goal is to solve their problem. It is a great opportunity to put together a resource for your readers. For example checklist, guide, templates, or even a tool. 

  • Make it easy for people to subscribe

Give your audience plenty of opportunities to subscribe. This generally means adding opt-in forms to strategic locations word- press plugins are super effective. By doing this your audience will get the alternatives to subscribe. 

You should have to ask your audience to join you on social networks 

Here are a few ways by which you can ask your audience to join you on social media:-

  • Add a few buttons to your confirmation page. 
  • Invite your subscribers with a welcome email. 
  • Create a special email for your autoresponder sequence. 

Make RSS subscription easy 

RSS is generally known as Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary. It is a file that makes it easy to promote the content. 

Engage with your audience

Here are few tips to engage your audience:-

  • Be accessible. 
  • Respond to your readers. 
  • Involve readers in your content. 


In this article, we have seen the Wiki strategy to grow your blog to 100k+ monthly visitors. This is very difficult to make people visit your page. For this purpose in this article, there are so many tactics that will help you to increase the audience on your page. And so many strategies to keep your audience coming and reading back for more good content or you can take the help from experts i.e by wikipedia page creation agency.

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