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Travel to Morocco

Travel to Morocco

what to see?

places not to miss when you Travel to Morocco:

Morocco is an extraordinary country where millenary cultural traditions are intertwined with a bursting thrust towards the future. As a backdrop, a natural landscape that literally leaves you speechless. Travel to Morocco, a magical country capable of bewitching visitors at first sight. A vacation in these parts is above all a great experience for the eyes and the soul. The suggestions that this country is able to transmit are infinite. The things to see are countless and as for the places not to be missed, you’ll be spoiled for choice.

In fact, Morocco meets the tastes of the most varied travellers and this is one of the reasons that makes this destination one of the most appreciated by tourists from all over Europe and the world, since ever, where sea lovers can enjoy the sun and the long beaches of the Atlantic Ocean or the more intimate ones of the Mediterranean, while those who dream of a vacation that combines relaxation, wellness and culture can choose to stay in one of the beautiful imperial cities where past, present and future dance in perfect harmony. And what about the hospitality of the Moroccan people? A true seal of quality. Those who want to get in touch with the Arab culture certainly will not be disappointed in Morocco.

The climate in Morocco:

when to go?

Thanks to its mild and pleasant climate, this country can be visited at any time of the year. Winter is practically non-existent (it resembles our mid-season). It is while from April onwards the sun accompanies the gentle Moroccan days from north to south. However, heat waves are possible, especially in inland areas where the temperature is less subject to the currents coming from the Atlantic Ocean and is influenced by the nearby Sahara Desert. In general, the best period to visit Morocco is from March to May and from September to mid-November.

The rest of the year the risk of rain, excluding the Mediterranean part which has a climate similar to ours, is very limited and this makes Morocco the ideal destination for those who want to escape for a few days from the grey European winter without going too far (the flight is about three hours and a half from Rome).

Travel to Morocco

Travel to Morocco to see the sea of Agadir:

For a beach vacation in Morocco, the choice of the place to stay is almost obligatory:

Agadir, the most famous and renowned seaside resort in the country. Overlooking the shores of the Atlantic and perennially kissed by the sun, this town in southern Morocco is one of the focal points of national tourism. Staying in a resort is the best choice for those who want to relax by the sea, enjoy sports activities (such as golf, tennis and archery) but also experience the city’s lively nightlife, But in addition to the sea and fun, Agadir is also a privileged starting point for some interesting excursions to discover the most secret Morocco.

Visit Essaouira or the Tiout Oasis, have lunch with a Berber family, immerse yourself in the souk (craft market) of Taroudant or discover the landscapes of the High Atlas on board a 4×4 are in fact just some of the things you can do during a vacation in Agadir. Everything depends on taste but one thing is certain: It will be a vacation that will remain in the heart.

The Yasmina resort:

Those who want to spend a beach vacation in Morocco without renouncing the sweet scents of the Mediterranean can instead choose the Yasmina Resort, a structure recently restored by French designer Jean Philippe Nuel. The resort, immersed in luxuriant vegetation of palms and oleanders, is located near Smir, a few kilometres from Tangier and the Strait of Gibraltar, it is the ideal destination for those who love sports, in fact, many courses are organized here, among which the most important are the golf school and the flying trapeze school.

Also from Yasmina, one can leave for numerous excursions to the discovery of northern Morocco. Tangier, the white city, with its markets and its chic charm; Meknes, the imperial city proclaimed World Heritage Site by Unesco and Chefchaouen (also known as Chaouen), which with its colours reminds us of the beautiful cities of nearby Andalusia.

Living Marrakech

But those who want to discover the most authentic soul of Morocco, to be overwhelmed by the set of colours, sounds and scents that make this country one of the most fascinating in the world, can only choose to stay in Marrakech, the pearl of the south. This city is so particular that it is said that it is not possible to visit it only once in a lifetime. Those who go there once will be destined to return again and again, so strong is its appeal.

Located on the slopes of the High Atlas in central Morocco. Marrakech is a true oasis city and one of the favourite destinations for tourists who visit the country every year. Here the green of the vegetation clashes with the red of the ancient city walls, creating a wonderful contrast that will make the visitor fall in love at first sight. Djemaa-el-Fna, the city’s main square and the largest in all of Africa, is an overwhelming sight at all hours of the day and especially at night, enjoying a sunset in one of the bars overlooking the gigantic square while snake charmers, acrobats, dancers and old storytellers entertain the amused crowd will be a truly unique and unforgettable experience.

And then get lost in the maze of alleyways of the Medina to go shopping in the immense souk, bargain for the best price with the merchants of local crafts, drink an orange juice in one of the kiosks in the square and then return to the market to get lost again, for the sake of getting lost and returning. All this is Marrakech and much more…


The travel to Morocco allows you to see Merzouga and Erg Chebbi

Desert and oases:

Morocco’s Sahara

Travel to Morocco without a hike through the dunes is unthinkable – and in the Erg Chebbi near Merzouga (Arab. عرق الشبي) you will find one of the two most impressive sand dune landscapes in the country, formed solely by the wind. Sand as far as the eye can see: stretching 22 kilometres from north to south as well as five kilometres from east to west, the desert features a shifting sand dune up to 150 meters high.

Travel to Morocco

Highlights and activities in Erg Chebbi

At the Erg Chebbi

The oasis town of Merzouga is the starting point for exploring Erg Chebbi and a desert highlight at the same time. Here the giant dunes rise to high mountains and from this point, the real and seemingly endless desert begins. The desert offers the most beautiful view in the early morning hours or in the late afternoon until sunset. Shorter Sahara trips for those in a hurry: Tours by off-road vehicle are also possible through Morocco’s highest sand dunes. This usually starts just before sunrise and just before sunset to capture the golden light. About 3 km west of the Merzouga oasis, is a lake, where flamingos can be seen after the rains in winter.

Fossil plants and animals lie scattered about. About 25 kilometres further away from Merzouga and right on the Algerian border is the date palm oasis of Taouz. There are petroglyphs and several stone tumuli whose age and function no one has yet been able to clearly determine. View of Merzouga Luxury Camp at sunset.

Many Merzouga visitors book a camel ride with an overnight stay in a Berber tent, let themselves be rocked comfortably through the pink desert from oasis to oasis, taste the traditional Moroccan Tajine food in the midst of nomadic life culture and watch the fascinating sunrise in the early morning. The next morning you ride back to the hotel, have breakfast, shower and leave again.

Location and arrival

Erg Chebbi is located 40 km south of the desert town of Erfoud (population just under 30,000). And immediately north of the tourist hotel town of Merzouga, from where tourists can book camel trips into the Desert. The road from Erfoud to Merzouga is paved. Horseback riding tours can usually be booked at the hotels themselves. From the royal city of Fez, the journey by bus takes about 10 hours.

It is also possible to arrive from Erfoud via the old trading town of Rissani, formerly used as a stopping point for Saharan caravans, and stroll through the traditional souk (market alleys), from Erg Chebbi, it is possible to drive by car road to Zagora, a larger town just before Morocco’s second interesting desert, Erg Chegaga, the nearly 300 km drive winds through the mountains and quickly the sandy desert is exchanged for rocky formations of the Atlas Mountains.

Best time to Travel to Morocco

The Erg Chebbi and the pink dunes of Merzouga can be visited all year round. Temperatures rise to their maximum of up to 29° Celsius between July and September. The coldest period in the region of Merzouga is from December to February with 16 to 17 ° Celsius. At night temperatures drop to 9 to 10 ° Celsius. The most pleasant seasons are spring and autumn, but this is also the high season. The summer is the low season and it is a little quieter. If you have rheumatic complaints. You should perhaps follow a tradition of the Moroccans – a “bath” in the early evening of the Sahara. Summer in the warm sand of the Erg-Chebbi dunes is said to have helped many a person against his suffering.



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