The Secrets of Being a Great Father

In both developed and developing societies, mothers take center stage when it comes to rearing and taking care of children. The role of fathers, albeit crucial, in the upbringing of kids is often ignored, or at best, taken for granted.

Current research, however, suggests that affectionate, loving fathers tend to have children with a higher level of confidence and self-esteem. A warm and nurturing father-child relationship advances the development of children’s achievement, peer popularity, and personal adjustment. Loving dads tend to provide firm, reasonable guidance to children that help them grow and mature as responsible and useful citizens of society.

Parenthood is one of the trickiest jobs in the world, and it takes a great deal of responsibility, warmth, and affection on the part of parents. While every father craves to go to any length to give their children a blissful, happy life, very few of them manage to realize this lofty aim due to one reason or another.  But some useful tips, if followed, can help a father become a role model and the guiding light to his children.

Here are some of them.

Give your kids quality time

Most children often complain that that their fathers do not give them quality time. This is a genuine concern. Spending little or no time with your children not only erodes their confidence level, it also deprives them of an excellent opportunity to learn something useful from you. So, if you are pressed for time, or your work commitments overwhelm you during weekdays, make sure you devote your weekends to your children playing with them or taking them out to a recreational place.

Always put their interests first

Sacrificing your bad habits — such as drinking or smoking — for the sake of your children’s wellbeing will go a long way towards cementing your bond with your children. Being a mentor and father, you have to try and inculcate some good values in your children. And once you start putting their interests ahead of your own, you will have stepped on to that first rung of successful fatherhood — and will be a joy to cherish!

Protect them

As a father, one of your major roles is to protect and take great care of your children. And you can do this in many ways: by teaching them good safety habits, setting a good example by using your seatbelt, or by educating them how they can avoid falling prey to malicious pedophiles. You should also ensure that your children, besides being protected against physical or bodily harm, are also financially secured. To this end, have life and car insurance, an emergency fund, a will.

Go the “extra mile”

Try to get into the mom’s domain and do things generally associated with mothers — such as changing diapers, feeding, bathing, and putting them to sleep in the middle of the night. Doing these things will help you bond with your child immensely, so share these types of duties as much as you can.

Read to them

If there’s one great favor that you can do to your child, it’s reading to them. Not only is reading fun and cool, it’s also an exciting way to inculcate one of the most important skills that will pay off dividends for life. And sitting together or lying close to your kid provides you an opportunity to enjoy each other’s company as well.

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