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The Quick Men’s Jewelry Fashion Guide

Why is my wedding ring worn on the right hand? 

I married my wife in the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, and even though we live in a country where 99.99% of people wear it on the left hand, I never felt the need to move it. My ring is a small silver metal ring, the price may have been 20 dollars total. Nothing to brag about. However, due to its location, it has been the subject of hundreds of conversations over the past 8 years.

This is the power of jewelry: whether it is good or bad, it conveys a signal about who we are, what promises we have made, and our place in society. It says something about you that will begin conversations, whether you wear tasteful viking jewelry to remind you of your heritage or simple heirlooms that have been in your family forever.

Get beyond the routine and people will notice. Depending on your goals, this may be a good thing or a bad thing. The purpose of this article is to help you understand the guidelines for wearing jewelry so that you can better control the signals sent out. Because these small pieces of metal and stones can have a significant impact on the opinions of people we are trying to work with or know, you need to make sure to send the correct visual message.

I know that different cultures around the world have different views on wearing jewelry. I hope you expand your thoughts on men’s jewelry and its role in your environment in the comments below.

Simplicity is Key

When in doubt, keep it simple. Start with a classic silver watch with a leather strap; if you wear a watch often and can afford it, consider a more sporty dive watch with a stainless steel strap. Next, diversify your other accessories and cufflinks. Consider adding a plain chain necklace or single decorative ring. Viking rings, signet rings, and ornamented bands are all good choicesl Once you are comfortable wearing these generally accepted jewelry, you can start wearing other jewelry, such as necklaces, if you wish.

Don’t Mix Metals

Most men’s jewelry is metal. Gold and silver are the most common. To achieve the best look, your clothing can only have one metallic tone at a time.

Gold is a warmer color, not surprisingly, as far as the color wheel is concerned, it is like a yellow hue. It matches well with brown and other earth tones as well as darker shades such as royal blue or hunter green. If you want to buy multiple pieces of gold jewelry, please pay attention to the different shades; gold has a variety of dark/light colors, if the difference is large, you may end up with mismatched pieces. Such as polished stainless steel or chrome is neutral. They are read as gray, functionally separated from the color wheel, but fall into a gradient from white to black. This means that they won’t hit anything too much, but they won’t be in sharp contrast like worn gold.

Pair silver jewelry with black or dark gray clothing for a classic and timeless look, or you can match lighter colors in summer without worrying about it overwhelming the soft colors of your clothes. Copper and bronze are orange-toned metals and should be treated as such. They are bolder than gold or silver and should be used with caution. You will see copper-toned jewelry in more casual clothing, and you can add heirloom copper rings or shirt buttons/rivets to plain pants and shirts. To various national traditions. They are usually on the lighter end of the earth tone; take them case by case and make sure you don’t wear jewelry on things that are similar in color but don’t exactly match. If you plan to use such an unusual material, it needs to stand out a bit to really work.

Use Gemstones Sparingly

Gems should be kept to a minimum. They are like wallets-no matter how equal you want, they are still feminine to most people. The color of a single gemstone in a single-color ring or earring is the largest. Anything other than that will show off your wealth in an unpleasant or simple way of showing off. For any men who deliberately wear Western styles, turquoise is an exception. Has become a kind of knight stone in the southwest region. Small rings, bow ties or belt buckles are perfect for pairing with jeans and collared shirts. Remember that it is a bright color and tends to be eye-catching; use a small amount only when you want to draw people’s attention to the location of the stone.

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