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CBD for Nausea: Is CBD an Antiemetic?

Nausea is a common side effect typically associated with stomach viruses, food poisoning, and migraines. A little nausea is also normal with dehydration, motion sickness, and general fatigue.

Nevertheless, indigestion and vomiting take a toll on the body. It also leaves you nutrient deficient and dehydrated, diminishing your energy and concentration.

Nausea is managed through prescription drugs, over-the-counter medications, and holistic alternatives. However, there’s one homeopathic option getting a lot of attention.

CBD was discovered in 1940, but it’s only blown up within the last few years. More consumers are flocking to CBD for its rumored antiemetic properties, but can it really manage nausea?

Let’s investigate this possible connection!

Is CBD an Antiemetic Medication?

While people take CBD to manage nausea, it’s not technically an antiemetic drug in the traditional sense. This term is reserved primarily for medication prescribed for nausea, not homeopathic alternatives.

However, multiple CBD studies reveal natural compounds that can manage nausea symptoms. CBD isn’t an antiemetic. Yet, consumers are drawn to its possibilities, similar to peppermint, ginger, fennel, and chamomile tea.

CBD’s relaxing properties could also help with managing nausea. Researchers found relaxation therapy may suppress nausea symptoms too.

Talk to a doctor about the possibilities of CBD, holistic teas, and muscle relaxation therapies for nausea.

Pain and Nausea: How CBD Could Help

Pain also triggers nausea symptoms. Intense or sharp pain sends your nervous system into overdrive, resulting in nausea. Thus, pain management could also help with vomiting and upset stomach.

CBD is sought out for several reasons, including pain management. Syracuse University studies reveal CBD works with natural receptors to reduce inflammation. While it doesn’t reduce the amount of pain present, it manages symptoms, making the experience more tolerable.

What’s the Right Way to Take CBD for Nausea?

After talking to a health professional, choose an appropriate CBD regimen. A licensed holistic practitioner could offer suggestions as well.

CBD gummies are a popular choice and look just like traditional sour worms and gummy bears.

However, since you’re managing nausea, you may be less inclined to ingest an edible. Edibles take longer to work, as well.

Instead, you can vape CBD to handle nausea symptoms. CBD tinctures are easy to use too. Just place a drop of CBD under your tongue to experience quicker effects.

CBD-infused teas feature even more holistic properties, like peppermint, lavender, and green tea. Plus, hot beverages help soothe upset stomachs.

Infused topicals are also growing in popularity. More arthritis patients are supporting their pain management with CBD.

Talk to a medical expert about creating a CBD management plan, complete with infused teas and creams. This page also explains information on non-THC capsules and patches:

Is CBD the Answer?

Arm yourself with the knowledge to make an informed choice. This guide is just one piece of the journey. Discover even more studies on antiemetic properties, pain management, and CBD produts.

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