The Pros and Cons of CBE in the Campuses Post-Pandemic

Competency-Based Education or CBE is a new idea prevailing in the education sector for some Post-Pandemic time. This supposed pathbreaking idea will change the dynamics of modern education. The fans of this method of teaching are optimistic that after the pandemic, CBE will become more prominent than ever.

So, what is CBE?

The idea behind competency-based education is that you don’t need a degree or a certificate to prove that you have a specific set of skills or knowledge. This school of education believes that getting some knowledge is what matters, not the way you have acquired it.

There are quite a few advocates in support of competency-based education. One of them is Paul LeBlanc who was himself a scholar from the existing college student. However, he always insisted and experimented with introducing this new method of education. He quoted, “If you consider increased schooling at this time, individuals joke that “D” nonetheless stands for diploma. We let college students slide by on a regular basis, and we’re graduating individuals with, in lots of situations, not lots of readability about what they know, what they will do. The transcript is a black field for many exterior individuals. If I am hiring someone and I say, ‘Oh, you took managerial accounting.’ I can infer, possibly, what you studied; however, I do not truly know the way good you might be, what abilities you may have, what precise data you may have.”

There are always some contrasting views on this Post-Pandemic time. So, let’s look at a few pros and cons and decide what is best –

5 Pros of Competency-based Education Systems Post-Pandemic


  1. Flexibility

Competency-based education systems are usually very flexible. The entire structure of CBE depends on the learner. There is no fixed schedule, no rigid semester assessments, and most importantly, no classes. The students control what they want to learn when they want to complete their projects. The students can ask for assessments whenever they feel confident. Its flexibility allows students to enroll in a program at any Post-Pandemic time.

  1. Self-Paced

CBE is not concerned about the journey of your education. Instead, it only focuses on your final outcome. The students get benefited from this model because they can set the pace for their education. They remain free from any fixed learning process. The students take their time to achieve mastery over the subject before taking an exam. If the student cannot understand complex mathematics like say, a fraction calculator, they can take a month to work on that only. Once, they receive the due credits required, they can move over to the next subject. Control over the speed of education is beneficial, especially for adult learners and independent students with side-hustles.

  1. Engaging

Student engagement is one of CBE’s strongest aspects. The students have full ownership of their education and learning. CBE also encourages customized learning. It accommodates a plethora of learning techniques, which aids in a personalized experience. Since the contents and techniques are customized for every one of them, the students automatically take more interest in them.

  1. Affordable

The cost for education in this model depends on the institution, the chosen program, and the student’s pace. The students can choose their preferred subject which they find affordable instead of shelling out thousands of bucks for something they do not want to study. In many institutes, the course fee varies on the duration of the course as well. With CBE, the costs are bound to come down since unnecessary operations costs gets eliminated.

  1. Skill-Based

The main benefit of competency-based education is it focuses on honing the skills required in the real world. The key to a successful career is having relevant knowledge, and CBE helps in developing the competency required in real-life jobs. In CBE, the graduated students are already ready for the workplace. They have acquired the necessary hands-on experiences for their chosen career. In a recent survey, the data showed the companies are hiring 98% of students with competency-based education.

On the flip side, this new form of education has some cons.

Some of the disadvantages are –

  • There is a possibility that the new style may not suit the preferred approach of many students. The students may procrastinate more and more in the new method. There are always some demotivated students who are not bothered by education at all. The regular pressure of the traditional way drove them to study previously. They may start lagging in this format.
  • The cost of the courses may even rise instead of going down. There is no fixed time limit for the courses. That implies more hours of tutoring. If the extra hours keep on rising, the effective interest rate of the overall tuition cost will also rise.
  • The students must be well-behaved, disciplined, self-driven, motivated, and good planners to be successful in the CBE model. It is no secret that maximum students lack such qualities. This may prove to be a big bottleneck of CBE.

Parting Thoughts

If we balance the pros and cons of Competency-Based Education, the scale remains inclined towards the pros. whenever we try to adapt to a new thing, we are bound to meet a few challenges in the way. However, that must not demotivate us to try new things, especially if we are confident about the success of it.

The pandemic has affected the whole education industry severely. Embracing the new model of CBE may actually be more practical and beneficial for all the students in the long run.

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