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The Most Important Things Which A Baby Needs

One of the most enjoyable activities while waiting for a baby is preparing a dowry. What does it include?

Baby Stroller

The stroller has a cradle for a newborn and a stroller for a child from 6 months

There are an incredible variety of stroller models. Which one to choose? Here are some guidelines.

Choose a stroller based on the type of area you live in. In an area with frequent winds, a model with a large hood is useful, in the private sector – stroller with large wheels and shock absorbers.

A newborn baby should be placed on a flat surface. There are special cradles from 0 months old in some strollers, in others – pillows that are placed under the baby. According to the experience of most mums, bassinets are more comfortable. In addition, they protect against wind and sun.

Strollers with 3 wheels are manoeuvrable but may not be very stable. When choosing a model, try turning it over.

If you plan to travel a lot, give preference to a model in which the car seat is installed on the stroller chassis. They took the child out of the car, put it on the chassis, snapped it securely into place – and enjoy the beautiful view from the embankment or shop at the mall. Also pay attention to the principle of folding the baby transport. Not all strollers can fit into your trunk.

Do not forget about accessories: a bag for mom, a sleeve, a mosquito net, a raincoat, a cover for legs. The more accessories there are, the more convenient it is to use the stroller.

Baby Crib

The most common types of cribs are wooden, metal and fabric playpen beds. Small, cozy cradles are often an alternative. You can roll them like a stroller, rock them like a cradle.

Basic requirements for baby cribs:

  • Environmental friendliness of materials. Feel free to ask for product certificates to ensure that the wood is natural.
  • Small distance between the rods. A curious kid will want to push his head through them, so the distance should be 7–12 cm so that nothing will come of his idea.
  • Durability and quality finish. Whatever the little ones do in their beds: they jump, pull themselves up, tumbling, stand on the bridge and be sure to try it. You don’t want the baby to hurt delicate gums, do you? Therefore, look at how the edges of the bed are processed, if there are any splinters, chipping.

What to choose: wood, metal or textile? The most hypoallergenic material is wood. But if the classic is not your option, choose neat compact cradles or playpens.

Convertible beds, pendulum beds, crib models that grow with the child – Also worrying about how to transition baby to crib? Cubo Ai can give you the step by step procedure on how to do it.

Bedding Sets

Kits do not have to be bright – kids will get tired quickly.

There is a main rule: the fabric must be natural. Most often, bedding sets for babies are sewn from cotton or linen. The bed set includes a sheet, pillowcase, duvet cover. It is very convenient if the sheet is made with an elastic band – you can make the bed in a matter of minutes. A baby also need a baby blanket or a warm blanket. One of the best variants is a cashmere baby blanket.

The color range of children’s bedding is varied. If you already know for sure whether you need to prepare a dowry for the heir or heiress, then choose pale pink bedding with butterflies and flowers or blue with sailors and football players. But there are also universal bedding sets on sale in beige, green, lilac and other colors.

Bedding sets sometimes include crib bumpers. They reliably protect the fidget from being hit by the rods and attract attention with bright patterns. But the surplus of textiles around the child can provoke the development of allergies, so more often remove the sides for washing, giving the crumbs the opportunity to view the world around them. A pillow is not recommended for a baby until about 12 months.

Diapers And Nappies

Disposable diapers make life easier for parents. How to choose them?

Don’t buy huge packs right away. For example, products from one company will provoke a rash, while products from another company will simply not absorb well. In addition, children grow up very quickly.

Use different types of diapers. There are budget, classic and premium diapers. They differ in several ways. It would be wise to use budget or classic ones for short walks, and premium ones for night sleep.

Focus not only on the weight of the child, but also on its completeness. A four-kilogram chubby baby will feel more comfortable in diapers of 4–9 kg, and not in those designed for a weight of 2–5 kg.

About ten years ago, mothers began to put on reusable diapers for babies as well, simply changing the liners when the time came. They are versatile and suitable for both a newborn and a one and a half year old child.

Diapers are used not only for their intended purpose, but are also needed for massage, doctor and nurse appointments. Thin chintz diapers are needed in the summer, flannel diapers are useful in winter. Disposable diapers are very convenient for visiting the clinic.

Bathing Accessories

Bath. A crumb will quickly grow out of a small bath, so it is better to choose a larger model. Think about what you will put the bath on – on stools or a special stand. There are bathtubs with built-in swimming slides or you can buy a hammock or mattress separately.

Slide, mattress, hammock. Most often they buy a removable slide, which is suitable for almost all baths. But mattresses and soft hammocks on a hard frame are also used.

Thermometer to make sure that the water temperature is comfortable for the baby. Often made in the form of a toy.

Hooded towel. Conveniently, after bathing, the toddler quickly wraps up from head to small heels.

Clothing for Baby

“Adult” clothes on babies look very interesting

This is the largest part of the dowry. And puzzled exclamations of parents are often heard: “Well, they haven’t put on anything yet – I grew up so quickly!”

Before buying clothes, think about what you can get crumbs for birth, also take into account the time of year in which he will be born.

What You Need in Summer

  • body;
  • lightweight sleeps;
  • blouses, t-shirts;
  • socks;
  • caps, scarves, thin hats;
  • tight overalls in case of bad weather.

What You Need in Winter

  • body;
  • blouses, t-shirts;
  • socks;
  • caps, thin and woolen hats;
  • wool or fleece overalls;
  • warm socks;
  • mittens, scarf;
  • thick sheepskin overalls or envelopes.

If you plan to walk a lot with a child sitting in a sling, then the layer of clothing should be one less than when walking in a stroller.

Of course, you cannot imagine babies without all kinds of dresses, sundresses, vests, boleros. And a little man in jeans “like daddy” evokes incredible affection among those around him.

When choosing a dowry, enjoy every minute, invest all the care and love in the purchased things.

I hope the information will be useful. More about important things for babies you can read in this article.

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