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Kids and Teens

Importance of Baby Gates around the Home

The toddler age is the most crucial for a parent. Not only, does it keep a parent on her toes but also wants to ensure the home is baby proof and safe. Home accident are usually on the increase especially when babies start crawling and learning to walk. Babies of ages 1 year -5 years are curious and want to explore all corners of the house.

As one does home chores the baby may stray off to the bathroom if the doors are not locked and fetch water from the toilet bowl. Sounds funny, although in some situations accidents happen ad can be life threatening, for instance, a baby may gain access to the detergent or bleach area if not put in a lockable cupboard and drink or go to the kitchen where they can suffer burns or up the stair where they can fall and get injured.

All this scenarios can be avoid by a small home improvement product such as a baby gate. Most homes in the urban areas have stairs and will appeal to any baby discovering her surroundings.

Importance of a Baby Gate

Baby gates are a crucial item in your baby checklist. Importantly, you can buy it before bringing the baby home.

As parents and guardians we want a safe environment for the newest member of the family. Baby gates have numerous advantages for children and also for our pets as indicated below.

  • Act as a Seal to Dangerous/Important Areas at Home

Keeping tabs of a baby even at home may be a bit challenging. Especially for a stay at home mum/parent who is juggling between taking care of the baby and doing house chores.

One can work remotely in another room and check on the baby through a baby monitor. Besides that, if the baby is not playing with her favorite toys at the playpen or play mat they can stray to dangerous areas of the house like the bathroom, kitchen, laundry area, staircase without your knowledge.

With a baby gate sealing these hot spots around the home one can relax and do house chore without worrying.

Additionally, the Covid-19 pandemic has made it possible for parents to work from home and sometimes need privacy when attending to office meetings. The baby gate will help seal your work station from the rest of the house and you can be able to work without disturbance.

  • Stair Barrier For Baby

Depending on where the baby stair gate is being put it is good to look at the pro and cons of different types to know which will best suit your baby needs.

According to Carol of, baby gates are best recommended for use when babies start moving usually from ages 6 months to 2 years. Let us look at different baby gates and where best they can be used around the home.

Safety Measures to Adhere to when Using Baby Gates.

We have different materials used for indoor safety baby gates. Notably, one may prefer wood baby gates, or metallic baby gates, or Plastic baby gates.

Whether you choose pressure mounted or hardware mounted baby gate, it can be plastic, wooden or metallic ensure it meet the safety standards set.

Firstly, avoid baby gates that have big spaces in-between bars as your baby can squeeze though them and fall down the stairs.

In addition, if the gate is coated make sure the coat is not poisonous, remember babies love chewing at anything and the gate will not be spared either.

Check on the baby gate height when installing, you want to keep your baby safe hence do not install a gate that your baby will be able to climb over.

Do not leave a big gap under the baby gate where your child can squeeze through and get stuck. Nevertheless, if you have a cat that is making you leave the space below get a baby gate with a small cat door flap for accessibility. You can view the best cat door flaps at

Check on the design too as some baby gates can cause strangulation.

Lastly, keep your baby safe from tumbling down the stairs with a good indoor baby stair gate.

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