The best OpenCart Shipping extensions worthy investing

Do you wish to improve your website this new year? Do you wish to provide your customers with a great shopping experience? Further, one of the best ways to do that is by making the shipping and delivery options better. Thus, we will talk about the best OpenCart Shipping extensions that can help you. In fact, these best OpenCart Shipping extensions are exemplary at what they can do for your eCommerce business. Hence, we shall look at these best OpenCart Shipping extensions in this blog.

Here, before we start talking about the best OpenCart Shipping extensions by Knowband, let us take a look at them below.

  • OpenCart preferred delivery time extension
  • OpenCart Shipping Timer extension
  • Product availability check by zipcode OpenCart module; and
  • OpenCart store locator and pickup extension
  • In this blog, we will talk about the best OpenCart Shipping extensions. Further, these best OpenCart Shipping extensions by Knowband are perfect for your business. In fact, they are the best ways to offer customer satisfaction. Thus, these best OpenCart Shipping extensions indirectly help increase sales and revenues.

Let us now take a look at them below.

The best OpenCart Shipping Extensions by Knowband

OpenCart prefer delivery date and time extension

The very first module on the list of best OpenCart Shipping extensions is the OpenCart prefer delivery time plugin. Further, the Preferred delivery date and time module For Opencart is a stunning option. With the help of the module, the admin can allow the customers to choose their preferred date and time of delivery. In fact, they can do this on the checkout page of the website.

  • Customers may select their preferred delivery date and time using this module.
  • Between the order date and the intended delivery date, the admin can establish a basic delivery break.
  • The delivery start and finish times can be defined by the store administrator.
  • By defining a definite time range for a certain region, you may divide the time into many openings.
  • With the OpenCart preferred delivery time extension, the admin may specify non-delivery days.
  • After making an order, the OpenCart extension allows you to change the delivery date and time.
  • It may be done by enabling or removing the “Allow to pick preferred delivery” option. In fact, if you keep it turned on, you’ll have to engage with it.
  • The Delivery time slots allow you to specify non-delivery days.
  • Shoppers may adjust their delivery date and time after making an order. In fact, they can do it with the OpenCart prefer delivery time extension.
  • In the order confirmation email, additionally include the chosen delivery date and time frame.

OpenCart Shipping Timer extension

Countdown timers are really popular to provoke impulse purchases by customers. In fact, with the help of the Product Shipment Timer for OpenCart, you can do that. Furthermore, the admin can simply display a shipping timer on the website. In fact, the admin can choose to display the products and the categories applicable in the timer. Further, the Product Shipment Timer for OpenCart is absolutely customizable. Check out the key features of the OpenCart Shipping module below.

  • The OpenCart Shipping Timer extension adds a stopwatch to your store’s product pages. Further, customers who choose this delivery option will receive their items the same day they buy them.
  • You may specify which goods, classifications, and manufacturers you want to show the shipping option for in the OpenCart Shipping module.
  • The OpenCart Shipment Timer extension lets you build and use two different types of timers in your business. For instance, a single-day timer and a multi-day timer.
  • You can simply alter the banner and text shown in the shipment timer using the OpenCart Shipping module.
  • For all orders that have a shipment countdown, you may manage and follow the delivery details.
  • For your eCommerce shop, you may enable or disable the entire functionality of the OpenCart Countdown Timer.
  • Assign classifications, goods, and manufacturers can have the OpenCart Shipping Timer extension activated.
  • For a one-day count down, you may set the start and finish times.
  • You may set the start and finish dates/times for a multi-day countdown timer from the backend.

OpenCart Product Availability Check by Zipcode Extension

The OpenCart module adds an additional “Check Availability” button to your product pages. Further, this may appear to be a little detail. However, it serves the purpose of informing your consumers. Furthermore, whether the product they want to buy is accessible for delivery in their region by giving their zip code. In fact, it’s only one of the numerous features that make a product page comprehensive and flawless. Shoppers may save time by going all the way to the checkout page with the aid of this Opencart. Furthermore, they are aware that the product is not available in their location. The client will not be allowed to go to the next step until they fill in the check availability box with their zip code.

  • The OpenCart Product Availability Check by Zipcode Extension adds a checkbox to product pages where buyers may input their zip code to see if the product is available for shipment in their area.
  • Using the OpenCart Product Postal Code Validator extension, administrators may build an infinite number of global zones and map as many zip codes as they want to those zones.
  • Admins may quickly map zones with zip codes using the OpenCart product zip code validator by uploading a CSV file.
  • Admins may map preferred items to global zones using the OpenCart Product Availability module, or they can input a CSV file for bulk uploading.
  • The OpenCart product zip code validator allows you to restrict or exclude any items for which delivery or shipment is not possible.
  • Using the OpenCart zipcode validator, the manager may show the client the delivery days and dates on the site.
  • The Add to Cart button appears on the front end of an OpenCart product only if the shipping for a given zip code is accessible to the user.
  • The zip code validator module may be enabled for certain goods by the store administrator. Otherwise, for each product, the usual checkout will be displayed.
  • From the back-end, you may enable or disable the entire functionality of the OpenCart zip code extension.
  • Installing and configuring the OpenCart Availability Check by Zip Code functionality for the shop requires no technical knowledge.
  • Existing global zones and zip codes can be activated, disabled, or removed depending on the needs of the site.
  • From the back-end of the OpenCart Product Postal Code Validator extension, admins may quickly alter and adjust Product-Zone Mapping.

OpenCart store locator and pickup extension

The Opencart store locator extension by Knowband is a popular option. Further, it helps the admin provide a choice to their customers. A choice to pick up their orders physically. In fact, this OpenCart pick-up plugin helps them avoid paying delivery charges. Thus, it is a must-have. Furthermore, the OpenCart Google Maps Store Locator module displays different store locations. In addition, the various details of the physical store. For instance, the name of the store, location, contact information, and more.

  • With the help of this OpenCart, the shop administrator may implement in-store pick-up functionality.
  • With the help of OpenCart, merchants may display shop locations on their eCommerce websites.
  • From the admin interface of this OpenCart, the admin may change the Google map marker picture and map zoom level. The OpenCart shop administrator would be able to use Google Maps to store locations. For showcasing shop locations on the website, the administrator can provide a Google map API key.
  • The store administrator may display the store finder on the website’s homepage, checkout page, and put up a store locator header menu. Further, he may select which stores should display on the location finder. In addition, can also make any store the default store.
  • The shop administrator may adjust the pick-up time settings in OpenCart from the backend. From the admin interface, the shop admin may configure the pick-up delay, maximum pick-up days, date-time format, and pick-up time slot.
  • Using this OpenCart, the shop administrator can easily implement in-store pickup functionality.
  • The online store administrator can download and upload the sample CSV document after filling in all of the store’s data. This allows the shop administrator to mass-upload store information.
  • This OpenCart Store Locator module is very customizable, and it provides quick email formats for delivering in-store pickup emails to stores.
  • You may also access the delivery receipts from the admin OpenCart in-store pickup extension by selecting the shop name and duration.


Thus, these are the best OpenCart Shipping extensions by Knowband. Further, you can know more about them by letting us know at In fact, check them out on Knowband as well.

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