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The 7 Best Digital Marketing Tools for SMEs

Every business needs a digital marketing strategy to grow revenues and stay ahead of its competitors. Without a proactive online advertising plan, companies can not hope to be competitive in an increasingly digital world.

The problem is that many businesses don’t know how to design and implement their strategy. New technologies come out every day, and you need guidance to know where to invest your time and money.

Fortunately, many online marketing tools are becoming more accessible and affordable. You can often use free trials and monthly contracts to find out which software works best for you.

Read on to learn how 7 top digital software platforms can help to boost your sales figures.

1. Google Analytics

One of the most useful digital marketing tools is completely free. Google Analytics tells you how many people visit your website and how they behave when viewing different pages.

You can see which keywords brought them to your site and how long visitors spend on each page.

This information allows you to create new content for popular keywords and tells you which pages you need to optimize to get better sales results.

By improving each underperforming page, you can create a website that customers find easy to navigate. Google indexes pages, not sites, so your page could be the first one to show in their search engine.

By keeping your content fresh and informative, you can attract a steady stream of customers. Your Google Analytics data insights will tell you exactly when you need to make changes in a fast-moving digital world.

2. BuzzSumo

It’s one thing to create content, but it’s another to provide information that customers want to read. If you’re not converting with your current website copy, it might be that consumers want different advice and instructions.

BuzzSumo provides you with data about what terms are trending on social media. You can instantly see what customers find interesting about those topics, making it easier to create relatable content.

Because social media has become a powerful selling platform, it’s essential to know what customers are searching for from week to week.

3. HubSpot Digital Marketing Software

One of the greatest problems for a small business marketing online is managing all the different advertising tools. Creating images and content for each platform is time-consuming, and you need to post regularly.

HubSpot allows you to bring all your various marketing channels together in one place. You can use its software to optimize your content to help increase your conversion rate.

There is a detailed analytics package that displays how your campaigns are performing. This feature ensures you don’t waste money paying for ads that don’t make sales.

Buying the full HubSpot package can be expensive, but you can use some elements for free to get started.

4. Canva

People process visual information better than other types of data. It’s essential to take advantage of this fact by using high-quality images on your digital marketing platforms.

It isn’t easy to keep a customer’s attention when they are online because they have so much choice. If they don’t like your images or content, they can simply click on the next website.

Canva has plenty of graphic design tools that anyone can use. Their website is straightforward, and you can create marketing posters and cool social media posts.

They even have templates you can use to create amazing designs your customers will love.

5. KW Finder

No matter what way you approach your online marketing strategy, search engine optimization (SEO) is essential. For anyone to find your site, you need to use the right keywords, and this is where KW Finder is invaluable.

When you enter a seed keyword, the system returns a wealth of information and suggestions. You can see the search volume data for each phrase and how difficult it is to rank for a specific keyword.

Without this digital marketing software, you could spend hundreds or thousands of dollars without seeing any return on investment.

If a multi-national company is using the same keyword, they have deeper pockets and will show first in the rankings.

But if you know how hard it is to appear when a customer uses that keyword, you can focus your attention elsewhere.

Because SEO is such a crucial aspect of online marketing, you need to ensure your software provides the expected results. Using an underperforming program could cost you significant amounts of money and harm your business.

It’s crucial to audit your digital marketing software, but this can be challenging if you don’t know how to perform vital tests.

You can partner with a reputable software testing company such as Quality Logic. They can help ensure your digital marketing plan is getting the right results.

6. Mailchimp

E-mail marketing is one of the most effective forms of online advertising. When a customer provides you with their email address, you already know they’re interested in your product or services.

But if you don’t regularly follow up with great information and offers, a competitor could win their business. You also don’t want to spend time sending a lot of individual emails.

Mailchimp allows you to easily capture customer email addresses. You can also send emails automatically to people on segmented client lists.

The software provides useful audience insights so you can see which emails are getting the best conversion rates. The Mailchimp service is free until you have 2,000 subscribers, so there’s no reason not to give it a try.

7. Rocket Fuel

This software uses anonymous customer information and an algorithm to decide when and where to place your ads. The system decides how likely your ad is to get a conversion, saving you significant amounts of money.

You can use this platform to take most of the guesswork out of where you should be advertising. Although the program can’t guarantee results, it’s a great way to protect your advertising budget.

Digital Strategies Are the Future

Every modern business has to have a digital marketing strategy to stay current. Although it can be daunting, there are many tools that can help you grow your revenue.

If in doubt, it’s a good idea to take professional advice from a reputable firm that can steer you away from making common mistakes.

If you’ve learned a lot about digital marketing from this post, be sure to browse more of the SEO and software articles on our site.

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