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Stock Market Course at NIWS

Best Stock Market Institute in Jaipur and Delhi

The stock market is one of the best investment options because For instance Everyone wants to invest in the stock market to earn a big profit. In absence of information and hazard they abstain from putting resources into the securities exchange.

On the off chance that you are an apprentice and intending to put resources into the securities exchange. it is prescribed to experience an appropriate financial exchange instructional class. Securities exchange instructional class encourages you in various manners.

It reduces the chance of risk. You will be able to learn new technique for trading. It will help you to earn big profit with lower investment. There are many courses available on stock market & share market, you need to be careful in selecting course. The course should be delivered by stock market experts who have knowledge of all risk management. It is highly recommended to select a course that provides hands-on.

The market is highly volatile to good and bad sentiments. With an announcement in a market booster, the economy was sludge to 600 points.

it is important for smart investors to understand that the booster will impact the market in the long-term. Traders need to focus on the current market data and events for short-term market strategy.

You can become a smart investor or trader with the best comprehensive modules.

One of the best institutes for stock market course, classes or trading in Jaipur

NIWS conducts personality development and interview sessions for students Provides projects and assignments on live case studies. NIWS provides practical exposures for students in the live market and these sessions are conducted in the supervision of market experts.

Our Informative extensive course covers every bit financial Knowledge you need to get. These courses consist of solutions for a wide range of financial questions.

Real Life Trading Experience

We share our real life trading experience as per need of today’s traders after completely understanding his / her profile and knowledge. Our students get live trading experience with one-to-one mentoring and top-of-the-line facilities, technology and educators.

Even Our courses helps participants to generate secondary income source from stock market and reduce dependency on job.

This is the common mistake in share market they don’t know the trend of the market. Trading against the trend is highly risky. Most of the traders don’t follow the trend they try to sell or buy on market sentiment which is risky. To know the market trend trader should learn the technical analysis course.

Even There are no formal education minimums to become a stock analyst however.

Therefore Most employers will ask for a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field of study, such as economics, finance, or statistics

Here are six reasons why, if you’ve not invested in stocks yet, you will definitely want to start this year:

No hassles of negotiations and brokerage


An astounding number of choice

Opportunity to own an existing business

Little money required

The prospect of a higher return

At the end of the course, you get a powerful certificate from NIWS Stock Market Institute, a name that needs no introduction.

About “PFMM” 6 Month Program in Financial Market Management

About “PFMM” 6 Month Program in Financial Market Management is a 6-month enterprise orientated course. Especially sketched for those who desire to make their career in financial institutions, broking organizations, research corporations, depository businesses. Want to work as an arbitrager, executive or manager, investor or trader.

This curriculum contributes a strong intellectual, academic as well as a practical learning experience about the stock market end to end operations. This program is characterized into 6 modules capital market, derivative market, commodity market, currency market, technical analysis, and fundamental analysis or options trading strategy.

BFSI segment is the highest growing sector/vertical in India. As per the BFSI Sector Skill Council of India (BFSISSC), this sector will provide more than 8 million jobs by 2022.

Capital market module comprises cash or equity trading, derivative module covers future trading. ( future and options / f&o), commodity module incorporates metals, energy, agro and bullions trading & training, currency module embraces forex trading. Technical and fundamental analysis module treats analysis of all these markets either it is Indian market. The world market, Including with futures and options strategy as elective curriculum with fundamental analysis With NSE & SEBI certificate courses NCFM and NISM exam preparation and certification.


  • Basic Concepts of Investment = Case Study
  • Overview of Indian Financial Markets
  • Start Up Concept and Idea – Case Study
  • Major financial market participants and stakeholders
    Credit Rating Agencies
  • Global Major Exchanges and Indices
  • Role of Monetary Policy and Fiscal policy
  • Trading Membership Criteria, SEBI Rules and Regulations, Client/Broker relationship and KYC procedures
  • Practical Study of Trading mechanism, systems and trading software’s application study on NEAT/ODIN – NSE/BSE platform
  • Clearing and Settlement Process – Post trade mechanism
  • Regulatory Framework
  • Time Value & Basic valuation Concepts and ESIC approach
  • “Barings Banks” – Case Study and “The Rogue Trader” – Documentary
  • Practical classes on a daily basis for students for live trading (from 9.15 to 3.30)
  • Mock Test series of 500 questions with answers and review for NCFM exam preparation

  • Introduction to History of Derivatives
  • Computation of Index
  • Understanding types of derivatives market products globally
  • Futures, Forwards, Options, SWAPS, Structured derivatives product – ABS/MBS/CDOS/CDS
  • Futures & Forwards Pricing Mechanism & Terminologies
  • Application in Hedging, Arbitrage & Speculation
  • Options Pricing Mechanism & Terminologies
  • Risk management in Derivatives – Pre Trade
  • Trading, Clearing and Settlement of Derivatives
  • “Sub Prime Crisis and its Impact on Financial Markets – 2008” – Case Study
  • “Big Short” and “Inside Job” – Documentary (Case Study and Review)
  • Regulatory Framework & Accounting of Derivatives
  • Practical classes on a daily basis for students for live trading (from 9.15 to 3.30)
  • Mock Test series of 500 questions with answers and review for NISM exam preparation

  • History of Commodity Derivatives
  • Pricing of Commodity Derivatives – Futures, Options & Terminologies
  • Application in Hedging, Arbitrage & Speculation
  • Basic difference in Financial and Commodity Derivatives
  • International Commodity & Domestic Commodity
  • Investment v/s Consumption Commodity
  • Commodity Spot market v/s Derivatives Market
  • Regulatory Framework
  • Mock Test series of 500 questions with answers and review for NCFM exam preparation
  • “The Collapse of Metallgesellschaft AG – Unhedgeable Risks, Poor Hedging Strategy or Just Fate” – Case Study

  • History of Currency Derivatives
  • Brentonwood Gold Standard System
  • Uncle Sam v/s Gold
  • Purchasing Power parity & Interest Rate Parity
  • “Big MAC Index”
  • Pricing of Currency Derivatives – Forwards, Futures, Options & Terminologies
  • Risk management in Derivatives – Pre Trade
  • Trading, Clearing and Settlement of Derivatives
  • Trade Remittance – Hedging, Arbitrage for Exporters, Importers and Foreign/Domestic Investors
  • Practical classes for students for live trading (from 9.15 to 3.30)
  • Mock Test series of 800 questions with answers and review for NISM exam preparation

  • Introduction to Technical Analysis
  • Game Theory by Dr. John Nash
  • Technical v/s Fundamental Analysis
  • Psychology of Human Behaviour in Trading & Investments
  • Risk Management, Rules and Tools for Trading
  • Candle Sticks Charts & Pattern for Generating Calls for Trade
  • Tools and Indicators for Risk Management and Trading
  • Leading Indicators & Lagging Indicators
  • Use of Technical Analysis for Intraday/ Positional Trade and Swing Trading
  • Dow Theory and Elliot Wave Theory
  • Techno Fundamental Analysis based on Economic Market Cycles
  • Live Trading with Technical Analysis on Real Time Price & Volume Data
  • Practice on Real Time Live Trading Software’s – Ticker Chart, Meta Trader, Spider & Falcon
  • Golden Rules of Traders
  • Dos and Don’ts in Trading

  • Introduction to Terminologies of Options
  • Pricing of Options – Call Option & Put Options
  • Introduction to Greeks
  • Hedging and Arbitrage with options
  • How to use different Option Strategies for generating additional Income, locking Profits
  • What to use Strategies in Volatile Markets, low risk Writing of Options Strategies in consolidation phase
  •  read and interpret Open Interest of Futures and Options for Trend Identification
  • Put/Call Parity
  • Introduction to VIX and Probability Distribution Function

  • Introduction to Fundamental Analysis
  • Efficient Market Hypothesis (EMH)
  • Time value of Money
  • Understanding Financial Statements
  • Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Analysis
  • Valuation Methodologies and Models in Investment
  • Top Down Approach and Bottom Up Approach in Investment
  • Use of fundamental data, news and event analysis for trading
  • Satyam Accounting Scam 2008 and Need for Forensic Accounting – Case Study


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