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How to create assignment with kutta software?

Is homework multiple choices only?

Yes. All questions posted to Kutta Works are posted in a multiple choice format. If you have created custom questions for your assignment, you will need to include answer options for those questions.

Save time with instant automation of spreadsheets, scoring and reports

Publish your assignments online directly from our office software products. Students complete their work online, with results, time spent, and student-reported questions sent directly to you. Teachers can duplicate previous lesson content and create a homework semester in minutes

Can students stop and resume their homework?

Yes, students can stop and resume their homework at any time between the start date and the due date on Kutta Software. Answers are saved every time an answer is submitted, so students don’t need to save their progress before logging out and stopping an assignment.

Can students go back to the questions to verify their answers before submitting them?

Students can skip questions and come back to them, but once they are submitted, the answer is recorded.

Can students submit responses after the deadline?

Students cannot submit responses after the deadline, but you can change the deadline to give them more time to complete the assignment.

Can students resume their homework?

Yes. You can allow students to resume their homework using two different strategies.

Decommission and reassign

Eliminate the student’s initial attempt by canceling the assignment of the assignment. This will remove all answers from that student’s homework.

Assign it again to this student with a new start and due date.

Add a new copy of the task

Instead of canceling the assignment and deleting the previous attempt, you can add the same assignment back to the class, simply selecting the students for which you want to resume the assignment.

Can I extend the deadline for a student?

Yes, you can extend the deadline for a student by changing the deadline.

Can I modify a student’s information?

Teachers cannot edit student account information. Students can change their first and last name, email address, and password from their Account page.

How long does a course last?

Semester courses last 26 weeks and require a place to enroll each student. Two semester courses last 52 weeks and require two places to enroll each student. When creating a course, you will need to choose the duration.

Can I extend a course?

Yes. You can extend a one-semester course to a two-semester course from the Information tab for that course. The extension button is located next to the Duration section. You will need one place per registered student to extend the course.

Can I change a two-semester course into a one-semester course?

Can I send seats to a colleague?

Yes. On the Seats page, click a group of seats. Then click Submit Entries. Your colleague can accept entries on the Incoming tab on the Entries page.

  • Are the seats expiring?
  • Unused seats do not expire.
  • Why do you say I need two seats for each student?
  • Two-semester courses require two places to enroll each student in the course.

Do I have to buy seats for each course?

No. When purchasing seats, you do not need to indicate which course they are intended for. The places will be added to your teacher account and you can use them to register students for any course on Kutta Software. You can also transfer unused entries to other teacher accounts.

Can my school buy me places?

Yes. For each seat purchase, we only need a faculty email account to assign seats. Buyer can use their Kuta Works teacher account email address or another Kuta Works teacher account email address.

If your school is sending all places to another faculty member, you can log into your account and submit places to your account from the Quotas page.

If I drop off a student, will I get my seat (s) back?

The reimbursement or not of the quotas depends on the duration of the course, the start date of the course and the date of withdrawal of the student.

One-semester course:

  • The student is withdrawn within the first three weeks of the course.
  • 1 seat is returned
  • The student is abandoned after the first three weeks of the course.
  • The siege is not returned

Course in two semesters:

  • The student is withdrawn within the first three weeks of the course.
  • 2 places are given
  • The student is withdrawn after the first three weeks and before the end of the first three weeks of the second semester.
  • 1 seat is returned
  • The student is abandoned after the first three weeks of the second semester.
  • No seat is returned
  • You can see the specific dropout dates for your course in the Information tab.
How do I add students to a course?

To add students to a course, you must first find the course key for your course. You can find the course key in the List or Information tabs on your course page.

Students without a current Kuta Works student account can create a new account with the course key you provided.

Students who already have a Kuta Works student account can log into their account, open the app menu, and select Save New Class.

Can I transfer students to another course?

There is no way to directly transfer students from one course to another. In order for students to change courses, the student must log into their account, open the application menu, select Save new course and enter the password for the new course to request access.

The original class teacher can remove the student from the Class List tab. To remove the student, click the menu button next to the student and select Remove Student from Class.

Where applicable, the places will be returned to the account of the teacher of the original course after the student abandons.

Why won’t the registration page allow me to submit?

The Submit button on the registration page will be disabled if the required information is incorrect or invalid.

Items to check:

  • email address
  • First name
  • The name
  • Password
  • Password confirmation
  • Course key (student accounts only)
  • Checkbox to accept the privacy policy and terms of use

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What user data is collected?

You can see a list of information collected for student and teacher users in our privacy policy.

What if my student does not receive the confirmation email?

If a student cannot receive external emails or if the confirmation email does not arrive, they can email us at with the email of the student’s account. Our team will help you confirm the account.

Do students need to download and install anything?

No, students do not need to download any software to use Kuta Works. They can log in from any web-connected computer, tablet, or phone using the student login page.

Can I use it with another LMS?

We do not have integrations with other learning management systems.

It says my computer clock is wrong, what should I do?

  • Close your browser.
  • Then make sure the time is correct as updating the time zone may change the time.
  • Launch your web browser.
  • Sign into your account.
How to delete a course?

You can delete a course from the Information tab for that course. The Delete button is located next to the Status section.

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