Sony Tv v/s Samsung: Which is better?

Sony Tv v/s Samsung: Which is better?

10Sony Tv v/s Samsung? If you are considering these top 2 brands for your television then, we are sure you must be confused which is better. Sny and Samsung both are among the top brands when it comes to smart Tv in India. They both offer a wide range of Tv models comprising a mix of 4k & 8k technology at all prices. Whether you are looking for an expensive piece or a budget-friendly product, you will get it all here. As per your needs, you can choose one in your budget.

We are not surprised if you find both of the brands similar but they are a lot different from each other. Consumers are very satisfied with buying a smart tv from either of the two brands. When it comes to entertainment, a high-quality Tv can make a lot of difference. The market has more options than you can even imagine. There are hundreds of brands selling thousands of models.

Here, the ones which we are focusing on offering good crisp quality, aesthetic design, several options, and much variance in prices. Before moving on to the brand, you must decide what technology you wish to have in your television. It is your responsibility to decide what you want on your Tv and accordingly search for it. As a customer, you must be well aware of all the newly added technologies and brands to the TV market.

So, we are here to help you understand more about the two brands and the TV technologies they offer. Giving it a read will clear your doubts and help you have a clearer perspective of what you are signing up for.

Sony v/s Samsung: An overview

Before diving deep into the tech area, let us look at the brands. Sony is a Japan-based multinational company, abbreviated for Sony Group Corporation. It was founded in the year 1946 by Masaru Ibuka and Akio Morita.  Is now among the top companies in the world.  The company has one of the largest networks of electronics products in the world. Samsung Electronics Co Ltd. Is a South Korean company founded in the year 1969? The company has its headquarter in Suwon-si with many branches all over the world. Samsung is officially the largest company in the world since the year 2006 and has been so ever since.

Sony & Samsung manufactures a wide range of televisions, from 32 inches to big screens like that of 85 inches. Now, coming to the specifics, Sony is currently focusing on OLED TVs while Samsung is molded towards the QLED range. The rivals Companies also prefer different HDR forms and operating systems which make a lot of difference.


Today’s television market is dominated by two main categories: OLED & QLED. OLED stands for Organic Light Emitting Diode. Oled displays are self-emissive which means that every pixel has its light. Many a time it has been seen that Oled screens tend to have burned in images but it happens after a very long duration of time. Sony offers a good range of OLED TVs as it is one of the best in this technology.

QLED stands for Quantum dot LED Tv, it is an incredible technology that is very popular among the people of India these days. They are mainly known for their bright images and picture quality. They are a lot brighter than the OLED TVs and, the best technology we have today. In this, the pixels do not emit their light rather use the light of a secondary source. Samsung is a pioneer in this technology and has offered amazing televisions highlighting the Qled technology.

Aesthetic Design

One can know the brand of the television by just looking at it. All the companies have a different style and probably a signature mark for their products. Samsung company is quite obsessed with ultra-slim designs that give a sleek look to your wall. Samsung makes the thinnest bezel and cabinet depth among all other tv manufacturing brands. No doubt, Sony manufactures some of the best-looking televisions but the bezel and cabinet depth are bulkier compared to Samsung. Talking about the Tv stand, we think Sony is far ahead of Samsung. It offers good quality glass stand with its top models. Other than, that both the companies provide plastic stands with their televisions.

Dolby vision v/s HDR10+

These days if you buy a smart Tv in a mid-range then it is more likely to be of HDR quality.  You might not be aware but HDR comes in different forms. HDR10 is supported by all HDR TV’s and its quality is far better than the SDR television. The Dolby vision is quite advanced and is highly recommended. The Dolby Vision is used by Sony & LG to name the best ones, whereas HDMI10+ is backed by Panasonic & Samsung but now Samsung supports the Dolby vision.

User Interface

Talking about the user interface, both the companies are somewhat the same. Sony & Samsung both have done a commendable job when it comes to the user interface. As both of them are renowned brands and are concerned about their customers’ needs, they offer easy to access and navigate interface. The user interface is merely the experience a user has while navigating through the various menus of the Tv.

Tyzen v/s Android TV

Samsung company uses the Tyzen OS platform, which is very fast and easy to navigate. Though it is not as good as LG webOS, it is pretty good. Sony uses the Android Tv platform in its mid and premium range of televisions. In the end, it is your choice to what you prefer to use.

Remote control

It is somewhat hard to choose which is better because it depends on whether you like a remoter with a few buttons or more. Samsung provides a sleek remote that handles everything from volume, channels to power and the home button. You are also provided with a mic if you like to give voice commands. Unlike Samsung, Sony remotes have lots of buttons. You would find everything you wish to have in all the mid-level television remotes. Sony’s remotes are more of a traditional look, whereas Samsung ones are well designed.

Internet connectivity

Internet connectivity is something that won’t bother you at all. Both the companies have good internet connectivity, be it WiFi or Ethernet.

Smart Tv

There is not much difference between the two brands when it comes to smart tv features. Both the companies offer easy-to-use features like mirror screening, web browsing, access to movies and shows.

Now we have specifically mentioned the individual categories, we would also like to highlight the pros and cons of both brands.




Sony TVs are one of the best options available to you these days. Sony is great when it comes to display and high resolution. The company offers the best color quality and its OLED Tv range gives the best natural colors in a TV which helps you to get the most out of your favorite movies and shows. Another important thing is that Sony TVs come with Google TV and voice assistants that help you easily give voice commands. Apart from watching tv, you can also stream your favorite music, play video games, and a lot more.


The main drawback of Sony TVs is the cost, they are no doubt very expensive and hard to fit in the budget of the majority of people. Though there are many models sold by the company, the average price is much higher as compared to other companies including Samsung. Another thing that you should notice is that the Google Tv provided by Sony TVs causes a lot of problems at times. Users have complained very often about its crashing frequently.




Pros :

After Sony’s OLED Tv models, Samsung’s range of QLED TV is the second-best option available in the market. Moreover, Qled Tv’s also do not experience ‘burn in’ like the Oled ones. Samsung TVs are also equipped with a built-in Alexa feature that allows the users to simply say the name of the movie or show they are willing to watch. Furthermore, as compared to Sony the average price of Samsung Tv is much less and more affordable.


Samsung TVs do not offer the best brightness as compared to the Sony’s Oled tv range. The operating system used by Samsung is easy to use but has fewer options than Sony.



We hope you liked our article, as we have tried to give you a brief about both the brands along with their technologies. It will help you better understand and decide which is better. Both, have somewhat similar features with a few differences here and there and are good options. Everything boils down to the fact, that you are to choose according to your needs and requirements. Sony offers impeccable picture quality but is very expensive. On the other hand, Samsung TVs are affordable and might fit everyone’s budget. So, as we made provided you with a clearer picture of both the brand’s you can now select the one that suits you best. We believe you will be able to find the perfect television for your home.


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