Here’s Everything You Need to Know to Watch ABC Online without Cable TV

It’s no secret that the number of cord-cutters is on the rise. Viewers today are all about customized options when it comes to consuming entertainment content. Yes, they do have a bunch of favorite channels. But they don’t want to overburden their already-stretched budgets and subscribe to a full-fledged TV plan to be able to watch ABC those few channels. One of these popular channels with high demand is ABC.

We would suggest screening some of the affordable TV plans first because let’s face it. Nothing compares to the convenience and ease of accessibility of a traditional TV plan. Therefore, you might want to check out some accommodating TV deals first. The TV providers also offer customized plans to cater to the needs of all sorts of customers. For instance, the next time you call the Cox bill pay number and speak to one of their reps, ask if you can get ABC and a few other channels. You might end up getting a good bargain!

If not, you can still indulge in ABC’s solid fall season lineup. There is no shortage of options but it all depends on where you live. Let’s explore all these options.

Watch Live ABC for Free

This one is not an online option but it is a legit one considering there are no charges involved. If you live in a city or even in the suburbs, you can watch the ABC and even local channels over the air. And to be able to do so, all you need is a flat TV antenna, which is very affordable. And it comes with a free return policy.

Before you invest in an antenna, you can check whether ABC is available in your area over the air through the FCC page. That’s the cheapest way to watch ABC. Just take some time to research choosing the right antenna, how to ground a TV antenna properly, learn how to enhance TV reception on your antenna, and so on.

Watch ABC on FuboTV

FuboTV is one of the top services where you can watch ABC but it is not free. The provider has recently added several new locations for viewers to stream ABC network live. Out of 210 TV markets in the United States, FuboTV is currently delivering ABC in 184.

You can choose to test a free trial of FuboTV before you decide to pay for the full monthly subscription. Here are some of its most popular features:

  • Its channel lineup includes over 100 channels
  • It offers a massive 250 hours of storage in its DVR cloud
  • You can watch FuboTV on up to 3 screens simultaneously
  • App compatibility with all major platforms like Apple TV, Chromecast, Fire TV, Roku, and so on


In today’s highly digital world, companies are using tools like chatbots and chat apps to deliver fast and convenient services to customers. Similarly, Spectrum also offers a wide variety of chat services. One of the most recent ones is the introduction of chatbots. With this tool, customers can get answers to any queries within seconds. They don’t have to wait for a customer service representative to be online and assist them. This saves both time and effort, especially in cases of urgency. In addition to this, chatbots are also available for far longer than human customer service agents. This enables customers to contact the company whenever they want.

Live Chat

Moreover, Spectrum’s chat service also has human representatives to assist customers with any questions, suggestions, or problems they may have. You can ask questions related to your bill payment, internet packages, connectivity issues, and even subscription cancellation. One of the best things about Spectrum’s chat service is that it enables you to get quick responses without making lengthy phone calls.

Key Features

In addition to chat services, Spectrum also offers a large number of features to its customers. One of the most important ones is the variety of packages and deals. These come at different price points and are based on specific requirements. Spectrum Internet offers three main plans. These are Spectrum Internet Standard, Spectrum Internet Ultra, and Spectrum Internet Gig. Thus, you can get up to 1000 Mbps with no data caps. In addition to this, the company also takes no additional fees. Most service providers charge users extra monthly fees. In this regard, Spectrum acts as a cost-effective option.

Installation Fees

Customers are charged a one-time installation fee by Spectrum. This means that you will need to pay an installation cost only once. Spectrum offers professional installation. Thus, you don’t have to worry about faulty connections or wires. However, setting up this connection is fairly simple. As a result, a large number of customers can set it up themselves, without any assistance. If you want to know whether Spectrum is available in your area, simply contact customer service. In addition to this, you can also insert your address into the provider’s site to check this availability.

Access to Several WiFi Hotspots

Spectrum also allows users to gain access to a large number of WiFi hotspots all over the country. The provider has over 500,000 hotspots nationwide. This means that you can get fast, reliable, and easy access to the internet wherever you go. In order to use this facility, you will need to use your Spectrum credentials to log in to your account.

Access ABC on Hulu Live TV

Another great option is Hulu. It offers both, live-streaming and on-demand content. ABC is included in the list of channels and local networks that Hulu offers. Since ABC is available almost everywhere in the United States, you don’t need to essentially check channels aired by zip code on Hulu.

Furthermore, Amazon Fire TV, Android, iOS, Roku, and others support Hulu Live TV. Since there is no monthly contract, you can sign up for a free trial to test the service before you decide to have a long-term commitment. Some of its best features are:

  • The basic plan comes with over 50 hours of cloud storage in DVR
  • You can watch Hulu Live TV on 2 screens simultaneously
  • Create up to 6 customizable profiles
  • Upgrades are periodically available
  • The entire Hulu streaming library is included in the plan

Catch ABC on YouTube TV

Another great option to watch ABC live is YouTube TV. You can watch ABC live on YouTube TV in all the markets in the United States. Since this video-sharing platform has been around for decades now, most people are familiar with its interface. It’s user-friendly and the TV option comes with several other channels. Furthermore, iOS, Android, Fire TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku, and others support YouTube TV.

Take a quick look at the features of YouTube TV:

  • It comes with a DVR that has unlimited cloud storage
  • You can watch ABC and more than 70 other local networks and channels
  • It supports simultaneous viewing on up to 3 screens

You get to enjoy YouTube TV on-demand

Lastly, you get to take advantage of the free trial that lasts for 1 week. Using YouTube TV for 7 days for free will allow you to make a well-informed decision about whether or not you want to subscribe for the monthly billing.

Some Other Options

Some of the other options, which will enable you to watch ABC online without a cable TV provider are Sling TV, DirecTV Stream, the ABC app, and so on.

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