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Ways to Watch Sports without Cable in 2020: Step-by-Step Guide

How to Watch Sports Without a Cable

Are you a sports fan? Does the sound of, NBA Soccer, NFL or any other sports cheer you up? Do you still use a cable to enjoy sports? Take a resolution in 2020 to go wireless and enjoy your favorite sports.

Sports have been everywhere around us since the dawn of time. Technology and innovation has granted us the unmatched experience of Sports right on our super comfy couch and at the office.

In this article we will take a step into sports streaming websites and how to watch sports without a cable.

Stay Updated with Technology:

Online sports streaming is the new sensation giving sports lovers the ability to watch sports seamlessly without any cable.

There are several websites on which anyone can enjoy the sports whether it is the Superbowl, Soccer, NFL, Rugby. NASCAR, Shooting, Cricket, WWE, Boxing, Formula 1 or any other.

Stay updated with the technology and let your smart devices do all the bidding for you. Smart devices such as iPad pro, iPad air, smartphones can connect with Wifi to give you a smoother experience.

These smart devices can connect to the internet to offer you pure sports experience as if you would enjoy the game from the arena itself.

Every device that can connect to the internet to give you better experience, requires content. There are some free sports streaming websites that do not require a cable to give you the best experience.

Let us have a look at some of the best free sports streaming sites:


It is one of the highest ranked and the most preferred free sports streaming websites in 2020, to watch sports online for free. One can easily watch the live feed of any sports event going on.

The homepage welcomes you to the portal of all the events, cluster matches and mega tournaments that are available to watch online.

The best part is that the content is available in HD. This is one of the best Football streaming websites. You need to unblock the adblocker in order to continue accessing the content.

One can get the content through multiple mirrors available. Download the same or watch it online. Do as you please!

2. FromHot:

This one is a free sports streaming website. As a sports lover, you can easily enjoy Football, Hockey, NFL, Motorsports, Golf and many more.

The interface is yet another nice feature adding to the simplicity of the website. Apart from this, sports users can easily access any content. Those tournaments, matches and sports events are free to watch. Every stream is free so you do not have to pay any amount for anything.

Most of the content can be accessed easily. But there might be some links that would require tools such as ‘ad blocker’ and VPN as well. Unlock the content and watch it wherever you are!

3. WatchESPN:

WatchESPN is another free sports streaming website where you can get tons of options to choose from. This website makes sure to give you a wonderful experience where you can enjoy a plethora of sports.

Ranging from WWE, Boxing, NASCAR, Moto GP, Asian Games, Horse racing, Rugby, Hockey, MMA, NFL, Shooting, Olympic Sports, Special Olympics, Commonwealth Games to Wrestling, this website offers you with all the options.

Hasslefree navigation is the best part of this website. With simple features such links, live feed, cricket updates, NFL feed, videos, news and tons of content, this website will have you glued to your smart device for hours.

No need to spend any amount on any subscription. Make sure you have a good internet connection and your smart device is charged well.

4. VIPLeague:

This particular website has a lot of options from NASCAR, Motor sports, Rugby, Snooker, Basketball, Football. Formula 1, Golf, WWE and many more.

The simple to navigate options make this one of the best sports streaming sites. Additionally, you just need to click on the genre you are interested in and start watching the online feed.

On the plus side, there is no hassle to sign up or register. Just connect to the internet and start enjoying the content. Miss no matches or tournaments as this website will bring to you, video content in HD.

5. Streamwoop:

Streamwoop is one of the best free sports streaming websites in the North American Market. With a lot of American sports such as NBA, Rugby and NHL, this website offers you with American sports content.

The architecture of this website is extraordinary. Ranging from match replays, moments of the day, live feed and rivalries, this website pumps adrenaline of entertainment.

It is by far one of the greatest online sports portal over the internet. Sports lovers can enjoy threads of all their favorite sports, events and matches.

The unique feature of this website is the ability to set the number of frames per second. Users do not have to pay anything for any feed.


So we hope that these websites have provided you with all the information you need to watch sports online. Wireless connectivity is bound to change the scenario of sports for you as go from cable sports to wireless sports.

If you are blocked to view content on any of these websites use a VPN to remove the restriction. May 2020 bring you sports online as you indulge into the arena. Tons of nail-biting drama is yet to come. GAME ON!

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