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Shower Curtains and Their Types

Shower Curtains

The shower curtains in a bathroom are very important because it protects the rest of the room from water and mold. A simple way to improve an ugly or bland bathroom is to add a new shower curtain. If you have tile, adding a clear plastic liner under the bottom of the curtain will allow for easier cleaning.

If your shower head has been leaking, take it off and replace one or two rubber washers. This usually stops leaks.

In order to keep mildew from forming on your curtains, make sure that they get good air circulation: hang them away from walls and other fixtures and open windows when possible. Also, if you replace old metal rings with new ones made of plastic, this will reduce the risk of rust stains.

Shower Curtains
Shower Curtains

Smaller bathrooms look much larger when there are no shower curtains obscuring the sight-line. If you want to enjoy this view, consider hanging a decorative rod high on the wall and suspending the curtain from it with hooks or ties. This way, you can still use your shower but enjoy expansive views while doing so!

Types Of Shower Curtains

There are several types of curtains to choose from, including fabric, plastic, or clear vinyl.  Each has its own benefits and drawbacks:

1. Thermal:

These types of shower curtains are heavy and mildew resistant. This material is also very durable and the colors do not fade away even after using it for a couple of years. Another advantage of this curtain is that it is inexpensive as compared to other materials making it an attractive option for those planning to renovate their bathrooms on a strict budget.

The disadvantage with this type of material is that they cannot be machine washed which means you would need to hand wash them regularly; otherwise, they may lead to the growth of mold and mildew inside your bathroom. Most people prefer having thermal curtains because they look similar to regular curtains and can be used outside or inside the house at any given time.

2. PVC:

An extremely sturdy material made from the plastic of vinyl chloride. This material is ideal for those who love to have a lot of water when taking a shower because this curtain does not allow any moisture to pass through it. They are very easy to maintain and do not require much washing or maintenance work. However, in spite of being sturdy, they crack easily which means you need to make sure that you handle them with care.

3. Plastic:

Would you like your curtain material to look like frosted glass? Then the plastic is the perfect option for you because these types of shower curtains are completely see-through allowing light to pass through them. While still maintaining some level of privacy inside your bathroom. These curtains are neither too firm nor too flimsy and can be easily fitted at home without having to hire any professionals. The only downside with this type of curtain is that it does not prevent water from passing through them. So they need to be regularly wiped which can turn out to be a rather daunting task.

4. Fabric:

If you are looking for curtains that provide privacy while making your bathroom look attractive at the same time then fabric shower curtains are perfect for you. They come in different textures and colors allowing you to choose one that matches your personal style and preferences. Compared to other types of material these curtains require very little maintenance work making them preferred by most people around the world.

5. Vinyl:

This type of curtain has vinyl on both sides, giving it an extremely sturdy feel with a shiny appearance on one side and a dull appearance on the other. These curtains are designed to be shared with multiple people without having to worry about them developing any sort of odor or bacteria over time.

6. Polyester:

This curtain is designed in a manner that looks very similar to normal cloth but they are actually made from polyester making them waterproof and mildew resistant. They are manufactured in such a way that they look like cloth but have all the features of polyester. Thereby giving you an extremely durable product at an affordable price range.

7. Nylon:

A completely transparent material that allows light to pass through it while maintaining some level of privacy for your bathroom. Unlike fabric curtains, these do not allow water to pass through them so they require very little maintenance work and can even be machine washed without having to worry about them developing any sort of odor.

8. Hemp:

An extremely sturdy material made from the fibers of cannabis and is completely recyclable as well as sustainable. This type of curtain does not allow water or moisture to pass through it which makes it an ideal option for those who love taking long showers. The only disadvantage with hemp curtains is that they require a little more maintenance work as compared to other types of curtains. But the benefits associated with these curtains make this small downside worth putting in some effort.

9. Cotton:

Are you looking for something extremely light and airy? Then cotton shower curtains are perfect for you because they look like normal cloth. But have all the features of polyester making them waterproof and mildew resistant. These curtains are extremely safe for those who have small children at home because they do not contain any harmful chemicals. However, these curtains require regular maintenance to ensure that they maintain their color and look attractive even after many years of constant use.

10. Bamboo:

A 100% natural material made from the pulp of bamboo is extremely sustainable for the environment. As well as extremely strong allowing you to enjoy its benefits for a very long time. Unlike cotton, these curtains are not see-through so they provide complete privacy when used in bathrooms with windows. They also come in different colors and textures making them incredibly versatile so you can choose one that matches your style preferences perfectly.

11. Hemp/Bamboo blend:

If you are looking for something that is both sustainable as well as extremely strong allowing you to enjoy its benefits for a long time. Then hemp/bamboo blend curtains are perfect for you. Because they are made from a combination of bamboo pulp and hemp making them waterproof, eco-friendly, recyclable, and extremely strong. Compared to other types of curtains these ones require very little maintenance work to keep them in their original condition.

Though shower curtains come in many different forms all of them have the same purpose which is to keep moisture contained within the bathroom without allowing anything hazardous or harmful into your home. So if you prefer using cloth instead of vinyl or plastic. Either choice is perfectly fine so long as it meets all your needs and preferences.

Conclusion of Shower Curtains Benefits

This list is by no means exhaustive but it should be enough to convince anyone that installing a shower curtain in their own bathroom would definitely be worth the effort. After all, if you are looking for ways on how to upgrade your home without spending too much. This is definitely something that you cannot miss out on! So what are you waiting for? Go out there and make your home more convenient today!

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