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Here is how you can avail our services

Humans…!!! They are distinguished from other animals for having emotions, empathy and an ability to experience and realise what others are going through.

           “The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honourable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.”  – Ralph Waldo Emerson

COVID-19 has presented the latest dilemma to the human race all across the globe. The repercussions of this unwanted disease have surpassed all the measurable horizons. It has affected cultures, values, economies of countries and human moral values. The pandemic curse is testing every human being on Earth, whether modified or not, regardless of gender, age and standard of living. Times like this call for the basic human instinct to stand together with other fellows and to help others.

Medical experts and health specialists have exerted the emphasis on taking necessary precautionary measures against Corona Virus. This includes washing hands regularly, self-isolation and maintaining social distance. The only cure available is to practice care against it. ACE Money Transfer stands with others in these times of crisis. To do its part, ACE Money Transfer is offering its services without any fees on all online transfers. Our customers from the UK and Europe who want to send money online to Pakistan, Nepal, Nigeria, Ghana, Gambia, Philippines, Bangladesh, Senegal and other countries where ACE network exists, can send money globally without any transfer charges using our matchless money transfer service while staying home.

This charges-free offer applies to any transaction regardless of amount, time, geographical location and transaction frequency. It doesn’t matter whether the payment is large or small, weekly or monthly, customers will not be asked for any transfer fee.

How to Use ACE Money Transfer to Send Money Online?

In this challenging situation, the priority of migrants is to send money as soon as possible to their loved ones. In this condition of lockdown, they need money to buy essential household items and store them for the future. Second priority overseas is to use a service that will help them to send money at homes where their loved ones don’t have to face the hassle to go outside to receive the amount.

ACE Money Transfer exceeds the expectations of the migrants by being the most convenient and the fastest money transfer service.

Here is how you can avail our services:

  • Visit the official website of ACE Money Transfer or download the mobile application.
  • If you are new, get yourself registered by making the account.
  • Give the required information.
  • Add the destination country such as Pakistan, Philippines, Nigeria, Nepal, Ghana, Gambia or Senegal.
  • Enter the transaction amount.
  • Add necessary beneficiary information. This includes name, the current and valid contact information of the beneficiary and your relation to them.
  • Pay for the money using multiple payment methods such as bank transfer, credit card or debit card.
  • Click on the icon saying ‘pay’, and the money will be transferred to the recipient country immediately.
  • You and the one in the recipient country waiting for your money will get the confirmation message, and the funds will be transferred.

The surprising fact is, you have sent this money sitting at home only by using your Smartphone over internet service, and now when there is no transfer fee on this remittance, the money will be transferred to your loved ones as it is. It will be a relief for both you and your loved ones receiving the payment.

Together We Will Get Out of It:

ACE Money Transfer has met and always looked to exceed the expectations of its customers in all possible ways, especially when they need it the most. Now send money online all across the globe with zero transfer charges deductions using our money transfer services and stimulate your presence around your loved ones in this hour of pain. We will cross the borders for you, anywhere, anytime. We will always take pride in helping you to reach your loved ones throughout this crisis so that you can improve your families, those who await you, by sending money and this is how we will fight out of this harsh calamity.

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