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Real Estate _ 10 countries for real estate investment

Nowadays, everyone is turning to invest to make more profits from their savings. The majority of investors prefer real estate investment to double their investment.

The smart investments made for the needs of the investor are very noticeable in terms of monthly or annual income. The sort of investment and the country in which it is made are critical factors in determining whether or not it will be profitable. There are important features to consider when choosing a country to invest in.

This includes the annual rate of development of the country, the average price of housing in the country, the tourism sector, public security, applicable laws, economic stability, and finally the weather.

Why should You Invest in Real Estate?

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Real estate investment is a sort of investment that is always considered a top choice by a huge number of investors, among other types of investment.

The key reason for this is that real estate is a tangible investment with minimal volatility when compared to other types of investments like stocks. Real estate Agency gives the investor a significant advantage in terms of revenue. Compared to other types of investment, there is a very low risk of losing profits through real estate investing.

When making a real estate investment, you can rent the property in order to earn a profit, you can also wait for its value to increase, or settle in the apartment. Investors interested in real estate in some cases depending on the country in which the real estate investment was made (for example, the Republic of Turkey) citizenship is offered to them with a certain amount of investment.

Best countries for real estate investment

Turkish Real Estate :

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The Republic of Turkey has become central in the last ten years in order to make land and residential investments. Turkey, which succeeds in attracting the attention of the whole world thanks to its central location and its constantly developing economy, occupies first place among the investment countries, thanks to the high value of the real estate sector.

The laws of the Republic of Turkey provide ease for investors who are not citizens of Turkey, attracting more real estate investment in the country. Turkey is a country that attracts attention with its developed transportation networks. Turkey’s climate in the four seasons is favorable for living. According to the total number of people living in Turkey, it is not so much that you have not even faced congestion outside the big cities.

The Republic of Turkey has attracted a large number of foreigners in recent years thanks to the facilitation of the process of obtaining Turkish citizenship with real estate investment. As of 2017,

The investments were made in the Republic of Turkey were determined to total $10.8 billion.

Canada Real Estate;

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Canada, which is trying to become one of the world’s strongest economies at the same time, attracts investors with the unique and beautiful living standards it offers.

which covers a large part of the North American continent, is the second-largest country in the world, favored by foreign investors due to its low population. Canada, which is taken as an example of its permissive behavior towards foreigners, is a country that is universally recognized as a peaceful country.

Canada, which has developed in terms of technology and industry, has made a significant contribution to its economy thanks to the agreements signed with its neighbor the United States, which is one of the most powerful countries in the world economically.

The country, which provided wide and generous lands and various possibilities in the real estate sector, was famous for its advanced capabilities and for the export of foodstuffs and minerals. Canada is one of the ideal countries to invest in because it is a country that is developing every year.

Panama Real Estate;

Global investors prefer Panama for owning and investing land. It also has investment opportunities in the real estate, tourism, and service sectors.

The value of the real estate sector in Panama is expected to rise in 2019 just as quickly as the disposal rate is considered to be very low.

In the past ten years, Panama, which attracts more eyeballs than neighboring countries, Europe and the United States, attracts attention with its strong relationship with China. Not only with high-quality real estate opportunities and returns but also with its productive land, Panama is ideal for farming and breeding, it is located in a strategic location strong.

Portugal Real Estate ;

As of 2015, the real estate market in Portugal started to move. Some neighborhoods of the capital, Lizbon, host the most expensive real estate in Europe. In 2019, an increase in real estate values ​​is expected in lesser-known places in the capital

The investment returns in Portugal, which is strong in tourism with its beautiful beaches and tourist attractions, are rising every year. Portugal, a famous port nation on the Atlantic Ocean, is located at the tip of the Iberian Peninsula.

Mexico Real Estate ;

Mexico, which is one of the most preferred vacations and retirement destinations for all citizens of the world, especially with America, with its beautiful climate and colorful culture, attracts attention with its strong economic position and the beautiful standards of living it offers.

The improvement of the economic situation of the people in the country every year makes Mexico very attractive for investment.

With high rates of real estate returns in tourist areas, the value of the real estate in Mexico’s coastal strip increases every year. Therefore, investments in Mexico succeed in making the investors happy. The country with the second-largest economy in Latin America also has coastlines on the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico.


And Australia is the country on the continent with the widest natural areas in the world, although it is a young country, it has attracted the attention of the majority of foreigners, whether investors or not, with the advantages it offers to its citizens.

Australia, which does not suffer from any economic problem

The import rate is high and the export rate is low. Thus, it has taken its place among the countries with the highest level of prosperity. It is one of the most preferred countries for real estate investment with its real estate sector and increases investment rates that develop in proportion to the growing interest in the country, which continues to attract investors through social activities and tourist areas.

Costa Rica;

The pearl of Central America means the rich coast. Costa Rica with its strong and stable economy since its inception attracts foreign investors with its tolerant people, strong relations with neighboring countries, and a favorable environment for investment. In the eighth-most tax-free country on the planet

Also, the developed country in terms of export and local production is attracting attention with many other options in investing besides real estate. Costa Rica, which is a safe base for foreign investors thanks to

It is well-known for its high-income returns due to its stable political condition.

Both North and South America have influenced the country’s educated workforce.

Culturally and therefore has a rich social structure. Costa Rica, which is famous for its natural areas and forests, has an ecotourism sector that attracts a lot of attention.

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