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Raise the money on gofundraising fro the mighty cause

Everyone today relies on the internet so we have developed an online fundraising platform named “Gofundraising” to raise the money in an easy and timely manner. Anyone from any part of the world can raise and donate funds through this platform within a short period of time. Before the invent of the internet, the nonprofit consulting organizations used to collect donation through different fundraising events like football fundraising, charity golf tournaments, and other charity events organized in conference halls, that cost time and money. The donation collected through the online fundraising platform in a specific time period is double the donation collected through charity events as there is no cost involved in making an online donation request. Online fundraising is beneficial because it doesn’t take time to go to any place to ask for the donations or to give donations.

As we can see the current condition in the world due to covid19, there is a state of chaos everywhere. Numerous people died and so many became unemployed and every business and economy of every country got effected. So Gofundraising platform encourages you to donate and raise the money for covid 19 financial support to unorganized workers. If you have enough money with you can fulfil the needs and luxuries of your family then you are requested to donate some amount to those who are lacking the basic needs and are waiting for someone’s help. No one has ever become poor by giving but giving makes your money fruitful for you as well as for others and increases your wealth. So many scientists in the world are researching to make the vaccine of coronavirus let’s see how long does it take to create a vaccine? But they lack funds and money to fulfil their requirements of tools and drugs so they are raising funds through gofundraising and you are requested to donate for this mighty cause. There are so many projects on this platform that need donations. Some are annual fund-collecting projects and some are for the specific time. You can donate to any of the projects according to your interest. Every little helps the needy in collecting the amount of donation in a shorty time period. So give lively to those who are in need.

It’s an easy fundraising platform which helps you to raise the money online from different platforms. If you are needy and want to raise funds through gofundraising platform then first, you have to login by the classy login button on the top right of the platform. Then you have to donate 20 dollars to any of the projects on the list as this is just a donation collecting strategy and after that, you are allowed to submit a donation request. Your gofundme campaign titles should be appealing that persuade the visitors to check out the whole project. Elaborate the projects in the form of a story that appeals the visitors and you can also present a video presentation for your project. The more the visitors on your project the more your project will get the donations. There are multiple categories according to which to submit your project. You can raise funds for yourself as well as for others and we have donors who are ready to donate for those projects that benefit numerous people so your project must convey this message.

As your project raise the money to its full and reaches a specific amount of donations you will receive an email with a message to withdraw the amount. Submit a thank you video for the donors and make a withdrawal request. You can get the money through pay pal or bank account. The platform charges 2 percent of the total amount as the managing cost that will be used for welfare purposes. After the withdrawal request, your amount will be transferred to you within a short period of time.

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