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Classy fundraising ideas to help the needy during covid19

Gofundraising is the classy fundraising platform that allows every donor to donate for the mighty cause that will make him virtuous and allows the acceptors to raise sufficient funds in a short period of time. As we know this is the digital era every business is being done over the internet on different platforms. Every organization either it is of any type has developed their website on which they attract the people to do business. Every fundraising organization has its website through which they collect funds but they can raise funds from a specific area and only a few people benefit through their funds. That’s the reason we felt the need for such cross country donations collecting and fundraising platform that will allow the needy from any part of the world to raise funds by just submitting a donation request.

Gofundraising has classy fundraising ideas and projects for donations so it encourages those who have extra money after fulfilling their needs and luxuries to donate to those who are suffering and spending their life in miseries. About 50 percent of the world’s population is poor and they don’t enjoy the basic needs of life like they don’t have enough food to eat and don’t have shelter to live. So this platform appeals you if you are in the condition to help others then donate to any of the projects as we have many ongoing as well as new projects i.e. health and emergency projects, food and education project, project to save wildlife, Stray animal birth control rate, empowering families in Uganda to rise above poverty, flood relief funds, etc. You can donate some to any of the projects as your every single penny will have an equal share in the total amount collected. As in the pandemic situation due to covid19 so many people in the world lost their jobs, some people who were supporting their households died and their family members are suffering because they don’t have any earning source, some people are suffering with covid and they don’t have enough money to get plasma and get medicines, So you are requested to donate for such people so that they can start a new life.

It’s an easy fundraising as well as classy fundraising platform that allows you to raise funds from all over the world. Before the invent of internet and development of such platforms fundraiser’s as well as the fundraising organizations used to raise funds through different events that cost time and money. Charity golf tournaments, football fundraising tournaments and different other events were organized and donation calls were given to the people to raise funds. As everyone is so busy in daily life so this platform is the best option for the fundraisers to raise funds by simply joining the platform. You can join the platform by a classy login that has some requirement to be fulfilled and after verification the platform allows you to submit a donations request. Before submitting a donations request you have to donate 20 dollars to any of the projects on the list as this is a fundraising strategy then your donation request will become live on the platform and you can also share that on different social media platforms to collect donations. You have to write the donation request in such a way that appeals the visitor to donate, Use charity quotes and choose persuasive wording and show the donor that your project benefits more people as we have donors from around the world with different interest that are willing to pay to those projects that benefit more people. You can also add a video presentation in which you have to present and elaborate your idea in a formal way.

As your project accomplishes the specified amount of donations The classy fundraising platform sends you the email to withdraw the money. You can thank the donors and withdraw the money by making a withdrawal request through any of the methods i.e. pay pal or bank account. The platform charges 2 percent of the total amount which is said to be the transaction managing fee paid to the employees handling the platform. The collected amount is transferred to you within a short period of time. Once you get the donations you also have to donate when you will be in the condition to donate.

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