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Questions to Ask When Selecting a DIY Virtual Event Platform

The world continues to deal with the massive global pandemic; this makes virtual events the reality of organising events. With that being the case, reports have shown that as physical events are no longer an option, virtual events are profusely marking great results for organisers over the past few months.  The impact of covid-19 gave rise to many new tech-savvy trends; one such innovation was DIY virtual events. DIY virtual events have made organisers’ way of conducting events much seamless while enabling them to precipitate efficient revenue, Greater ROI, develop the creative mindset, and increase attendees engagement.

While DIY virtual events are not yet wholly established in the digital arsenal, much confusion and hype surround this event platform. Moreover, the market is profusely flooded with many uprising platforms today offering exquisite features. Choosing the one completely depends upon your event requirements. But even while selecting a platform, there are specific questions that you might forget to ask your service provider. No worries if that’s the case! Here in this blog, we have assembled a few questions that will help you record what features and services a DIY virtual event platform offers. Let’s have a look at them!

What is a DIY Virtual Event Platform?

A DIY virtual event is a platform that allows organisers to design the entire look and feel of the event all by themselves. Which means there will be no third-party interference while creating the event.

By doing all the creation yourself an organiser can seamlessly level up his thought process and also offer them with tools that can exclusively match their brand image for better visibility. Right from registration form layouts to changing the background image of the lobby and adding as many touch points as you want to using different colours and font sizes of buttons and icons that match your brand logo and much more! All this can make you your own boss in the event.

Questions to Ask from Your Service Provider Regarding DIY Virtual Event Platform

Getting the correct DIY platform for your organisation can be tricky at times as there are many service providers in the market today, making the right choice depends on your event needs. A platform that matches up with your expectation and has the ability to correspond to all the tools and tactics is our best bet. Select a platform that has empowering DIY solutions with strong internet and mobile compatibility.

The platform that compiles various smooth and high-tech functionality with easy access to control and monitor the overall platform. A comprehensive DIY platform allows you to manage and create the look and feel of your event without any third-party involvement backed by 24*7 customer service to deliver an easy-going virtual experience. Asking all the essential questions before finalising the platform is a must in order to keep a record of what functionality and benefits your service provider offers. To make it easier, Here is a list of 5 main questions you need to ask while selecting a DIY virtual event platform. Let’s get started!

#1. How easy is it to create a DIY virtual event platform?

Even though setting up a DIY virtual event is easy, having a lack of knowledge about the tools and features can make it difficult for you to create your own platform. Hence, the very critical thing that an event organiser must consider before assessing a platform is knowing how easy and seamless it is to create the event environment.

Ask your event provider about the services and techniques that you may be using in the event to help you clear all your doubts while managing the event in a lot smoother and simpler format.

#2. What interactive features will the platform provide for its participants?

Reciprocation and open interaction is an integral part of any event though it be virtual or physical and the platform in use must inculcate this to avoid hindrance. The platform offers tools that allows participants to get in touch with their interested event visitors through a well-organised forum wherein participants easily find and connect with each other.

Ask your service provider whether they have the following communication feature- live 1:1 or group video/audio chat, Live poll, Q&As, networking tables and so forth.

#3. What all Can the Organiser Customise in the Platform?

Conducting a DIY virtual event is all about doing all the creation by yourself. Hence, this is the utmost important question to answer. A DIY virtual event replicates event customisation that allows you to host an event according to the way you want. Moreover, the platform must be able to give flexibility to the organiser. If you are able to customise all your branding, advertising and engaging features in the platform, this may lead to a successful event altogether. Following are the customisable feature you must have access to in a DIY event- An easy and simple custom registration form, change the look of the ambience, colour and font size, shape of the buttons and icons, touchpoint, designs of their choice, music, animated lights, tabs, and so forth. All these credentials are important in order to become your own boss in the event.

#4. Are there any Troubleshooting Solutions Available?

Being a professional event organiser, you know any last minute changes and challenges are very common in an event. Having a 24*7 support available during the event can help you get rid of any uncertainties that may arise in the event. Moreover, a platform must have a troubleshooting team ready to acknowledge all the technical issues and provide an alternative solution for a smooth functioning of the event. In

the end, a DIY platform must be able to give you full-time chat support and help organiser with onboarding. All these features can help you avoid any hindrance to take place while making your event more engaging and unforgettable.

#5. Will the Platform Provide flexibility and Accessibility?

Like said earlier, DIY events can be designed completely by your own hands. This gives an organiser a space to expand their thought process and set up a room full of ideas and creativity. Ask your event provider about the easy and effective way to access, control and monitor the entire event activity all by themselves to understand their audiences in a much better and effective way.

Over to You

As the world moves forward to brand new technologies and adapting to the new normal. It is important for people to understand that choosing the right technology and platform is a necessary step to consider to stay up-to-date in the fast-growing world and beat the competition around. DIY virtual events have proven to be a very effective and convenient platform for organisers as it allows them to become more creative and expand their way of hosting events.

Not just that, it has enabled organisers to build good connections with the team, entice more audiences at the event, and encourage themselves to come up with unique and fresh ideas altogether. With the questions mentioned above we hope your business chooses the right DIY platform according to your event needs. From event enrollment tools to analytic data tracking and easy and curative set up to the extent of personalisation available, organisers must be as prudent as they can be because the success of the event totally depends on it.

We hope this article will help you understand what DIY virtual events can do and deliver the same look and feel of traditional events into virtual reality.

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