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Tips To Learn Quran In A Busy Routine

A lot of people cannot get the time out of their busy routine to learn the Holy Quran. But that should not be an excuse. Learning the Holy Quran is obligatory for every Muslim. Not only learning the Quran is obligatory but understanding its meaning is equally important. It is not an ordinary book. It contains guidance and a way of living in it. By acting upon its teachings, we can live a successful life. When it comes to learning the Quran, the biggest problem you may encounter is the availability of time. It becomes difficult to take time out of one’s busy routine to learn the Holy Quran.

So how to solve the problem? You should learn Quran online, watch online videos, listen to experts, and a lot of other things you can do to learn the Holy Quran. For the past few years, online Quran teaching has become quite common due to the number of advantages it has. It is reliable and affordable to learn Quran online. There are a lot of ways in which you can learn Quran online during your busy routine. Here, you will come to know about some of the most popular ways to learn the Quran no matter how busy your routine is.

Make a Timetable

The first and most important step is to organize yourself. You cannot learn effectively unless you are not organized. Make a proper timetable and decide a time which you will spend in learning the Quran. Analyze your daily routine and see what time is most suitable to you for learning. Then fix a portion of time for the Quran learning. Make sure to follow that time no matter how busy you are. You will have to be determined and decide a part of the Quran you will learn each day. Then do not start doing anything else unless you are done with the decided part of the Quran.

Hire an Online Quran Tutor

Learning the Quran online is a great way to learn the Holy Quran. Learning the Quran online offers a lot of benefits. One of the biggest benefits is that you do not have to go out of your home. It saves time and the hassle to go to a madrasa. Besides that, you do not have to learn in a noisy environment as most online Quran tutors offer one to one learning sessions. In addition to these benefits, it makes it easier for the females who face hijab constraints in going out. 

All you have to do is just look for an online Quran tutor, get connected with the teacher and take your online classes. Most of the online Quran teaching academies offer at least one week of demo classes. These classes help the students to understand the teacher properly. You can also arrange the classes according to your availability as most of the Quran academies offer the facility of flexible timings. Moreover, you can also change your Quran teacher easily if you are not satisfied with the current one.

Get Up Early In The Morning

There are a lot of reasons to wake up early in the morning. One of the reasons is that our mind is fresh early in the morning. The quality of the brain to grasp things increases significantly in the early morning. Thus, it makes it easier to learn anything in the morning. The same is the case with learning the Holy Quran. It makes it easier to learn the Quran when you wake up early in the morning. Specifically, if you want to Hifz Quran, it is an ideal time to do so. Besides that, you do not have many home chores to do by that time.

Watch Online Videos

There is unlimited content on the internet today. You can watch almost anything on the internet today. Whether it is about cooking something or needing any help in your studies, all the material is available on the internet. So why not take help from the internet to learn the Holy Quran. Besides taking your online Quran classes, you should take guidance from the experts of the Holy Quran. You should listen to the recitation of the Holy Quran. It will help you understand how to read the Holy Quran. In addition to this, you will also learn about the rules of tajweed by listening to the expert Quran reciters.

Download an App

With the rapidly growing technology, everything is possible to do on the internet. Whether you need to buy something or have to look for a recipe, there is no hassle when you have the internet. The same is the case with learning something. When it comes to learning the Quran, you do not have to step out of your home. All you need to do is just download the app of the Quran. There are a number of Quranic apps available to be downloaded. These apps not only help you read the Quran but you can also come to know about the pronunciation of each word. Thus, you can learn Quran online using mobile apps. 

Make Group With Your Friends

The task which is difficult to accomplish alone gets easier when you are in a group. No matter how difficult the task is, you can do it in groups. The importance of making a group does not fade away when it comes to learning the Holy Quran. You can learn the Holy Quran in groups. You have to get connected with the friends who have already learned the  Quran or who are interested in it. Then get connected with them and gather at one point each day at the scheduled time. You should listen to each other’s recitations and point out the mistakes in them. This is a great way to learn the Holy Quran with the additional benefit of meeting the friends each day.

Take Help From The Internet About Tajweed

Tajweed means to enhance something. In the context of the Holy Quran, it means to make the recitation of the Holy Quran more beautiful. Tajweed is a set of rules that you should apply while reciting the Holy Quran. Learning the rules of tajweed will help you enhance your Quran recitation and become adept in it. 

It is important to take an online tajweed course to improve your Quran recitation. But you should also take help from the internet to learn more quickly. There is a lot of content available on the internet that is related to the rules of tajweed. You should learn these rules from the internet. In addition to this, watch online Quran recitation videos to know when and how to apply these rules.

Be A Determined Student

One of the main reasons why people find it difficult to make time for the Quran recitation is that they do not make it a preference. They do not decide the proper time to recite. Instead, they recite the Quran at any available time of the day. There is nothing wrong with doing that. But you have to be consistent to learn the Quran. Doing it at any random time increases the chances of not getting enough time to learn it. So, you have to set goals for yourself. Then you can start to pursue them in such a way that it becomes your habit to learn the Quran each day. Thus, you should be a determined student in making time for the recitation of the Holy Quran.

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