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PRP Hair treatment Los Angeles does wonders to your hair

Hair loss can leave ugly patches on your scalp. Also, you may experience a receding hairline, making your forehead look wider. You can fix that hair loss problem with PRP hair treatment Los Angeles

Several hair loss treatment methods exist. However, they all have their downsides. For instance, hair surgery is among the best hair loss problems. However, it is invasive and has an extended downtime. Topical hair restoration methods are not always a success. Others will boost hair growth only at the time you are using the treatment.

PRP hair treatment Los Angeles helps to stimulate the scalp’s natural healing. When the scalp is in the right state of health, it produces healthy hair strands at a higher rate. 

What is PRP Hair Treatment

PRP is a serum that a trichologist extracts from a patient’s blood. Thus, you need to be in good health before you visit PRP hair treatment Los Angeles. The process of PRP restoration starts with getting blood from a patient. In many cases, the blood is drawn from the arms on the veins that carry oxygenated blood.

After drawing the blood, The expert places the sample in a tube then places it in a centrifuge. The centrifuge spins the blood at high speed. The blood separates into four parts due to different densities in blood elements. The parts are the platelet-rich plasma, platelet-poor plasma, red blood cells, and the buffer zone.

The hair doctor then uses a syringe to draw the Platelet-rich plasma and the buffer zone. He then returns the two layers to the centrifuge. The second spin helps concentrate platelets into a small section of plasma. 

The trichologist will then use the final product to inject on your scalp. They distribute the injections across the treatment area. If you are having hair loss in patches, they will inject on the patches on the scalp. 

Causes of Hair Loss

There are several causes of hair loss, The cause of hair loss helps experts at PRP hair treatment Los Angeles an idea of how to handle your hair.

The main issue of hair loss is genetic. Some people are predisposed to lose hair as they age. Since it’s in their genes, there’s little they can do with the hair loss. However, they can reverse or delay further hair loss with PRP therapy.

Some people experience hair loss due to trauma. For instance, a patient was in an accident that caused an injury to the scalp. The scar left may hinder further hair growth. Thus, they are left with a hairless patch on the scalp.

Alopecia is another common cause of hair loss. It happens when your immune system starts fighting your hair follicles. You can differentiate types of alopecia depending on how the hair loss manifests. 

Age is another factor that causes hair loss. As we age, body systems slow down. Cell regeneration slows down, leading to some aging signs on the skin and the scalp. Hair follicles grow dormant and existing hair starts to fall off. Some people experience hair loss earlier than others. That’s where genetics come to play.

Thyroids play a great part in balancing your hormones. When you develop some thyroid disorders, you can see the effects on your hair. Some people will experience massive hair growth. It becomes a nuisance since hair grows on all parts of your body. The majority of people with thyroid problems experience hair loss. Thus, they need to take measures to stop hair loss. 

PRP hair treatment Los Angeles confirmed that some types of treatments lead to hair loss. Chemotherapy and some medications affect body cells, leading to hair loss. The only way to deal with hair loss is to finish your treatment. However, you can discuss with your doctor any available alternative. 

Types of Hair Loss You Can Reverse with PRP 

PRP can reverse nearly all types of hair loss. Probably, the only type of hair loss it can’t help is when you have a scar from an injury. 

You can use PRP to reduce the effects of alopecia. Most patients get PRP therapy alongside other treatments that will stop the immune system from fighting hair cells. 

PRP is the best hair loss therapy for aging people. It’s because PRP activates the natural healing process. It also gives a youthful feel to your scalp. Finally, your scalp can behave like that of a 20-year-old. Thus, you’ll notice increased hair growth after PRP therapy. 

Does PRP for Hair Work?

PRP works well for hair regrowth. It’s because PRP has blood proteins that are responsible for the body’s natural healing. When the proteins are in the blood, the healing process is slow. That’s why we always need medication to boost the healing process. With PRP, the healing proteins are concentrated on a small section of blood plasma. Thus, it works rapidly around the areas of injection. 

Since PRP needs about 3-6 sessions, you’ll start noticing some improvement in hair growth before the second injection. 

PRP increases blood circulation beneath the scalp. Thus, the scalp and hair get unlimited access to oxygen and nutrients—the two elements that aid in producing new hair and scalp cells, sebum, collagen, and keratin. 

PRP hair treatment is progressive. You’ll notice an increase in hair growth after every visit. 70% percent of patients reported positive results from PRP. The other 30 percent either didn’t get satisfied with the results or never gave feedback after the treatment. 

Some patients incorporate PRP therapy in their annual hair care routine. You can visit PRP hair treatment Los Angeles twice a year for PRP injection if you are suffering from hair loss. If you are using PRP to prevent hair loss, one injection per year is enough. 

Benefits of PRP Hair Treatment

There are tons of benefits you’ll reap from PRP hair therapy. First, RP uses a patient’s blood to prepare the serum. Thus, the method is very safe. You’ll be free from cross-infection that can happen during a blood transfusion.

PRP for hair gives you natural results. It’s Because PRP encourages the regrowth of hair from the dormant follicles. It also restores the health of dying cells and follicles, leading to thick and healthy hair.

The process is non-surgical. Thus, it’s the best alternative to a hair transplant. PRP only needs some tiny injections on the scalp.

You will not develop scars from PRP injections. The only risk you may face is maybe keloids. However, it’s only when you suffer from severe keloids. 

PRP hair therapy is effective. Nearly all patients that visit PRP hair treatment Los Angeles report positive feedback. The experts monitored the progress for some time to ensure the treatment was a success. 

The cost of PRP is lower than the cost of hair surgery. Thus, many people can afford the treatment. Also, when you compare its efficiency with typical hair treatments, you’ll find that it gives you value for your money. 

You can use PRP alongside hair surgery. It helps in quicker recovery and shortens the time you need to see new hair growth. 

PRP doesn’t have any downtime. You don’t need a day off to attend your hair appointment. 

Risks and Side Effects

There are a few risks and side effects you can face after having PRP hair therapy. First, you can wound your nerves during the injections. Also, you are at risk of blood vessel injuries. 

Common side effects include swelling and pain on the treatment site. If the clinic doesn’t observe hygiene standards, you can get infections from PRO tools. 


PRP hair treatment Los Angeles offers amazing services to reverse hair loss. The cause of your hair loss doesn’t matter. Experts will guide you on the right treatment plan for your hair needs. You can also use PRP as an annual hair routine to prevent hair loss. 


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