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Cure your hair loss with PRP hair treatment

Hair loss is not based on gender. Both men and women are facing the issue of hair loss and thin hair. Back in time, people enjoyed healthier lifestyles and did not face such problems as hair loss. But presently, there are more and more people complaining of hair loss on a massive scale. There can be numerous factors like genetics, pollution, and stress that are responsible for hair loss. It may be due to genetics, pollution, anxiety, or due to anything else. Baldness can have severe consequences in the future if taken lightly. The most devastating effect of hair loss is on the personality of the person. It lowers the self-confidence and morale of the person. Besides this, a person looks aged or above his average age on account of hair loss. But no worries, as several treatments are there to help people with their hair loss. One such popular treatment is PRP hair Los Angeles. Let us know about the PRP treatment in detail. 

About PRP

PRP refers to the platelet-rich plasma therapy for curing your hair loss. This treatment uses the substance from the blood and injects them into the scalp, where there are thin hairs. The follicles are also transferred by way of PRP treatment. It also promotes healing. 

Procedure of PRP

The treatment follows a three-step procedure for treating their hair loss. Firstly the blood is taken, processed, and then inserted into the scalp. The therapy aims at natural hair growth. Consequently, the thickness of hairs gets enhanced. 

Causes of hair loss

There can be a variety of reasons due to which hair loss occurs in people. The primary reason for hair can be excessive pollution. Due to the growth and development practices being followed, pollution has increased, directly affecting the hair and skin. Hair quality and thickness get eroded by way of pollution. 

The following primary reason for hair loss is stress. Be it a child, adult, or an aged person, every person is under stress these days due to one or the other personal life problems. Due to the excess anxiety and pressure, hair loss occurs. 

Besides this, it can also be hereditary. It means that there are prospects that the person inherits the problem of hair loss or thin hair from his family. 

Hair loss can also be due to the age factor. If it is due to high age, then there is not something serious to stress about, but you should not ignore it if it is due to any other reason. 

In women, the primary cause of hair loss can be hormonal imbalance. Women deal with menstruation and menopause, owing to which they can face hair loss. 

The person’s diet also plays a vital role in hair loss. If your diet is calorie deficit or inadequate, then there is a possibility of hair loss. One should make sure to have a well-balanced meal that will promote hair growth. 

Apart from all these reasons mentioned above, certain medications and medical conditions are also responsible for hair loss. If some person has diabetes or cancer, then hair loss can be there. In a medical condition like cancer, a person has to undergo chemotherapy, which results in complete hair loss and causes baldness. 

Side effects of PRP 

There can be specific side effects of the PRP hair Los Angeles. Every person’s health and physique are distinct from each other. Consequently, there are chances that the treatment does cause specific allergic reactions or side effects to the person. The side effects of PRP are as follows: 

The significant side effect which PRP can cause is damage to the nerves. It can harm your nerves, or blood vessels can be injured. 

A person is also prone to mild infection by availing of the PRP treatment.


In addition to it, certain scars can be there where the follicles have been transplanted. 

All these side effects are minor ones and do not cause any extreme trouble to the patient. The anesthetic which gets used during the treatment can also cause an adverse allergic reaction to you. It might be the case that your body reacts differently to the treatment as compared to the others. But no need to panic if you witness such side effects after undergoing this treatment. These will vanish and get cured in no time. If you feel like something serious, then you can consult your surgeon and have a word of advice from him. 

PRP hair Los Angeles cost 

Before going for the PRP treatment, you need to know about its cost. You should only avail of this treatment if it does not cause a financial burden to you. Usually, a person has to undergo 4-6 treatments initially, and then follow-ups treatments are also there for the best results. Precisely nothing can be said about its cost. It will depend upon your treatment, sessions, experience of your surgeon, and the place. On average, the price stays between $1500-$3500. Please do not rely on your medical insurance for the treatment, thinking it will cover the cost. No insurance will cover these expenses of yours because this is not an illness but a beauty treatment. 

Does PRP treat hair loss permanently? 

If you want it forever, then there are certain things which you need to adopt. Firstly make sure that you work everything according to your surgeon. Pay heed to his advice and follow his guidelines. Ensure that your surgeon is fully expert in performing the PRP treatment and has expertise in it. 

Is PRP effective? 

Whether the PRP is effective or not depends on your medical condition. To make it effective, you should make sure to tell your complete medical background to your surgeon or professional beforehand only. Consequently, professionals will plan the treatment for you based on your medical history. 


There is nothing to worry about PRP treatment. You can easily rely on it. People can get rid of their hair loss with the help of PRP hair Los Angeles.

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