Pros and Cons of Hiring Management Consultants

In today’s dynamic global business environment, having the best of limited resources becomes increasingly vital not just for businesses, but for Consultants too. In such a scenario, optimum utilization of limited resources means getting the best of all possible outcomes. Consultants need to be highly focused on delivering services that are specific to each organization. In turn, such services must become part of the company’s overall objectives. For Consultants in India, this can be difficult.

There are few reasons for which Indian Consultants are finding it difficult to deliver tailor-made services. Most of the time, companies have a standard format for delivering programs and projects. Consultants try to follow these same formats, with limited success. As per studies, the majority of consultancies/firms offer similar and very similar projects to other major firms in the world. This makes it difficult for consultants to get feedback on their work and suggest any improvements.

Secondly, there is a lack of a consistent strategy and vision. As mentioned earlier, while the majority of consultants in India work for international firms, the majority of them remain with domestic companies. Since most of them have limited expertise and resources, the result they deliver is variable and not at par with what their counterparts in other countries are achieving. Moreover, there is no standardized consultant management system in India. While some of the firms insist on a holistic approach where every aspect of the consulting process is taken care of, some of the others prefer to keep things as they are.

The third reason why Indian consultants remain lagging behind other countries in the area of innovation and integration of technology is that they lack adequate access to research and development resources. In India, there are only a handful of Research Development Institutes (RDI) and only a few pharmaceutical companies that have the required R&D budget to develop high-quality pharmaceutical products. Given the scenario of global economic slowdown, Indian pharmaceutical companies have been forced to look for cost-effective ways of increasing market share. For this, many companies have resorted to mergers and acquisitions which have reduced the research and development budget significantly but not have done much to improve the way their companies are integrating cutting-edge technologies with their existing products.

Now, let us move into the HR Consulting industry. The success of an organization largely depends on the services and products it provides to its clients. Indian companies have always relied on the expertise and experience of their Management Consultants and HR Consultants. However, with time, as the economy has grown and other external factors like globalization, outsourcing, and competitive pressures have also worsened the situation, the competence of Indian management consultants has started facing a serious challenge. Let us see what factors pose a problem when hiring management consultants in India.

Consulting firms that provide HR consulting services to organizations often take the name of an individual or a firm that specializes in providing solutions for a particular industry like IT, medicine, automotive, etc. Since many of these consulting firms have large research and development budgets, they invariably hire management consultants from developed countries for cost-cutting services. This practice sometimes poses a great threat to the livelihood of the current workforce that is employed by such companies. To prevent this from happening, organizations have to make sure that the selected management consultant from their list has the proficiency and the right kind of experience to handle the internal operations of their organization.

Another major drawback of Hr Consulting is that it does not allow for a good blend of business consulting and HR consulting. The HR professionals from such consultancy firms need to spend most of their time on HR activities and most of the time, there is little coordination or communication between the two sides of the organization. Also, such Hr Consultants often don’t have good knowledge about the business processes at the organization and hence cannot execute well the strategies suggested by them. In case, an external consultant hired for improving internal efficiency comes up with a strategy that contradicts the policies and procedures implemented by the top management, it might prove to be a big disaster for the organization.

In case you are looking for comprehensive assistance for your organization, HR Consultant India can help you out. They offer a huge range of professional consultancy services including business process integration consulting, customer relationship management consulting, healthcare consulting, industrial consulting, project management consulting, strategic consulting, and much more. When hiring HR Consultants for these services, it is necessary that you know what you want and how you want it. You should also make sure that the consultant you have selected has strong knowledge in the area of your requirement. Hiring an external consultant can be a bit confusing as there are various consultants available who can offer you different kinds of services.

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