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Pros and Cons of DrChrono EMR in 2021

Often times the best way to decide which medical systems to opt for is by reading its pros and cons. EMR software providers, like other companies, hire the best marketers to make their product seem like the best thing ever in the industry. Client testimonials are a better way to know about the strengths and weaknesses of a medical system. In this article, we discuss the pros and cons of DrChrono EMR software.

Quick Overview of DrChorno EMR

Founded in 2009, DrChrono EMR software is the brainchild of two innovators who were frustrated with the poor way the healthcare industry dealt with patients with serious illnesses. Hence, they decided to build an EMR system that replaced screen-time with face-time.

The EMR software features advanced medical tools for practices of multiple specialities and sizes. The complete suite of medical solutions includes electronic medical software, telehealth, practice management, medical billing, revenue cycle management, patient portal, and mobile EMR app.  It is currently being utilized by tens of thousands of patients that further caters to more than 17 million patients. DrChrono’s  Revenue Cycle Management services are provided by a knowledgeable team of in-house billers, coders, and compliance officers to handle the entire revenue cycle process of practice.

Top Features of DrChrono EMR

Cloud-based solutions

DrChrono EMR is hosted on the cloud. What does this mean for your medical software? You can operate the system from any location and device that connects to the internet. This tool enables practitioners to provide care in emergency situations and to patients residing in different countries.

Customizable templates

For the purpose of facilitating doctors with different specialities, customizable features are provided. From SOAP templates to medical forms, multiple tools can be customized as per a practice’s requirements and preferences. Shortcuts can be added wherever required to save time.

Medical speech-to-text tool

Doctors are always charting notes. To make this process easier and smoother, DrChrono EMR software has introduced a medical speech-to-text tool. The latter converts words spoken into text that appears on the screen. Words spoken are added into a personal dictionary, so doctors do not need to worry about misspelling words.

Virtual Consultations

Doctors can provide virtual consultations to patients irrespective of where they may be located in the world. Patients do not have to install any software’s – they can simply access the remote appointments through a provided link.

Patient Portal

An interactive patient portal is offered for the convenience of patients. The portal can be used to pay expenses online, access medical records, request prescription refills and communicate with doctors. Check-in forms can be filled in before appointments to reduce waiting times.

Mobile Integration

The mobile EMR app enables users to provide care on the go. Doctors can use the app through touch, pencil, keyboard, and trackpad. All tools available in the medical software can be operated on the mobile application.

Pros and Cons of DrChrono EMR

The following pros and cons have been jotted down after reading multiple client testimonials and reviews. Keep on reading to know whether DrChrono EMR performs as well as it claims to be.

Pros DrChrono

  • DrChrono EMR software offers impressive templates that are not only speciality-specific but can be customized as per changing preferences and requirements.
  • Users do not feel the need to switch between multiple medical software’s as DrChrono EMR offers nearly all the tools that practice may require.
  • The medical software is ever-improving. The people behind the company are consistently offering new and improved features to keep on par with changing industry trends.
  • Helpful video tutorials are provided, which limit the need to contact customer support for queries.
  • The interface is easy-to-use, and almost anyone with little technical knowledge can operate the system.

Cons DrChrono

  • Users have reported frequent system glitches, especially when checking in patients. The latter become frustrated, which can result in a loss of clientele.
  • Prices increase each year. This is challenging for small medical practices and sole practitioners who do not have generous cash flows.
  • Customer support is lacking. Users often have to wait a considerable time for their queries to get heard. Even then, the support is poor.
  • The electronic signing tool needs great improvement. Users have to wait a great deal of time to sign a document.
  • Some features, like data searches, do not operate as well as they are advertised.
  • There are a few glitches in their iPad version. Self-pay billing is slightly complex.

DrChrono EMR; Worth an Investment?

This article provided an unbiased review of DrChrono EMR Software. A seasoned industry player, it offers varying tools for practices of multiple specialities and sizes. A comprehensive study of client testimonials concluded that while users love the customizable features and user-friendly interface, they are concerned about system glitches and escalating prices.

Is DrChrono EMR software worth an investment? Well, that entirely depends if its features fulfil your requirements from medical software.

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