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Project Management PRINCE2 disciplines

Project management is the discipline of coordinating activities resulting in successful completion of organizational objectives. Project management as a discipline requires employees and managers to apply best practices for planning, executing, and closing projects, or perform the other functions that lead to successful achievement of corporate objectives. This discipline requires in-depth knowledge of the organization’s intrinsic and extrinsic factors affecting the project’s success. As on a prince 2 Foundation Dublin certification.

A dictionary definition of project is “The effort Geographical, which demands the resources of others, and which is supported by time and resource constraints”. Management is defined as “The use of effective organizational management techniques for the achievement of business performance goals and objectives”.Implementing practices of project management is a different discipline altogether, as it requires a comprehensive knowledge of all types of projects. For many organizations, they have in-house project managers. In the vast majority of companies, this discipline has to be provided by corporate recruiters converted into departments with: project managers, program managers, budget managers, and time management specialists.

Successful project managers are trained to perform the process that lead to project completion that is usually unknown or is carried out improperly, leading to disastrous business performance. Although managers are outside the purview of the application, they are equally responsible for the failure or success of a project, as are the project sponsor and the responsibility of the IT department.

According to many surveys the major cause of failure of a project is the managers failure to comprehend and implement the distributed work flow, schedule, and cost and schedule management plan required of them

Project managers generally are not referred to in organizational presentations. The subject of effective management is not considered in planning, hiring, or budgeting. Managers who attempt to continue projects or who are recently promoted to manager positions from other departments are unlikely to have invaluable project management information. The development of project management knowledge requires procurement of formal project management education. It is possible to determine the project manager from his supervisory experience, which, is most often overlooked in many company’s particular goal to improve upon the project selection process, thereby solving this problem. Managers need to be knowledgeable in a narrowly defined set of considerations because they may not be familiar with additional considerations required in long-term, multi-year projects. Low levels of project activity logging also may contribute to a managers misjudgment in how the performance of the project is progressing.

The PMI’s Project Management Professional (PMP)® credential, with widely accepted acceptance and accreditation, stipulates standards that define project management activities. Projects must be conducted according to predetermined methods and policies, complete with billing, performance, risk management, and communication. These requirements specify adherence to documented best practices for carrying out programs and projects with defined methods and techniques, including documentation requirements and reviewable standards.

The Best Practices exposed by the metrics of established project management methodology function directly to ensure the success of projects. This includes key elements such as quality control standards, time management standards, cost management, risk management, business systems, communication, management information, and management decision making. It also is mandatory that project managers have a clear understanding of the critical success factors, who is responsible and accountable for attaining target dates, that drives standards required under the PMI’s PMP Registration Process at the time of schedule phases, and to report all resolved issues to their sponsors promptly, and either to have a solution approved in advance by a responsible manager or determine their availability on a future project date.

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