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Product Packaging as a Marketing Tool: Everything You Need to Know

In the past, product packaging was all about protecting the inside content. But today, packaging has become more of a marketing tool and brand identity. How you package your products plays a huge role in whether consumers will buy from you or not.

Well-designed packaging is not just about aesthetics. It should attract the attention of the target customers, generate interest, and promote your brand. Good product packaging is the easiest way to get to the customers and increase your sales.

Are you ready to start using your product’s package to market your brand? Here is everything you need to know.

Good Product Packaging Depends on the Materials

Every business has its type of packaging that suits specific products. The package you choose will depend on the shape, thickness, and weight of your product. You’ll require stronger packaging for heavy items and a lighter one for lightweight items.

Some brands use glass for packaging their products, while others go for plastic. Materials such as glass make the brand feel more luxurious and that with high-end products. Use packaging materials that will increase the selling point of your brand and differentiate you from competitors.

Consider the Color of the Packaging

The color goes a long way when it comes to attracting attention. Your brand is easily recognized by its color, which appeals to the target audience. Up to 85% of buyers agree that the color of the packaging is their primary reason for a product purchase.

Every brand must pay attention to the color of its packaging. It should not just be about what the brand prefers but what will represent it in the market and appeal to the target customers. There’s a lot of psychology that goes to the choice of brand.

If you’re targeting the younger generation, bright colors will work well. For the older generation, you have to choose a more sophisticated color that defines luxury. If you’re packaging men’s products, go for colors that define masculinity, such as grey or brown.

Don’t Forget About Protecting the Product

As far as you want to attract customers and sell your brand, don’t forget the primary purpose of the packaging. The color, material, design, and everything you do to make your packaging attractive won’t make sense if the content is damaged.

Giving your customers a faulty product will only ruin the reputation of your brand. Carry out some package testing to ensure it’s both practical and functional. Consider the types of products you’re going to package and choose appropriate packaging.

A good package should act as a shield to the product and prolong its shelf life. It also protects products that come with strong scents, such as perfumes, from losing the scents.

Don’t Forget the Labels

The information you display on the packaging speaks a lot about your brand. You need to provide essential information on the package to market your products. The label should also inform and educate your customers about the product.

The package should include the brand name, company logo, ingredient list, how to use, and product benefits. The kind of information that appears in the package will depend on the product you’re selling. Ensure you include the correct information with your target audience in mind.

The product labels should take into consideration the age and gender of the target audience. Consider what will motivate your target customers to buy the product and include it in the package information. Everything should be transparent and not misleading.

Use Unique Design Techniques for Product Packaging

The product packaging design should also communicate to the target audience about your product—design variations of a package change with the growing trends. Consider coming up with unique designs with the season or special occasions like holidays.

You can also opt for inserts thanking your customers for the purchase or introducing your products. Add a personal touch to the inserts and make the customers feel that you care and appreciate them.

Some brands include a thank you card or a coupon code that gives customers some discount for their next purchase. This is a wise way to interact longer with your customers and let them come back for more.

Utilize Your Logo in Product Packaging

A logo is a crucial element in representing a brand. Your logo must appear on your packaging, social media, website, and all kinds of advertisements. Your target customers should easily identify your brand by just seeing the logo.

Many brands use their logo on the packaging, but not all of them utilize it enough. Use logo to represent your packaging color and design. The color, font, and design of your logo should be in the package.

If done well, the packaging with the logo can work wonderfully as a functional business marketing tool. It will help you gain your customers’ attention and make your products memorable for a long time.

Your Product Packaging Should Consider Sustainability

Never ignore environmental sustainability in your product packaging. Sustainability is becoming the top consideration in packaging trends. Consumers are increasingly becoming environmentally conscious and working towards eliminating anything harmful to the environment out of their lives.

If you want to maintain such customers, you have to use recyclable packaging options. Instead of plastic, consider more cost-effective options like corn starch and bamboo. Don’t hesitate to communicate to your target customers about your company’s efforts to ensure environmental sustainability.

It’s important to showcase to your customers that you care about the environment and reduce your carbon footprint. Many customers will feel happier supporting your business and buying your products if you care about the environment.

Product Packaging Is Essential When Marketing a Product

The packaging of a product is no longer only about beauty or product protection. Product packaging has become an excellent marketing tool that inspires your target customers’ interest and makes them recognize your brand. Be careful about the choice of material, color, and design for your package.

If you want to utilize other marketing tools for your business, we’ve also talked about that on this site. Read other blogs on this site and take your business to the next level using the right marketing techniques.

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