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A guide on how to select the appropriate preschool in Chennai for your loved ones

Preschools are essential to set the first education factor for your children. Preschooling helps in focusing on the overall development of the child, including his physical, emotional, and social development. A preschool is a stepping stone for the child, where he goes outside the house and starts interacting. Preschools help children understand the need to speak their thoughts or help them in expressing their feelings. Sometimes children tend to get over-excited for things and do not know how to react to certain situations. Often parents are skeptical about admitting their children in a preschool at a young age. But this decision is necessary for the overall development of the child’s personality.   

There are several preschools in Chennai, continue reading this article to learn more about the facilities that must be available that will help you make the right decision: 

  • Infirmary: 

A preschool must have an infirmary inside the school campus, and the doctors must be available with the necessary first aid for the children if he or she gets hurt or falls sick within the school premises. Small children are highly prone to minor accidents such as scraping their knee, facing minor bruises, and so on. Young children need time to develop a steady body balance and understand what is right and what is not. Moreover, a child’s curious nature often lands them in some trouble. An infirmary equipped with friendly doctors who can take proper care of the children is thus necessary.  

  • Large Open Classrooms 

For kindergarteners, they must be provided with classrooms that have a lot of open space as kids tend to play around the area, and they need space to grow and develop their skills.  

  • Indoor Play areas 

Preschools must provide indoor play areas for the children as well in times of soaring heat, rainfall, and so on. These temperature conditions must not limit the children’s playtime. Indoor play areas allow children to run, jump, climb, and crawl through the areas making sure they make most of their playtime. An indoor play area should ensure that the floor is covered with a rubber base so that children do not hurt themselves too badly when they fall.  

  • Interactive boards 

Teachers must pay extra attention to the learning methodologies and make sure the children understand them effectively. Preschools form the basis of a child’s education and teach them basic concepts of colors, texture, and weight. They must provide the child with a unique combination of sports and learning. Interactive boards allow children to get their grip with pre-writing skills, help them explore technology, and okay math games.  

  • Auditorium: 

Every school must have an auditorium so that students can perform their extracurricular activities, dances, performances, recreational activities, and so on. This plays an important role in a child’s life as it helps them grow and mingle with other students resulting in building their confidence levels.  

  • Library  

A library is a place where several books are kept to build reading habits among children. This is very necessary as it forms the foundation of their vocabulary skills. A library also widens the horizons of a child’s creative thinking and learning skills. Preschools must encourage language and literacy and various storytelling activities.  

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  • Splash Area 

A mini swimming pool isn’t just necessary for the children to cool down, but it helps in building up your child’s self-esteem and confidence as well. Preschools have certain water confidence programs that will help develop your little one’s stamina and resilience.  

  • An outdoor playground  

A playground refers to the open space outside the school area where the child engages himself into productive physical activities. Playgrounds can be formed by placing various props on the ground that kids love to play with or use games such as slides, swings, and monkey bars. The main motive is for the child to develop his physical fitness and learn essential virtues such as sharing, caring, and being friendly. Some other vital qualities are compassion, confidence, and determination to succeed. 

  • Parents’ lounge

A preschool must have a parents’ lounge where parents can relax and watch their children grow either on the weekends or early mornings. This area can serve as a meeting room as well to help develop productive parent-children relationships.

  • Other points to keep in mind 

You must also keep in mind the traveling distance is minimal, the teachers are friendly and adequate in number, there is enough play material for all the children, and you must make sure the washrooms maintain hygiene to keep your children away from falling sick.  

Eventually, preschools form the base of the overall education of your child, and thereby you must make the right decision for the better future of your child

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